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I have been working from home for 6/7 months now, due to the pandemic and who knows when things will be normal again. Tonight’s post is one that was requested actually and honestly its the chilled rolled out of bed and on that Pc within half hour kinda outfits. But I am sharing a few with you and will talk about ways to change things around a bit. 

So the weather is getting colder and its perfect for loungewear. I honestly hope to move sooner than later because I am reluctant to put the heating on. This is actually one I have worn all week. Well in different ways anyway. It has been so cold this week, so I have been in this navy tracksuit. Really anyone only sees the top half of me, so as long as my hair and make up is done, I have a bra on and a t-shirt and/or jumper all is ok. 

Femme Luxe
Grey & Navy Contrast Long Sleeve Loungewear Set – Amina

Though this is really plain and to me, makes me feel as if I am in prison. The fabric is so soft and its comfy. I wouldn’t be able to wear this completely to the actual office but based on only the top half being seen, this works. To everyone who sees me on teams, I am in a plain navy jumper. Little did many know that I wasn’t feeling great and actually I had my pyjamas on under neath. When it was warmer I would just strip to my onesie and the sweatshirt. 

On one occasion, I was really hot after a teams call that I just ran through to my bedroom and striped! Chucked the joggers back on with my Fearne Cotton Happy Place Festival tee. Actually one of my favourite tees and I wear this most weeks. Because I have my back and I am strong. With the tee, I can always chuck the sweatshirt back on. 


Gym leggings are 100% working from home wear now. Again basic but comfortable. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can play around with style. You can add a wow colour and plain on the top half. Even if people are only seeing the top half of you, you don’t want to clash! 

I am all for autumnal colours, so this khaki pair is really good for me. Not all leggings are crazy expensive either. So make them affordable to your budget. A lot of colours go with khaki and even though it’s a duller tone, I pretty much only put black or white tees with it. Though I wore a tee & cake long sleeve nasa tee with them and that worked well as well. 

oversized hoodie

These also go well with hoodies and oversized tees/jumpers. On a colder day I pair them with a hoodie or long sleeve. I love oversized and oversized tees really do work. One thing I think isn’t the best is when girls go out in normal leggings and a top and the leggings are see-through. It is just cringe and really? So a longer tee is good. Though gym leggings are good with shorter tees because they are meant to be trouser kind of leggings and not tight form. 

Depending on colours and/or patterns, then you can play around. I have a lot of floral pairs and they go well with basic and a neutral, simple patterns. By that I mean that it can’t be Jazy patterned and jazzy pants. That could be a little over the top. But you can pick out a colour in the leggings and use that, even if it’s only in the leggings slightly.  

Other than tracksuits and gym leggings, I don’t wear a lot else. Some days I just want to wear pyjama bottoms and that is totally cool as well. But with the weather getting colder I am for layers and quite often sit with my dressing gown round my legs. 


Footwear, I am in socks, bare foot and or slippers. If I have to take the rubbish out or need to take a spin to McDonalds or my parents house, I chuck on my vans or Birkenstocks. 

Like I mentioned before, if you look like you have made an effort on the top half, you don’t have to make much of an effort. I have been on calls and having plaited hair or straightened hair, looks like you have made that effort, than a messy bedhead bun. Always wear a little bit of makeup as well, again then the effort is there. 

And that is pretty much how chilled I am with working from home. As long as you get the work done nothing else really matters. Again I just want to say, you really don’t have to pay a fortune and for most of these I honestly haven’t, but look good and comfortable all at the same time. 

Are you still working from home? What does your working from home outfit look like?

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