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On Sunday we spend the afternoon, celebrating my god sister, who is getting married in a couple of weeks. We went to Rosey Lea’s tea rooms for afternoon tea. So tonight, I thought I would share my Sunday with you and time at Rosey Lea’s tearoom.

Afternoon tea is something I love and look forward to. I hadn’t been to Rosey Lea’s before. Due to the fact I like to go to the London ones and not local. Classier and themed I guess, than your everyday sort of afternoon tea.

Anyway, our tables were booked for 2pm and as we were a large group, we had a third of the tearoom. The tearoom isn’t overly large but because of its location and being the only commercial place, you go to the barns for the tearoom only. It is good to support small local businesses.

afternoon tea

Rosey Lea’s is in a barn in what would have been the middle of nowhere. But now you have you to drive through a new housing estate and up the farm tracks. The small barn has windows round 3 of the 4 walls and is decorated in bright floral wallpaper. With pastel pink tables and chairs. I love the wallpaper though I wouldn’t have it at home!

The tearoom is split so you can have your own area for tea parties and the rest to the public. There was 19 of us split across 2 tables and we had the smaller section by the tills and cake. Jane had got there early so she could decorate it with our own little packs ‘Let Love Grow’. Which were packets of seeds. Mine to grow some phlox. The detail in the wooden heart with our names written on. To look like name tags. Pretty begs as well to clip a white fake flower, the name heart and the seed pack. Cute.

hen party

Cake stands were laid out based on two sharing. I had no one opposite me, so mine was laid for 1. The odd thing was every cake stand had a different choice on. If you are to look online at their menu though, it tells you to pick the sandwich you want for afternoon tea. Afternoon tea for me is a selection of sandwiches, cakes and a scone.

My sandwiches were chicken salad, ham salad, cheese salad and egg and avocado. Which makes it more afternoon tea. But my mum’s next to me were completely different, tuna and sweetcorn, chicken and sweetcorn salad, and some other fish looking ones. Least mine didn’t have fish in! You always get too much food to eat at afternoon tea so I never can eat it all. Unless you don’t eat anything else for the entire day.

afternoon tea

Cake wise we all had a slab of cake. Literally! Too big to eat after a round of sandwiches and a scone. Again, all different. Mine was dark chocolate and ginger. It was super yummy. Because it was so big, we brought half home. There must have been a handful of cakes to have so they placed them randomly across the cake stands. My mum had carrot and sister had chocolate. Maybe making smaller cakes and having a few to try would be better.

Scones are the best part of afternoon tea, especially if they are warm fresh out the oven. As you may have guessed from the rest of the food. It was on the bigger side. Needless to say, I ate the whole scone. Are you a clotted cream, then jam or a jam then clotted cream sort of person? I am a clotted cream then jam sort of girl.

After we had eaten all that food, we were just talking. Taking photos, designing what we thought would be Zoe’s dress and cake. The invites to the wedding are Alice in Wonderland. So, I went with the Alice in Wonderland themed cake. Blue ribbon and the symbolic Alice in Wonderland things. For the dress, it has to be princess style, big and statement. Wouldn’t say overly lace or older fashion. But beautiful.

hen party

After a few photos, time was up, and it was time to head for home. Lovely to spend time with Zoe and eat some good food. Jane had put lovely effort into decorating with balloons and wooden letters saying, ‘our bride Zoe’. Pink flamingos in confetti form. Rose gold pens and pencils. Flowers and all the detail that is just Zoe.

Rosey Lea tearoom’s is a lovely tearoom, set in the middle of nowhere. Which will soon be heart of an estate. If you aren’t expecting fancy themed tea this is lovely. Really is but my view on afternoon tea is a little different on theirs. Beautiful food though and scrummy flavours. To go there on your own and not as a large party then I think you’d only get 1 sort of sandwich. Which is ok if you are fussy. The cake is worth it though because the flavours are insane and go together amazingly.

It was just a fun afternoon really, filled with food and a lot of large portions, laughs, chatting and getting to know others that will be at the wedding. Do you like Afternoon tea?

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