Goal setting is part of self care. Some may really think of goals and targets as school.  You know them smart targets. But having goals in life makes life more important and exciting. Something to live for and challenge yourself to do so. Today I thought I would share my monthly goals and why goal setting has become important to me.

Every month I set myself a dozen ish goals. All achievable but some more challenging than others. Some will seem really simple, whereas others are need my bravery to do so. Or to force me to do them.

There is no point in setting goals that really aren’t realistic. I mean it’s not like I am going to win the lottery this month. Even if I brought a ticket, the chances are highly unlikely. Mentally its always good to focus on positives. Literally leave the negatives behind, they are not worth it. They give me anxiety even thinking about them. So, I would suggest something to do with a hobby or something you enjoy.

Mine is to read every night. Doesn’t really sound like a goal really. But having it written down and readily staring at me. Makes me do a thing. Reading is my me time daily. Recently though I just haven’t been able to make myself read. The book/kindle can sit next to me and I will just ignore it. If I read for an hour or just under before bed. I sleep beautifully. Another of my things I enjoy. Though I am the worse reader in the world, so you can see why I can pick it up or sometimes not. The goal of ‘read every night’ is literally making me do as it says. Just swapped out the book I was reading, brought some new ones and I am going to achieve this goal and a months’ worth of good sleep.


Most of mine this month are more reminder goals. Or focusing on goals. My life works well of being organised and having a routine. With the whole moving to a new house process, I am really wanting to focus on that. An email from the solicitor can be enough to stress me out! But I don’t overly want to do much until I have the go ahead. Ultimately, I want to start to pack up this flat though. So, I have put a goal as pack up some stuff to move. I just don’t want it to all be panicked and rushed at the end.

Goals should be motivating and that reminder to keep going. Add a bravery goal in as well, works to increase your strength and ability in life. I don’t mean jump out of a plane, if that isn’t your cup of tea. But for me it would have been go food shopping alone or push myself to arrange to meet up with someone. Now I kind of have that sorted. My bravery goal would be more of the legal side and doing all the house moving stuff on my own. Taking control, I guess is what I mean. The things that are scary a little but stupid in other people’s eyes. Something to push you a little further.

With the world being all up in the air and crazy right now, sometimes its hard to stay focused and motivated. This month I have ‘stay motivated’ and ‘be productive’. I have to keep busy, no matter what day it is. If I am sitting around with nothing to do, I am lost. Again, the it’s the things to look forward to element that keeps you going. Mine is moving to a new house. But it can be a holiday, seeing a friend, anything you enjoy doing. Maybe that is more of a mental goal, I mean I am motivated and productive, but sometimes my mind isn’t.

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An encouraging goal is a good one to have. Mine is to do some ‘exercise 5 times a week’. Exercise isn’t my friend overly and I would easily not do it and won’t do it, If I am not wanting to. This is purely to push me to do so. I know I have to, and it helps me and my endometriosis but when it comes to a YouTube video or a simple 15 minute workout, I am all for the bed. One thing that has helped with this one, is that I stop work at 5pm Monday – Friday, straightaway roll into the exercise or I am done.

I have down ‘smile daily’, silly as that sounds, when you are home alone working, and things are stressful moving etc. My mindset can easily change and will. Again, it’s the keeping positive aspect of self care that really is important. Even if you sit and smile out the window at a tree or smile at an email. It just makes the day a little better. Try it.

You want to be able to have achievable goals, ones that are challenging and ones that are brave. Goals are to help you better your life personally and strength yourself. All must be to make you happier and better though.

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If you are new to the whole self care and personal goal setting, look into things more. Take 1 subject a month even and focus on improving that area. Challenge yourself to do something you just can’t get right. For example, meditating weekly to focus on breathing. My breathing can go swallow within half hour if I forget. Everything is to be enjoyable and to push you further. Start with 5 and go from there. I have 9 this month, last month was 7. Your goals should be personal to you as well because we are all different and that is the way we are meant to be.

As long as our goals are set, read and achievable to bring a better you. Then you are good to go. They work and make life a whole lot easier. What is one of your goals this month?

Melanie Kate

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