Gratitude is something I think about every day and though I really would love to share 50 like I started for, I have decided to share a handful and these are the ones that are special for November. It’s a weird month for us in the UK, being we are in Lockdown again. Taking something from everyday and being grateful is the most beautiful thing and it creates such a positive lifestyle. Every situation whether good or bad, has something in it to be grateful for.

  1. I have been unwell for the most of November and though I don’t like being sick. I am really grateful for the slow recovery process. Food poisoning isn’t the funniest but I lost weight (amazing) and I took a break, that maybe I really did need. Not that I didn’t miss everything, but I had chilled time where I didn’t have to have a camera and I didn’t open my MacBook once in the three weeks. It is definitely what I needed. 
  2. My bubble. 2020 has been strange in so many ways but I honestly can’t thank that I was able to go stay at my parents for a while, whilst I was poorly and it was nice to just have company and chill out with the fire on. 
  3. My friends! Something I am always grateful for. Whether they are old friends, new friends, work friends, whatever. They just help make life a little better and its always better when I am with them or talking to them. Even just talking for a few hours on FaceTime makes me so happy. Spending time with them in person is very limited right now but I am making sure to keep in touch and update with them all. brunette
  4. Taking the plunge back to the dark side. I am back to being a very dark brunette. Not going to lie that its odd to me seeing no blonde. But this is very close to my natural colour and there aren’t any roots of colour to colour and really in future I can just top the roots up to cover the greys. My hair looks healthier though and I am going to keep it this way for a while! 
  5. Floristry. I am really grateful that I have the natural flare for creativity. There is nothing better than an afternoon, day even plunging into something creative and being in my zone for a while. Flowers are also something that always make me smile, when you walk in the room and see them and/or creating a bouquet and giving to a close one. They are the easiest and prettiest thing to make anyone smile. creativity
  6. Lockdown two point ooh. Well some maybe hating this but honestly I have learnt a lot in this and I have decided on some very grownup and fun things. Taking on board what I want in life and how and when will I achieve them. 2020 has made me grow up if I am honest and right now I am really in a good place and ready to start a new chapter in life. 
  7. Really rememberable dreams. Not going to lie there has been a few nightmares as well. But I have dreamt most nights and they are amazing. I have been told to write them down and share them. When I was sick and at my parents the dreams kept coming. Oh my its crazy but fun and means one thing, I went into a deep sleep which is amazing. 
  8. That the lead up to Christmas tv shows are on. I am so grateful for this time of year where I can cosy up on the sofa with a blanket and snuggle on sofa watching Strictly or I am a Celeb. There is nothing better than chilled evenings snuggled on the sofa. For me I am a stay at home girl over a going out one anyway! cosy pyjamas
  9. Good books. I wasn’t a book lover growing up but now I love a good novel. Doesn’t have to be a romantic, it can be a thriller but I love reading. If the storyline grips me from the start I am there settled and reading nightly. I tend to switch between thriller and romance but equally I love both. 
  10. Laughing! Laughing is the best medicine. Not everything has to be serious and even if it is and something that doesn’t feel will be or is good. Then laugh about it. What can you do to change the situation anyway? Let it annoy you, then laugh away. self care
  11. Sundays because I get a lay in. The only day of the week I get one and if you know me, you will know I love sleep. It is so good for me and I am so tired by Friday that I am really grateful for Sundays where I stay home and do what I want. If that means I sleep until midday then so be it. I obviously needed it and that is ok. 

Everything else seems normal to me and I am really grateful for each and everything and one. Things happen for a reason, good and bad and its all about who is here for you and who you love in life. What you do and how you take each day. If there is bad days take the opportunity to learn from them and move on. 

What is something you are grateful for?

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