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When it comes to fashion I typically wear high street brands such as Topshop and Warehouse. After getting lots of compliments from my navy blue peplum t-shirt from Sainsbury’s I thought I would try out my local supermarket’s fashion more and see what I could find.

I can occasionally find clothes in Tesco or Sainsbury’s and on occasions I can pick up a good bargain. I went shopping last weekend to my local Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda in hope to buy a few outfits and I was pleasantly surprised.


Starting with Tesco I searched the rails and couldn’t find anything really. Until I came to the last rail. Like I said I think its pure luck to find something in any supermarket to do with fashion. I know friends who have gone back to find the item of clothing I got and couldn’t find. So its a pick, try and buy kind of thing otherwise when you go back It will be gone. I found this lovely striped jumpsuit. I am wearing a size 10 which fits perfectly. I love the colours and how well they tie together. I also think on colder days you could wear a plain t-shirt underneath in any of the colours of the jumpsuit and look nice to. This jumpsuit was £25 and I think thats a really good price for a jumpsuit. Normally I would pay around £40 for one maybe more. I love the button detail down the chest and the way this fits me. I can’t wait to wear this on holiday, but I can also wear this to work. Its smart and comfy so its a good bargain. Unfortunately F+F from Tesco is no longer available online.

Cheetah Trousers

cheetah trousers

Moving on to Sainsbury’s, this was the best for clothes this time round, lots of choice and a right mix from smart to casual wear. The first item I got were these black printed trousers with cheetah over them in white. These are so comfy and I brought these for work. Again these are a size 10 and fit well. I think you could dress these up smarter or Casual for the weekends. My work is laid back with dress code so I can easily wear these as I am in the photograph. These were £15 which is a good price for trousers. You can tuck tops in to these trousers or you can wear them like I am as long as the top isn’t floaty I guess. These types of trousers seem to be my best at the minute I find them comfy and they don’t irritate my scars.

umbrella shirt

The second item from Sainsbury’s is this cute shirt. I brought this for work for the autumn really. Its completely different to my usual style but I have a few plaid shirts I like to wear with jeans. I love the print and the colours on the shirt. The umbrellas seem cute and the colours are lovely, For £18 I can see myself wearing this a lot to work. Its good as well as the sleeves can roll up or down depending on the weather. For this I am wearing a size 12.

t-shirtThe final Item I got from Sainsbury’s was this casual t-shirt, for those who know me reading this you will know my wardrobe is stripes and quotes on all my t-shirts. I somehow can’t resist them. It is a white cotton t-shirt with the wording ‘Possibly Maybe’ in pink velour type material. Its so cute and an easy chuck on and go outfit with jeans and converse. It looks like I’ve made an effort when really I could of just rolled out of bed. I love casual outfits like this but they are also still trendy. This t-shirt was £10. I wear a size 10 in this too. This is an in store item only as I cannot find it online.

Moving on to Asda I was a little disappointed with their clothes though I did find a nice pair of navy and watermelon bikini bottoms but unfortunately they were sold out in my size online and in store. I had been looking for new underwear for ages, my normal go to for bras is marks and spencers but recently they just haven’t been right for me. Whilst looking for clothes I found their isle of underwear and thought I would try a few. I have been wearing these for a week or two now and can completely say that I like them and may have converted to supermarket underwear.

T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bra

So I picked 4 bras surprisingly. I tend to wear a t-shirt bra most days especially under plain tops. So for £4 these are really good and so comfy. For £4 you really cant go wrong and if it only lasts 6 months its nothing compared to the average £25 I pay normally. I now have this in nude and black, I went to purchase another nude today but they didn’t have my size.

detachable strap bra

The next bra I brought the straps are detachable so is handy to have especially with spaghetti strap dresses and tops. Its so much better to wear a strapless than have ugly bra straps showing. If your going away this can double up as a normal bra or a strapless which is perfect. This was £9.

lace bra

The final bra I purchased is one that I really like. I like the bras with the lace going further down under the bra its self. Its really pretty with the blue floral pattern over the white lace with the cute pink bows to the straps. This was £9. Overall I am £1 over budget but for 4 bras for a total of £26.

So overall I will definitely be looking in the supermarkets again for clothes and underwear. I must say looking for the links for you now a lot have online exclusives so if your local stores don’t have the clothing ranges in it. Look online.

Do you shop for clothes in high street fashion stores or supermarkets? If you don’t would you now after reading this blog?

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