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It truly is a really difficult, strange and weird world we are living in at the minute. Yes there will be times that we are all thinking we need to rock in the corner, going insane. But we are allowed to do certain things daily that will help with our mental health alone if not other parts of our health too. 

For me, I live alone so literally for however long this goes on for. I am 100% in my own company 24/7. Even as an introvert, there is only a certain amount of hours you can stay in the same 4 walls. That is why you need to escape a bit and everyday too. To help you get through this time. 

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I am very fortunate right now, that I am still working full time from home. So weekdays I am 9-5 on the computer. It is actually very busy right now and is most of the working week, so time passes quickly. The thing is though, that work is in the living room. Lunch breaks and evenings are still in them same four walls. You really are confined to the same space for everything. Since November 2019 I have been coming home for my lunch breaks and after work of course. Changing up the location really has helped me and I have seen huge benefits for leaving my work environment at lunch. Become more motivated and productive. Not counting down the hours to go home. Now its move from the living room to the bedroom or bathroom, to get away from each thing. 

That is why a walk is important. A change of scenery, a half hour of fresh air and a time to clear your mind. Not everyday you are going to feel you want or need the walk. But go. It does so much for you. I can tell you the first few days of working from home, I felt as like there was too much going on. Really busy which is amazing but my mindset was overloaded and in a panic mode. Having none or little sound as well compared to people talking or the radio. To your tummy gurgling away or the computer humming. Everything is changed!


The first day, when I hit that wall of omg what am I going to do. I just jumped ship, left the computer, put my converse on and went. I’m no exercise fan so even me going for a walk is a huge thing. Simply left the house, took the rubbish out and walked down the road and back. Literally a 20 minute walk. But it did so much good for me. My panicked mindset and worry was lifted and I came back ready to actually crack this working from home. 


Fresh air does everyone good. The weather is amazing in the UK now so honestly go. Taking them steps outside is so much better than just having the window open. Go explore, the blossom is blooming and it’s so spring like. It’s actually beautiful outside. Listen to the peaceful world and the birds tweeting.

You don’t have to be in a bad mindset to go. But go whatever you are feeling. I am not that lucky in where I can walk to, so mine is the same everyday. It is very odd to be outside now and especially for someone like me who has to go outside and being in the public space. Own a flat and no garden. Take each step as it comes and just take your time to inhale the good air and let out the bad air and thoughts/feelings as well. 


It is sort of as you are taking a stroll through your meditation time. Look for the positives. For me that is the spring appearing. The baby bunnies appearing on the hills in front of my home. To the children playing with their parents. Sort of the normal things I guess. Sounds of the birds tweeting. Chalk is making me smile as well. Seeing all the paths and pavements coloured in with chalk. 

Spotting the things that are happening whilst we are shut away. Not just the spring like features, but the amount of cars on the road. I personally think where I live, there is too many still. But some roads are quiet. The police that drive by, just smile at them. Smiling to me is like a reassurance that things will be ok. You are doing nothing wrong by taking this walk once a day. Most days in fact a police car or two drive past. If the smile means a lot to me. Think how much it means to them as well!


Simple things really. Not too strenuous. Away from the same four walls and the fridge! Time that is still to yourself but in a world that sort of is ‘normal’. It is exercise, even if its the easiest thing you have done, other than fallen out of bed and walked into the living room. Which is now the ‘office’. 

I know that my own story is different to most, if not the majority of others. But everyone, on your own, with your kids or your partner. Go out on a walk each day! Make it fun and spot how many dandelions you can see. There is quite a few I can tell you that. Or the amount of blossom on the trees. Think of the world we are living in now and what we can do to keep in good health and most importantly our mental health. Make your walk a happy positive one and not a chore. 

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Just think why are you taking this walk? The answer should be purely for your mental health. Your mental health is so important and though this time can be really lonely and depressing. This is about the only normal thing you can do these days and has so many benefits out of it. Do this for you, I am not asking you to walk with other people and hold their hands, etc. Stay the 2metres away if anyone else is about. Put your shoes on and go. 

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