Essential Oils

Sleep is really important with having endometriosis, like any health issue sleep helps with healing and gains you energy to carry on.

I find sleep very hard when i am in extreme pain or when I have something on my mind. Sleep is when you can shut your brain off and gain the energy to continue your life. Having things constantly on your mind definitely distracts your sleep and you end up waking up about different things. Dreams also become stranger and more of a nightmare the more you have negative thoughts or things on your mind. Baring in mind I am 28 I dreamt that I was in my English gcse exam and the police walked to arrest the two girls in front of me. I was then awake for a while because police still scare me even when I know I’ve done nothing wrong.

I was told by my pain specialist to not nap. Napping is bad for me with endometriosis. So I try my very hardest not to nap. I now only nap when I am really really not feeling well and the only think to make me feel better is sleep or I am recovering from an operation.

I religiously go to bed at 10pm every night. I mean if I am I out or have friends over I’m not like come on it’s bed time. I still do have late nights. But if I am in I will go to bed at 9pm read for an hour and then go to bed. On week days my alarm is set for 6:50am but otherwise I will sleep until I wake up. A good 9-12 hours a night is exactly what I need to go the next day. This may seem a lot to you but someone with endometriosis can probably relate.

Pillow Spray

I use *pillow spray every night. A few sprits and that’s it. Put your head on the pillow and off you go. Asleep. Using this I have found I sleep for longer and a deeper better sleep. It really helps. It also sets you in a better position for the next day.

Essential Oil Defuser

If things I feel need helping more I will use my *defuser and *essential oils for about 6 hours when I go to sleep. This also really helps especially if you set your mind to think positively.  My favourites are calamine, lavender and frankenscence.  I have various others though and will use whatever suits best how I am feeling. These are some good mixes that really help me.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Do you sleep well at night? If so how many hours is a good night sleep for you?

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2 thoughts on “Sleep – Self Care Living with Chronic Illness”

  1. I have a chronic health issue too and I also sleep over 8 hours a night. Reassuring to know I’m not the only one.

  2. Its definitely reassuring to know others are the same with sleep to. Sleep is really important and should be for everyone

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