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When it comes to fashion, I am there. I am addicted. I love most of the latest trends and styles, I would love to work back in the fashion industry. But also a lot of people both friends, family and media friends love my looks. Today I am sharing with you, my go to looks for Spring. The weather has actually been nice in the UK so I have some that maybe would need adapting as its now colder but others that are spot on for the average spring day.


I am all for a comfy outfit. I also love tops like this, that I can style with jeans, dungarees, pinafores and even skirts. It’s versatile. Today I pair this stripe top with jeans and white converse. I can wear this to work, but also weekends. I can go pretty casual to work. I love the stripe top because of the amount of colours it has on it. The only part that matches are the sleeves. I think that Joules are very creative with this, by matching the stripes up and changing the colours. It just adds a bit of fun to the outfit. I also think its funny that if someone approaches your from behind, they’d think the top was yellow and blue when its yellow, blue, red and white. The jeans are my go to style. I love the Joni Jeans from Topshop. These are so comfortable to wear and they fit really well. They have so many colours to choose from that really you could wear a different pair of coloured jeans each day. They are super skinny which I love. Then it comes to my converse. White high top converse are a must have a piece for your wardrobe. I live in trainers in Spring. They are so easy to chuck on and go. White converse are something that can go with pretty much anything.


I style I am probably known for and that is a pinafore or dungarees. I just love them. You can just be creative with them. It’s like being a child but you’re a grown up. The way you can added child like tights and bright or dark colours. This outfit is very dark for spring but never the less it’s still one I grab to wear. My child like tights are dark grey with black spots on. I love that these are still a thick denier so keeps you warm when the wind goes crazy. But you can walk out in this and look cool. The quality is so good on these tights as well and they seem to be warm, you don’t get Nora Batty knees and the spots are staying circular. A pinafore is a must in everyones wardrobe too. It’s so nice to wear all year round. You can wear it with shirts, t-shirts and jumpers. Dress up or down. My grey t-shirt matches my tights colouring really well. This is a t-shirt again you can layer, wear with jeans and even dress up and down depending what you were doing. I love the added gems round the neck line to add a like sparkle to the outfit.

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I am massively into Tommy Hilfiger as a brand at the minute. I love their clothes especially the Tommy’s Jeans range. Oversized and me, suit each other really well. Comfortable which is everything to me, bright colourful clothing and they have clothes in the higher price range or the lower. I would naturally spend some of their prices for a top in Topshop so I would say try their range if you haven’t already. The top I am wearing is super soft to touch. Oversized by 1 size I would say. I am naturally a UK 10/12. I love to tuck my tees into my mom jeans. Then I pull them out a little so they hang better. I love how its an oversized white tee, but the colours of the writing and print adds something to the outfit. It’s the colours of spring and summer which just makes you naturally smile. The back of the top is completely different with the added colours of the Tommy Hilfiger logo printed across. I am wearing my mom jeans with this. Again these are a super soft comfortable material. I could cuddle them, they are that soft. Naturally I wear super skinny jeans so I still want my jeans to be on the slimmer size. Though I have been looking for wider legs recently. Again I am wearing my converse because they just go with the white tee.

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I love a soft, slightly baggy, warm sweatshirt. When I saw this one I was looking for something different but fell in love with this. You know when you’re in public and you see someone in the jumper you wanted, you show your friend and he says no you really want that? Well that does put me off things, like I guess it would most people. I showed the one I am wearing to him, same brand and £5 cheaper and he really liked it. I don’t own much red clothing. I am not overly a red fan to be honest but I love that this is the colours of the Tommy Hilfiger logo. I love how it’s all 3 colours, yet its plain and simple. It’s so easy to chuck on and wear with jeans and converse. It looks like you made more of an effort that you have. I have actually worn this all weekend. I love how soft and cozy it is. Even now putting the link in for you, the other colours you can buy this in, just don’t compare to this one.

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I love the colour of purple this top is. Again its super soft, good quality fabric and oversized which I love. I love how the “Tommy” is embroidered on like someone has written it. The purple is so rich and beautiful. I draws you to the top naturally by the bright vibrant colour. I have paired this with my mom jeans again. But I also found this belt that matches the colour of the tee so well. If I was to wear a plain outfit, adding a belt of a colour really would just add that little something to the outfit. On the back of this top it has Tommy spread across the entire back. But I love that too. Its different from the front but its tops like these I like.

spring fashion

What is your go to outfit this Spring?

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