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Happy face mask Friday everyone! How was your week? Are you getting ready to go out, or are you having a chilled pamper evening in like me? As part of my face mask Friday series, I test and review masks weekly and I like to give you my honest review on them all. This week’s mask is Simple’s rich moisture sheet mask.

For those who have followed for a while now, would know that I naturally prefer masks you apply over sheet masks. That is just a personal opinion of mine. I just fit that ones you can apply are easier to fit well and you can add as much or as little as you need.

face mask friday

This week’s mask is a sheet mask again. Sheet masks seem to be around in shops more than ones you apply. They are cheaper in most cases as well. Which is ideal if you are on a budget like I am. Skincare is really important, even from an early stage. The younger you start a skincare routine the better your skin will last in good condition.

Always look for masks that suit your skin. My skin is normal to dry and I always look for masks that will help the dryness and purify my skin. Masks that say they will help me. Hence why I got this one being its rich in moisture to help the dry skin.

simple face mask

As always, I read the instructions, though they are normally the same, you can get some random ones crop up like last week. This week’s mask was a apply sheet to face, make it fit as good as you can. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Simple is a good brand and one I have used for about 9 years. I was actually recommended Simple when I had my eyelashes done. It’s good for sensitive skin and It is definitely one I can use. My skin is sensitive, and I have to be careful to what I wear makeup and moisturizer wise.

face mask friday

I tried my best to get the mask to fit as good as possible. The nose bit got a little stuck, so I just left that stuck. Either my face is small and short, or the masks just don’t have enough slits in them to make them work on my face. I always have a bulk of the sheet on my cheek lines.

After I applied this, I took the 15 minutes to go chill out and watch some YouTube. The 15 minutes really do go quick. Before you know it, you have just sat down and it’s time to get up again and take off.

When I took this off, there was so much liquid left on my face. This is goodness that will help your skin too. The packet’s third and final instruction is to massage the rest into you face gently. Which I did. This took a little while because of the amount that was to still be absorbed. This is where I realise that where the bulk of sheet is on my cheeks is where the mask is needed. I have a little patch of rough, spotty skin on my right cheek. Even today when I am writing this I can still see this patch and the rest of my face feels good.

face mask friday

If and when I get another sheet mask, I really need to find a way to get it fit on my cheeks better. I want to get the best out of each and every mask. Face masks are part of my weekly skincare routine.

My face felt sticky for the evening after I took the mask off. Even now around the edges of the mask especially is slightly sticky. My skin does feel good from this. I just wish I had applied it better to cover the blemished area.

If you are like me and have normal to dry skin I would recommend this mask, especially if it’s more dry than normal. It is good for those who don’t regularly apply face masks. It’s good for a top up I guess. If you have sensitive skin, you can use simple products and masks, this gives you an option to try.

What masks do you use at the minute? Have you got any you would recommend to me? Are you a every week mask wearer or the occasional wearer?

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