This month’s buddy box theme if you haven’t guessed by the title is all about winging it. We all go through life and the majority of the time we are “winging it” who knows if we are doing right or picking the correct choices but we wing our way through to make life a success.

If you haven’t heard of buddy boxes before, they are a monthly, or one off subscription you can buy or donate to a loved one. These boxes are from The Blurt It Out Foundation. A company that focuses on self care and mental health. These boxes are described as a hug in a box and I can definitely agree with that. These boxes always put a smile on my face when I open mine. For £21.50 these boxes come with 5 full size products and they can be completely random and to do with self care. It is free postage to the UK too which is an added bonus! It tells you stuff that you kind of put to the back of the queue or forget about, it reminds you of the importance of things and how something you may not struggle with, someone else does. If you want this box but don’t want to pay £21.50 you can opt for the lite box at £12, less products but maybe worth investing in.

buddy box

I love the packaging on these boxes and always have. All I have received have been a basic cardboard box with metallic writing and a print to go along with the theme. This month’s being Winging it, blue and budgies. How budgies tie with the theme other than the wings I don’t quite know but that is April’s theme.

I love how basic the box is, but the detail that goes into the packaging is really cute. When you open the box, the tissue paper wrapping the goodies up in, even matches the theme. I love that they give you a big enough amount, you can reuse this for wrapping paper. April’s being white tissue with blue budgies over it.

If you think about self care, what do you think of first? Really self care can be anything but some you think are self care really aren’t and I will be explaining that more in an upcoming blog post. It’s all about what your body needs, wants and takes in order to survive. I could say mine is healthy, clean eating, where as my sister’s could be horse riding. everyone’s is different. It’s all about the me time and what you need for yourself. I love that this box tries to cater for everyone’s needs. That is pretty hard to achieve. But in a way they do achieve this.

self care tea

The first thing I pull out April’s box is a box of the English Tea Shop Company, Engerise Me tea. Ok first off everyone knows me, knows I don’t do hot drinks. Just can’t drink them. So as much as yes this is self care and taking that time to wake up or boost your energy. It’s not everyone’s taste. This will go to good use though because my best friend gets all the teas and goodies I receive like this. I like the fact the box has a variety of flavours in. So if you don’t like 1 or may like the next cup. The are fruit based teas and some seem to be the flavours really good for you like ginger.

winging it

Next up is 2 postcards. You get these with every box. One is the price list and the other to go with the theme and title of the box.

facial oil

Following the postcards, I have found something I am really excited about. I love Dr Botanicals products and have done since I got a sleep mask in another box. I am so happy with this Moroccan rose superfood facial oil. If this is anything like their other products, I know this will be good. This will definitely being going in my skin care daily routine.

self care

With every box, you also get a little 4 page spread magazine called Zine. It just talks about the theme of the box but in real life. How it can help you and a positive quote at the end. Its worth the 5 minute read because you can learn something from this magazine.

bullet journal

As part of my self care, I bullet journal on a daily basis. One thing I look for in a notebook to journal in, is a squared paper book. Based on the fact I doodle, map things out and write down all sorts that can help me or leave me, the squares on the paper are so handy. It is also good to count if you split the page into shapes. This notebook is a handy size as well as being squared paper. It’s a good handbag size, so easy to take out and jot something down whilst its fresh in your mind. It’s a pretty unisex book too and one that is definitely worth a try, especially for your first bullet journal.


Something I have talked about a lot recently and something that seems to crop up a lot is kindness. You know some people spread their problems until your sick of them, some spread them so it feels like you have them, but there are also some people who don’t share them. They hide them and that’s totally fine too. The thing is because we don’t know if and who is suffering or has a problem, it is always correct to be kind. Kindness does matter like this pin says. It can be something simple as a simple hello, or holding the door open for someone. But that something small or big could make someones day. This is what I mean about these boxes, they have things like this badge that reminds you of things that some people just dodge or put back to the back of the queue. It’s a nice reminder to everyone walking by you, who sees the pin and it will remind them to do something kind that day.

self care

The last thing in this box is definitely a product for me. I am super creative and I would most probably 8/10 times rather make something than buy it. The Make Arcade’s pencil topper craft kit, is such a good way for someone to try out crafts, it has everything in it you need to make the topper. All you need to do is make it. Simple as. I love crafts and seriously even I need to put more back into my life. Its an easy way of me time, time to unwind, de stress but also something to enjoy. I want to make this for my Grandma. She has and for what I can remember always had a budgie since I was born. We must be on budgie number 54 now but they have all been called Percy. The felt budgie on the front of this really reminds me of Percy the 54th so I think she would like this. This again is something kind, because you are thinking of others but at the same time helping your self care too.

That is everything I got in this month’s box. What was your favourite item from this?

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