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So if you read yesterday’s self care post you will know it was my birthday. (7th April) I turned 29. I really wanted a low key do nothing special kind of birthday. For all that know me you would know I love fashion, shopping, styling others anything. As a tradition I go to Cambridge shopping with my Mum on or around my birthday. This year we were debating going to Oxford Street instead but as some of you may also know I am off to Harley Street in a matter of weeks so we are making a day of it then too with Oxford Street London first.

Anyway as I am mega hard to buy for, fussy and hard to size I like to get money from my family and this is for me to spend on whatever I would like to. As Easter is late this year the shops are just about into their mid season sales. I am one to hate sales. Anything that represents a jumble sale, I am away from that shop with in seconds of entering it. In today’s post I am purely going to share with you all I brought with my birthday money. I didn’t spend it all so I have more to play with later on this month or maybe next.


We always tend to go to Vans last. It’s always the time when I have had enough and can’t be bothered to look. Because I like Vans not only for the shoes but the clothes we decided to go to Vans first. In Vans I found a really nice t-shirt material summer maxi dress in black. It is really simple, no sleeve vest style black maxi dress with Vans printed across the chest. I can’t wait for the weather to be warm so I can just chuck this on with my Birkenstocks and go.


As we are on the subject of Vans I always like to treat myself on my birthday. I have been wanting these Vans for ages, one because of the colour and two because I live in trainers. So I found these with a discount on Vans’ Website and thought YES PLEASE!


I also brought some of the trainer socks in Vans. Happy days when you still fit in kids sizes. These are just mad crazy and bright. Cheerful colours and I really needed some new socks like this. They are just the right size to hide under your trainers and protect your feet.


I am really getting into the makeup brand BareMinerals. I got a bit for Christmas and I am really enjoying using and playing around with it. I had just finished my eyeliner so it was perfect timing to get a new one and swap over to BareMinerals. I am ok at doing liquid liner on the top and wing but I really can’t get use to it on my water line. I tested a few out in the shop and found this one that I really like. It is slightly darker than I use to. But it works well and does the job. So its perfect.

eye look

basic tee

My Mum was trying to stir me away from jumpers and I was trying to stay away from the stripes. When we were walking through John Lewis we were trying to look for Warehouse but on the way out I found a stripe t-shirt from Levis. Levis’ isn’t really a me shop. I thought they only did jeans to be honest. This stripe top is better than any other, purely because its short sleeve, its navy and red which are colours I don’t have in stripes and it is perfect for spring and summer.

basic tee

By this point it was time for lunch but we decided that as Topshop was on the way we detoured to there. We shouldn’t have really. The shop was mostly sales and that is a no go for me. As we walked out I saw an actual Levis shop. I thought it would be good to have a look considering the stripe one was a good price and quality. Snoopy always reminds me of my mum. As we were growing up she had a big teddy of Snoppy in his pyjamas and we use to play with him. They have collaborated with the Peanut crew for some prints on their clothes. Well I didn’t really want huge prints over the tops but I found this cute one where Snoopy is laying on the Levis logo. He is small and not really noticeable but he is cute never the less. I love a basic white tee and jeans combination.

summer top

striped jeans

After lunch we walked round to get the bus back, I had looked online at Hollister but wasn’t sure. To me I have always though Hollister to be an expensive brand. One that I am totally ok with because I actually prefer the expensive brands but I was pleasantly surprised. This outfit is one you probably wouldn’t have thought to buy me. As I walked in I really liked this top. Its more of a shirt, halter neck and very summery. Its cute though and I like different sometimes. I can see myself wear this to a bbq or on holiday, even to a pub garden. The jeans though I really wasn’t sure of. Well I loved that they were striped (of course) and they are some amazingly soft I could cuddle them for days. The only thing that puts me off was my body. I wear topshop Joni jeans daily pretty much, but they are the maternity ones. I am not sure if it’s because of my umbilical hernia or if its endometriosis that affects me from wearing button up jeans. My mum made me try them on. Well of course we took my size and the size up. Both fit, but the legs just didn’t fit well enough for me to take the bigger size. I can sit down in the smaller size so its fine and I think for a couple of hours I will be fine. We are going to experiment with bandage and tape to make this work.

note pad

The last thing I got which is a very thoughtful gift, is one from my friend at work Claire. Claire reads this so hello Claire. Everybody knows I love stationary. She got me this cute note pad that is magnetic. I love ones like these because I hang them off the microwave so I can write a note or two to remind me of what I need to do or get.


I also spent a little of my money to get my nails done. See the theme there? They are identical in colour to my Vans. There are just so many to pick from in the shop you just can’t decide. I knew I wanted something spring like in colour, something bright but sort of pastel colours. That’s why I went for this raspberry, dry rose colour. I am super happy with the length and shape of them too. Having your nails done just make a difference and they look so pretty painted.

That is everything. I am super happy and grateful for everything I got and look forward to spending the rest soon. What is your favourite thing I got?

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