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We are all living in a really hard, weird and strange world right now. For me I am living alone and have no contact other than FaceTime to my family. Covid-19 is really effecting everyone and though its insane. Most of the time when endometriosis lets me I am in a really good mindset. So I thought today I would share with you why routine is helping me. 

Each and every weekday most of us have a routine. Such as get up, get ready for work or school. Go to work or school, come home for dinner, bath, chill and bed. That is just an example but it works. We naturally thrive of routine. Well I do anyway. Living that life and in a daily pattern keeps us good, content and I guess happy. 

With Covid-19 around, the majority are home for 24 hours a day. Things can get a little stir crazy. For example every night now for a week somewhere around me in my block of flats someone or thing is continuously making noise like rolling something. From 5pm-11pm. It is driving me crazy but I am still working on pin pointing the noise to tell them or give them a note to say let me sleep from 10pm please at least! Roll on the end of lockdown. Because that noise wasn’t there before! 


I have naturally taken my real life routine and adapted it to my covid-19 lockdown one. Every weekday morning now I wake up at 8am. By 8:15am I am up and turning the computer on. Dressed, teeth brushed by 8:30am and ready for the working day. Normally that whole thing would be 7am to 8:30am. Thing is nobody sees me so I can literally chuck my hair up in a bun and go. Eat my breakfast at my desk rather than before work. Simple adjustments. 

The first thing I do and daily as well, is make my bed. Easy as. But it makes things have a more positive happy look rather than nothing is to be bothered with. Having that tidy, nice looking bed makes you feel motivated and ready to be productive! Honestly try it, if you don’t make your bed in the morning. From tomorrow make your bed in the morning and in a week of doing so you will be so much more productive and positive. 

Comfort Zone

Having the separate rooms as well I find helpful. So I am set up to work from home in my living room. 9-5 Monday – Friday I am in there working. Tv on in the background so I have noise. But come 5pm I am up and off to my bedroom. Splitting up the work life and home life still. Most of my things are on YouTube or watchable in my bedroom so that is ok for me. I am finding that having that home/work life balance is so important. 

Even for lunch time I will move from my desk to the sofa or go out for a walk. So important to still split that time up. Go call a friend or family member. Create something or take your allowed exercise period. Walking away from my desk is helping create that balance. Though it is literally in the next room to me. I am sticking to my working hours and that is all. The computer is only there when I have to work. Otherwise I am doing my blog/youtube from my soft office. 


For a weekend mostly I am using all my sharpies and writing a list of all I need to do. Videos, face masks, blog posts the lot. Even the have toos like the washing or housework. Anything. That seems to be the best way for me to get things done. Knowing I have 10 things on the list and ticking them off as I achieve them. The ticking off thing helps you stay productive and makes you motivated to do more. 

list making

Being busy is so good. So make yourself do everything. A walk out in the fresh air daily and that really helps clean your head as well. Everyone must have a list of must dos because I certainly do. And that list stays with you for a while and never gets done. This is the perfect time to force yourself to do the things. Even if its make pasta or a bracelet. Simple or hard things. But stay busy. 

Evenings for me are still pretty much the same as they were in normal life. I still take my hour before bed to shut off. Me and a book for the hour though I must journal now its April as well. A better nights sleep is always to be had when your mind is clear and you are relaxed. 

One other point in my routine that has changed and really is helping. Is that I am now having dinner at lunch time and tea at tea time. I really thought hunger would be an issue, with boredom as well. But it’s not. Making my dinner at lunch is making me less hungry for tea. And sometimes I don’t even want a tea, I am still full. You don’t want to spend all day sitting down, vegging out on food. Having that healthy dinner at lunch is making that more doable and achievable to diet rather than gain a stone or two. 


Are you sticking to routine? Adapted the routine or writing lists? Honestly if you aren’t try it because you have such a better mindset by being busy and following a routine. Even if it’s the easiest one going. It helps. 

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