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How is September finishing and October starting. It is crazy that its Autumn and we have pretty much been home since Spring. Mad really that we are still all home and we have another 6 months at least! Anyway it’s time for my September favourites. A favourite to me can literally be anything, I have loved. So here is my random selection that I hope you can find something new or old to revisit. 

I have never been a good reader and I probably can read like a 10 year old honestly. But I have 2 books that are favourites this month. Shock horror. Both are from the list of my favourite authors. The first being by Lucinda Berry and her latest novel The Best Of Friends. All of Lucinda’s books are based on child trauma and some a little disturbing. Best Friends though, it got me addicted from page 1 and it was so good. Based on 3 best friends, 16 years old and a drunk night. Without telling you too much something horrifying happens and its all about the story unfolding as its investigated. A must read and Lucinda Berry’s are always cheap on Amazon’s kindle store. 


The next book is by another favourite author of mine. Jojo Moyes, The Giver Of Stars. Now I have to say that this is a historical story and took me a while to get into it. I am talking 50% through. JoJo Moye’s books are really good and personally I do get on with the everyday life stories. But non the less this is a good book to read. Based in Kentucky, about a group of woman setting up a pack library on horse back. Riding daily into the mountains to deliver books to the poor. Though its set around the library, its got the love stories and general life as well. When it was near the end, I didn’t want it to finish because I was so into the story. So again another to pick and read. 

Though I eat fairly healthy and a balanced diet, I am a foodie at heart. Every day now after lunch I come back into my living room and sit at my desk eating ice cream. Now mint choc chip is one of my favourites. But it got even better when I brought myself a 2 litre tub of M&S soft scoop, mint chocolate chip ice cream. You may think M&S and think expensive, but you would be wrong. This ice cream is cheaper than other supermarkets and lasts at least 2 weeks of me eating it. So good and I am going to add some more to my Ocado shop. 

rollercoaster tycoon

Now when I was a teenager, I was a gamer. You could give me a pc and a game and I would sit there all day. The other week I was bored a little, I guess, so I downloaded Rollercoaster Tycoon on my phone. Somehow I am addicted to it now and I have created a 163m theme park. I don’t know what got me to download it and stick playing to it. But I have. It is easy to play, doesn’t require any extra money, though you can pay if you want. Easy to save the money you collect from the attractions and grow your own theme park. 

I have been cleaning for my Grandma now for 8 weeks maybe. The other week I had to clean the windows and this is definitely something you need to invest in! It is a window vacuum from Kärcher. Honestly the easiest thing to use, just wipe over the window with a wet cloth, then run over the whole window with the vacuum. So easy to use and the windows look amazing once used. All clean, shiny and spotless. I’ve used it for my windows here and I would use for mirrors as well, because it would definitely work. 

window cleaner

Something Autumnal now and that is stewed fruit. Basically apple of a crumble. But I have been eating stewed apple, and apple and I am sure it was gooseberry. It is sort of a healthy ish snack depending on the amount of sugar you put in. Around 10am I get peckish and have a small bowl full, I am eating cold right now but it is perfect hot as well. Even with a spoon of ice cream as well if you fancy. 

The other week my life crumbled a little. Just because I was so behind and the pressure was on. Now I have organised my life a bit better, I am loving the chilled evenings during the week. Just being able to turn the computer off at 5pm. Straight to running a bubble bath, eat tea and do whatever I want. I have even sat in the living room and watched actual tv, which is something I hardly do. Putting all my effort in to things at weekends and staying on track has taken the huge pressure off and there is no longer a panic of rushing things. 

It is always good to have a laugh and you can 100% get that from a Ladbaby video. They are a family from the UK and the mum and dad prank each other for their videos basically. So funny to watch and how they come up with all these ideas is crazy. But you will honestly laugh and I have even cried with tears over there videos. You can totally tell how much they love each other as well and 100% couple goals. Worth a watch, especially if you need a laugh. 

cosy pyjamas

Now the weather is getting colder, I am loving that I can wear my dressing gown again. I am sitting on the sofa now writing this out and I have it on with my onesie. On Friday I was so cold whilst working, I had it over my legs and leggings. It is just cosy and warm. So easy to snuggle up in and perfect for the colder legs. Mine looks like a grey teddy bear as well and its cute, soft fleece material as well. Perfect from Autumn and winter. 

Finally I am loving nutty granola. It really depends where we shop that week, to what brand I get but any nutty granola is good. I am in the middle of a Waitrose nutty granola bag. But it is so good. Every morning I have it with yogurt for breakfast, but if I am peckish before 5 you would probably see me with a handful. You don’t need a lot either to be full and some lunch times I am still full from my breakfast which is good. 

And they are my favourites for September, What is one of your favourites? 

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