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It is that time of year when I step foot on a plane and head to somewhere hotter, relaxing and take the well deserved break I need. I cannot wait, and if you are reading this straight away at 6pm then I will be about to land in Kos and minute now. Today I want to share what’s in my hand luggage. Hopefully you can take something from this post to pack when you go away next. 

embroidered kanken

This year I wasn’t too sure which bag to pick but eventually decided on my Kanken because it has plenty of room, I can add to it if I need to and saves me not taking things that are in the should I, shouldn’t I pile! It’s definitely a bag I can chuck on my back and forget about until I am in my seat on the plane. Of course if you didn’t know already I embroidered my Kanken to personalise and add a special touch. 

Somethings I take as hand luggage should be an essential for everybody. But some really are just essential to me. I am including everything so you can see anyway! 


First up to go in my bag, is something I can do on the plane if I want to but I don’t do the plane tray tables so probably not. That is my adult colouring book. I love to colour around the pool especially. Its relaxing, you can tan and you can destress all in one go. Colouring as sad as it is makes me happy. The bright colourful colour pens and the patterns that turn out in my book. 


Next is three things but are all the same just different colours and writing inside. These are my journals. Now maybe I could leave these home or just take one but they are actually super close to me. If you read day 1 1/1/19 to now 11/9/19 there would be a huge difference to see in me and the thoughts and feelings. My crazy friend plans to run each day before breakfast or dinner. That time will be my journal time, even if I am laying round the pool each day I still need to keep my self care going. 


With my journals and colouring, comes my pencil case. Ok it needs sorting out first because I really don’t need to take all the washi tape and 10 biros but the sharpies, the ballpoint and a biro or two will be used daily. 

louise pentland

For all the bookworms out there, that includes myself, I am taking 3 books away with me and I am sure Bex will have a few to nab after if I read them all. But I am taking the heaviest with me in my hand luggage. I have wanted to read this for a while now and have been waiting until I go away. Have read the other 2 on holidays before so left this one for Kos. 


How do you feel about jewellery? Do you care to put it in your case or keep it with you in your hand luggage? For me I have a lot of valuable jewellery, not that I take it all but I like to take this in a jewellery box in my hand luggage. That means you get on and off the plane knowing your valuables are with you. I am just taking some bracelets, necklaces and a handful of earrings. 


These have to be essentials for traveling and hand luggage. Of course I am taking my passport and my purse with me. I cleaned my purse out so I only have the card I am taking, my euros and a hair clip. Don’t really get why the hair clip, but I always have one in my purse, never know when it will come in handy! They will probably end up in my evening bag but I am yet to decide on one to take. 


Don’t think anything of the photo, but yes I am taking my daily medication in my hand luggage. If you are delayed or something happens you should have them tablets to take. If they got lost in my  case I would be having a struggle on holiday. I know it looks like a lot but its life with endometriosis I am afraid. 

vlog camera

This one is for you, everyone of you. My followers. You all want a Greece vlog right? Well I am taking my camera and tripod ready to film a few videos. Lets hope Bex is a good photographer so I get some photos for my blog and instagram too. With that comes my chargers because if I lost that you’d get 1 days worth of footage. 

Of course I am taking my phone and its charger too. Because I want to listen to music and podcasts. I have all things live to post out to you most days so my phone is very handy for a few swipes, select and go. Headphones will be with the charger too, in fact 2 pairs one for the plane if theres a good film and the others for my iPhone X. 


Anything else will be added last minute. Like my sunglasses that are still in the car. I did pick up some wine gums though for the ear popping moments on the plane. One thing I just remembered which I need to buy. I am the only one I am sure that does this. Cheese and onion crisps, not even to eat but to smell whilst the food comes out and people eat it around the plane. The worst smell ever, that and hospitals. 

What is an essential for you to take in hand luggage? Have you been to Kos?

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