As most of you know I went to Mallorca the end of October, as the weather wasn’t great and rained 5 of the 7 days. I ended up spending my time exploring European brands and buying a lot. I had heard of some of the brands before but some are new to me and I have now fallen in love with these brands.

So here is my 5 days of shopping and this is definitely a way to spend 150 euros when it rains all day everyday on holiday. I advise you go to Puerto De Pollensa when its warmer unless you would like to spend this money.

So we will do this in days and on day 1 we were walking along the street of our hotels, just exploring really and came across a little shop called Vero Moda. Vero Moda is a brand I know and as its growing its becoming more known but I have only really known to buy this brand from ASOS. Well I tell you know I could of brought the whole shop. I love how the clothes are so reasonable in price, good quality and affordable.

cosy jumper

The first thing I got was actually the last in the shop and was on the model. I love the colour burgundy for Autumn and winter really and I loved how warm and cosy this jumper looked. I love the grey on this jumper too. It’s perfect for work because I can dress fairly casual or for weekends and meals with friends.


The other jumper I got on day one is unusual in colour for me too. I love to wear grey but I don’t really have much in this silver kind of colour. I love the ribbed pattern on the jumper and again this is good for work, weekends, and catching up with friends. It was such a reasonable price as well so a good bargain. I like to find a bargain but it also helps that the quality is good. They had this in a baby pink and I believe burgundy.

market fashion

The weather was rubbish on day 2, we ventured out in our shorts, t-shirts and waterproof jackets. Let’s just say I am shocked my aged 13 jacket still fits me but it does. We went to the local market on the square of Puerto De Pollensa. The market had a complete variety of clothes, food, toys and home décor. It was quick big actually. As you went around you learnt that you could barter with the price and some stalls that had the same clothes, some were better quality than others. I picked up this green oversized t-shirt. It’s more of a t-shirt than jumper, but the material is slightly thicker than a t-shirt if that makes sense. It is one size fits all so whether you’re a size 10 like me or smaller/bigger on me, it would fit just would depend on how oversized you want it to be. I brought this for work because its smart enough but also really comfortable. It was 15 euros that’s really not too bad for a warmer long sleeve t-shirt.


It was really raining again on day 3 so we decided to get a taxi into Alcudia. I wanted to buy more than this but the lady was not letting us near the clothes because of the rain. So I only brought this. I was eyeing this up in OneS back in Puerto De Pollensa but they didn’t have my size and I wanted to make my money last the week so worth spreading out the buying! I found this in Bulldog Clothing and it was actually cheaper. I love the colours of this jumper. Navy and raspberry pink really is me. I also love stripes if you hadn’t guessed. I love the saying on it. ‘Choose to shine’. If you have followed me for a while you will know I am a huge believer in self-care and positivity. I have my problems but choosing to get up, dressed and put on my makeup daily really is me ‘choosing to shine’. You need to make yourself seen to succeed. This was 21.99 euro and I really think this is a good price for a jumper. It’s more of an Autumn/Spring jumper as it’s not that thick but add or decrease layers to it and it can work anytime.

noisy may

Every day we went on a walk before dinner and the Vero Moda shop was one I had to go in. They were always updating their stock and new lines dropping in daily. Vero Moda also had a brand called Noisy May in it and I found these cute t-shirts. On day 4 the first I brought I love the saying on it. ‘Be Noisy, Be Nice.’ It’s just a simple black t-shirt with the phase across the middle in white writing. Then a small fringe in black under the writing. I think this will be super cute with jeans or can dress up with bold trousers or a skirt. A bargain 14.99 euros as well.

basic tee

I was waiting around to pay, my dad was trying on a jumper. Yes we got him to shop and actually buy something. As I was waiting for him I was just browsing the rail and I came across this basic t-shirt again. I love navy blue anyway and I really think this will look cool under denim dungarees. But I also like it with jeans. This is Noisy May as well and 14.99 euros as well. Such a good price for a t-shirt and the quality is good too.

headband scarf

On day 5 I went back into Vero Moda, yes I am crazy but i have found a reasonable priced brand I love and one that not many others will be wearing back home and to work. I had been looking at this scarf/headband for a few days. I really wanted one because at Stansted airport I had watched a video on how to plait scarves into your hair. I loved all the colours and print on this scarf so had to buy it for 10 euros.


They had new clothes in daily. The guy who run the shop was really helpful. Well I had gone in for another shirt but decided I would wear this one more. They had it in pink and pink stripe, blue and blue stripe and white and blue stripe. I went for the white and blue stripe because I could wear this various ways. Under dungarees and with a jumper and jeans. I also thought white would go with more colours.

oversized jumper

Ever since day 3 when we went to Alcudia, I had been thinking about the jumper I wanted but the lady just wouldn’t let anyone near because of the rain. So on day 6 we went back into Alcudia for lunch and also to go get this jumper. We made sure it wasn’t raining because we knew we would get turned away again if it was. Now you may say but Mel you can get Adidas in the UK! Yes that is true, but I have never seen anything Adidas in this raspberry colour. I love the colour and I love that the Adidas logo is printed across the chest with the ‘a brand with three stripes’ then then stripes in cream down the sleeves. I wanted an Adidas jumper in khaki for Christmas but as I saw this I loved this one more. I am not really one for sports brands but I have wanted one for ages. I wasn’t meant to  have this until Christmas but my coat I brought back here in the UK was cheaper than expected. This was my expensive buy but I think it’s worth it for the unique colour.


Whilst we were in Alcudia my mum wanted to go back into OneS because she wanted to buy a t-shirt. I found this really warm kind of fluffy burgundy jumper. I brought it to wear on its own or with the shirt underneath. I love the colour of this and think its really a good Autumn/Winter colour. Its very popular in fashion right now. It’s warm and cosy but fitted. It is good for a layer or on its own. I can’t wait for the weather to get just that little bit colder to be able to wear this more.

What is your favourite thing to wear in autumn and winter? Do you have any clothes from these brands or do you want some now you have read this?

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