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You know them sites that advertise all over Facebook and online in general. How cheap the clothes are and some really do catch your eye. Well I decided I would take a proper look and buy some for my holiday to Greece. Here is what I brought, minus the bikini’s and my opinion on all.


two piece

First up is a two piece something I never go for because I feel conscious of my tummy and the lovely scars created from 3 operations. Anyway, I am feeling a little better about myself at the minute, I am a size UK 10/12 so nothing really should bother me. I love that the colours are a little different to what I would class as summer colours, but they are rustic in colour which is a colour I love in clothes. The trousers though they look see through fit me perfectly. They are elasticated round the middle so room to indulge and move freely. Now the top on the other hand the frill was too flat on the front compared to the back and would have needed to be altered because it just didn’t sit right and had huge gaps around the arm hole and chest. Purely where it was too big. Two pieces are good if you are the same size across the body if you aren’t, then one will always be bigger than the other. This is a big no for me, even just on money I could justify and just keep for the trousers but decided to return.

summer fashion

I brought something different but similar to an outfit I saw my friend where the other week. Skirts are something I love but hardly wear. When I saw this pleated rainbow skirt, I instantly said yes add to basket. The silver elastic band round the middle brings it all together. Love that the colours ombre from pastel down to bright and powerful. To pair with this skirt, I brought a simple plain tied in the middle white cropped tee. Everything about this outfit makes me smile. You definitely need something simple because how patterned the skirt is and the one, I picked really works well. It’s cute because of only the small triangle of stomach showing. Length wise could be a little shorter but this is only because of being 5”4.

two piece

linen fashion

This two piece outfit really reminds me of scenes in Aladdin. I really don’t know why but it does. Linen is really popular in the fashion world right now and can be seen across the fashion industry. The mink pink colour is beautiful and would look even better with a tan. Sizing is a little off on this outfit which is a let-down, that and needing to iron it. Luckily, I brought it in medium and large. Top wise the large fitted but was a little snug. Skirt wise though the large was too big. It would stay up but for how long I don’t know. For this it has to go back on how the sizing is along, it didn’t really do anything for my figure as well.


Next is a jumpsuit that kept appearing on my Facebook feed, it looked pretty cute in the photos. In real life I felt like I was in a cheap school dress. It is see through massively. Sizing is ok but I did go for a large in this, the best thing to judge size off is the reviews. The top half with the extra flap of material is pointless. At the back there are 3 gold buttons and a drawstring. There is no point in the drawstring because it doesn’t work, it will not gather the material properly. Again, I am short so they are longer in length than they should be. These are a no from me and will be going back.  They quality is just rubbish compared to others I have received.


summer dress

Dresses are my go to for holiday especially. I found this one from their advert but in different colours. When browsing I saw this one, though the bottom panel was more of purple in colour. Midi in length but the back is longer than the front which I love. Its midi in length and perfect for me. The neck line is elasticated which makes it more comfortable and fitted across the shoulders. Floaty dresses are ideal in hotter weather and I love that is flattering but room to breather. Be careful the white panel is see through so make sure your underwear choice is wise. I’m keeping this dress because its comfy, love the colours and I can dress this up or down. There is also room if I gain or lose weight.

summer dress

Finally, to finish off this haul I am wearing another dress. The colours are colours I wouldn’t overly class as summer colours, but I love that they are used and makes the dress stand out more. I am wearing a medium and I have to say this is the one that fits the best. Gathered just under the bust and hangs lovely down. Midi in length which is perfect for me. Again, this is a dress you can dress up or down and I feel with the price being so cheap its ok if you just wear it a handful of times. Even the floral print wouldn’t be something I would say that are overly summer flowers but work well with the main colour of the dress.

Bikinis are really cheap and popular to buy, I brought a few though I didn’t try on, on camera. If you would like to see these head over to the video.

From this haul overall, I would definitely say you should buy from Shein. They do have some good clothes, but really go by the reviews and sizing based off that. You will always get hits and misses from any online store. The return process was actually easy too, I had to pay to return them but £7 maximum. All based online, I simply logged in and ticked what and why I was returning.

What is your favourite outfit I got from Shein? Would you buy off there or have you already?

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