Grandma's BBQ

Every year we celebrate my Grandma’s birthday with a big family BBQ. Its a time where you get to see family you hardly see and catch up whilst my dad soaks the children in the paddling pool. Of course he cooks the food too along with my Uncle, Brother-in-law and Grandad. I can remember when we were younger when my grandparents hosted It and you can definitely see my dad in my grandad. Though I have to say this, my Grandad is actually my mum’s dad.

For me of course as every day is, fashion is really important to me and I have to look nice. I found it really hard this year to actually find clothes that looked nice on and actually suited me. I am one for the expensive high street fashion such as warehouse. But actually this time round warehouse let me down. I sent 3 pairs of trousers back to them.

Summer BBQ Fashion

I was really suprised when I was in Tesco actually looking for a cup and saucer when I came across these trousers. I loved them as soon as my eyes saw them. Unfortunately I can’t find them online, so if you do like these trousers you’ll have to go on a hunt in your local Tesco.

Like most of my clothes at the minute you can dress these up or down for any occasion. I mean I didn’t have to go fancy to the BBQ I could of just chucked on some jeans and a t-shirt. But I wanted to make an effort like always for my Grandma.

Summer Fashion

You could pair these trousers with a cami like I did, in any of the colours in the stripes. If I had a lilac cami I would of loved to wear that with it. But my cami’s I already had are black, pink and a bright orange. I went for the black. It was also 30 degrees so very hot to wear lots of layers. Of course a pair of heels would look so cute with this outfit too, but for comfort and because I seemed to adopt my nephew Alfie who was upset to begin with as there weren’t any boys to play with, the Auntie duties kicked in, so I ended up with last years black bow sandals from H&M. He even ate his lunch on my lap. So high heels were a no go for me. But another time I would definitely wear a pair of heels with these trousers. For jewellery I wore my choker, black braided pandora bracelet and my pandora love heart hoops.

Summer Fashion

If you wanted to dress these trousers down, like I will eventually when I wear them to work, I will match a stripe colour with the top. For this instance I picked green, but again any colour especially the black and lilac I think would work really well. If you are wanting a casual but dressy look this would work too. A simple plain tee, these trousers and some heels. A big bit of statement jewellery around your neck and your comfy but stylish. I did this with another pair of trousers for my birthday meal and I got some lovely compliments.

Where do you prefer to shop? High end high street or low end high street? I must say I will go in a look more at supermarket clothing now, and I suggest you do. You may be surprised and find something really nice.

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