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So really this is harder than you think. Especially as I sit down and write this in one go. Rather than everyday of the month. There are 100 and 1 things to be grateful for in life and I am grateful for pretty much everything. Life is better when positive. When I started these posts, I aimed for 50 things, which I honestly still do have. But when it comes to writing them all down, it takes forever and a day. Everything and every hour has something positive and appreciate them for it. Tonight I just thought I would share a few because some are better than none and I have gone into a little more detail I guess.

  1. My family. More so this month than others. Whether that is because I feel sorry for my mum and dad’s elderly neighbour who lost her husband and has no one near her to look after her and help. Or just because but I am very grateful for them this month. 
  2. The ability to wake up and roll out of bed and get to work within half hour. I am grateful for this because I love my sleep. An extra hour daily sets me good for the day ahead. 
  3. Chilled evenings during the week. Now I have sorted my schedule out and made weekends a little more manic. Weeknights are just amazing for me and I am so grateful for those chilled nights. Even though I love doing all I do. They are just amazing and all relaxed. Gratitude
  4. Affordable clothes. I am extremely grateful for brands that are making some of their clothes affordable to everyone. Being I was addicted to fashion, kinda still am. But with moving house and all my other hopes and dreams, clothes had to be cut. So it makes me so happy to be able to shop and buy new clothes at a reasonable, affordable price. 
  5. Colder days because when its boiling, it is really hard to work in my living room all day. That or have sweat running down my back. So colder weather is really good and I can always layer things up and chuck on a knitted cardigan. 
  6. Gifs. Because I seem to send them daily now to cheer people up. And actually it puts a smile on my face as well. There are just some lovely ones out there and they do help. Or I am told they do. 
  7. Good quality vlogs. I love daily life vlogs and depending on who it is, I love some of the longer vlogs. A lot of people are creating longer vlogs and I love family life, daily vlogs. They are just chill, nice and interesting to me. The smile and nice feeling they give me, is why I am grateful for them. 
  8. Where I am in life. As much as it annoys me, that I am not where I wanted to be. I am just grateful that things are happening, what I have learnt and where I am heading. The time isn’t right for where I wanted to be, so the wait will be worth it. gratitude
  9. Hard work. Because I have been working hard and achieving well and pushing myself to show my full potential. And its starting to show more and being recognised. Which is amazing. That is why I am grateful, for working my butt off and pushing myself to do a lot and things are now paying back. 
  10. Healthy choices. I am grateful for my healthy choices because they help my tummy and health overall. A happy tummy makes my life so much better and happier. 
  11. Good people. I am really grateful for them. When days aren’t as good or working from home is a little lonelier for a day. Then taking a call and a chat from friends to make things better. Makes me smile and remember what life was like before. The excitement we share and everything. Shows how we miss certain things but technology can make things better and good again. 
  12. My dad for coming over when I block the plug hole. Honesty what I have learnt from staying at home, being at home alone and being a grownup, living alone. I have to be grateful for him this month, for the fact my dishwasher filled the sink up and within an hour my dad had fixed it. What would I do without his help. 
  13. Taking the plunge and buying a new desk chair. It was going to happen anyway, when I moved. But my dodge shoulder pain made me buy earlier. And thankfully the chair is so much more comfortable and helped the pain go away. 
  14. I am really grateful that most of the time, my mind has a really good mindset. Honestly having the ability to ignore and laugh about others negative attitudes and push to make the world happier, is the best feeling ever. Ok somethings, the negatives just have to be there but the focus can be on a positive always. In a way I am grateful that I can laugh at their negative focus and be ok with my positive one. Katsu Chicken burger
  15. Treats! I am so grateful for a treat. Finally 6 months later I got my birthday meal, all be it in a takeaway. But I am so grateful for that Katsu chicken burger and chips. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever eaten and the taste was insane! Having to wait and reward myself made it even better and I can’t wait to have another again soon. 

What is one thing you are grateful for this month?

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