Its summer and it’s time to go through my summer look book. My fashion sense is pretty much the same all year round and I do love to be warm. Though I would say I am slightly more girly for the summer or hotter days. To be fair the UK is warm but not warm enough for me, so I am wearing similar if not the same as I would of in spring. I have my favourites that I wear a lot and some really, I should throw away because I just don’t even look to wear them anymore. Here goes with my go to looks for summer. Summer in the UK anyway.

If you are new around here my fashion sense and style is always comfortable, slightly girly but I always love to follow trends as much as possible. Ones I like anyway.


First up is are my bargain Hollister camouflage jeans. I have wanted camouflage trousers in ages and I am super glad that I waited until the sale. Because I am 5”4 they are long on me, so I have to turn them up, but if you are a little taller you could wear them naturally with the frayed look to the ankles. I pair this with a basic white tee, but I would and do wear with tops that have phrases or logos on. I also am wearing my rose gold sandals purely because it was hot on that day, but I would tend to wear these with my black converse. Sandals and flip flops work well with this outfit, I just go for trainers mostly. I love the fact the jeans are high waisted and the button detail to do them up just added a little extra something to them as well as the larger square pockets to the side.


This outfit is one I love. When it’s really hot and I literally can roll out of bed and chuck this on. I found it in the beachwear section, but I wear this whenever it is hot. It sits just above my knee so its perfect length. I love the colour khaki and I wear that colour quite often. It’s a comfort colour for me. I match this dress with sandals, any really but sandals go well with this. I could also wear my pink vans or my black or white high-top converse. I think they would look cute too. If its slightly cold I will wear my jean jacket for a cover up.

t-shirt dress

I love my jeans especially these ones. They fit me well, love the navy colouring and they are so comfortable. I am wearing these with my bright yellow top. This top has the quote ‘I am enough’ in gold printed across the top. I love to shop at small online or local places because it’s good to support local and small businesses but also because you can find some cute clothes through them and more unique. I am also wearing my summer slip on vans. I love how these look plain and present themselves well. Then if you look at the heel they show their crazy wild size with the multi-coloured squares and pattern. The colour of the top adds the fun, cheerful, happiness to the outfit. Bright colours always make me smile.

summer fashion

This is a little out of my comfort zone. I am not a huge fan for animal print. Though it is really on trend at the minute. I don’t know why I just simply don’t like it on me. That’s why this is just a little bit out there for me. I love how the colours blend together and the added greens to take the animal print out slightly. This is definitely one for any occasion, dress up or down. You can wear with heels or with sandals and they both go well. The neck is slightly too high though so puts me off wearing more often.

animal print

My comfortable jeans are my go to. I am pairing these with my Levi’s vest. Levi’s is one of my favourite shops. I love their t-shirts and jumpers more than the jeans, but they have really cute tees in there at the minute. I think this vest would go well with high waisted shorts, well to be honest any shorts. But I think it would look cute tucked in. I would wear this with my camouflage jeans.


Another chuck on and go outfit is my Nike sweatshirt dress. I love that this is a dress but its slightly thicker. It’s good for travelling in actually, because it’s perfect for when you get off the plane, but you can still be that little bit warmer in the airport. I am wearing this with sandals but it’s good for converse high-top trainers too.


My final go to at the minute of course is another khaki top. This is oversized, comfortable and simple. It goes with most things and you look and feel good in it. I am a huge lover of oversized. Not because I am big or self-conscious in it. It’s just the simple and comfortable factor of it. Plus, half if not three quarters of my wardrobe is striped so it’s good to have something plain and something that you don’t have to worry if your shoes go or which cardigan to take with you.

khaki fashion

These are my go to looks at the minute. What is you go to outfit for summer? Is it hot where you live?

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