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Well that’s another month over! How is it October already? Happy Fall everyone. This year is going crazy fast and to be honest it’s crazy that Christmas is 2 and a bit month’s away. It’s that time of the month where I wrap up the last and share my favourites with you.

I like to share a variety of favourites with you because who truthfully can say that all their favourites are just fashion or just beauty related? You can do something once or every day in that month and it can be your favourite. Whether that’s a place, an activity, a person or a thing. Whatever it can be your favourite. It also a chance, I hope for you to find something new or to revisit from my variety.

self care


Let’s start with the fact I went away in September. My holiday isn’t a favourite, but I wore knot wraps daily which really helped me. Knot wraps are super helpful, whether that’s to carry something or keep your hair out your face. I took all of mine, so I had a variety to match my daytime outfits. Because Kos was extremely windy all the little wisps of hair were flying around so it was handy to keep them under wrap. Love that even a simple plain outfit can have the pop of colour added from a knot wrap in your hair.

oversized fashion

Something that really doesn’t go with the knot wraps, are sweatshirts. By that I mean because of the weather. It is getting colder in the UK and we have had some very cold days recently that’s why they don’t go with the knot wraps. Being I used them from the heat and wind. If you didn’t know I am never warm. I just feel the cold more than anyone else so I am super excited that its autumn and I can wear layers again. Love to chuck on a sweatshirt and jeans. Feel comfortable and cosy but still trendy.


To wrap the fashion favourites up, I brought and have worn most days in September are my black vans. They are just comfy, easy to slip on in a rush and go with the majority of outfits. I don’t have to wear smart clothes to work. Well we can wear whatever we fancy so I wear these to work most days. Because they are easy to put on and take off that’s probably another reason, I wear these daily. Always want easy shoes when I am out and about and at home or work.

straight hair

This isn’t fashion related, well I guess it could be fashionable. But I straightened my hair on holiday every night. Not just the normal run through the straighteners and go but properly straightened my hair. Some may know this, others may not but I don’t like my natural curly hair. I am trying to wear it naturally more, but I now want to straighten my hair well because it looks so good and shows my balayage more.

Spent a night with my Grandma in September whilst my Grandad was in hospital. She wanted to watch a movie, so I cooked the dinner and downloaded one on my phone to watch. My work friend Laurie recommended Wonder to watch and oh my that film is amazing. If you haven’t watched this film, go watch it now! It’s all about kindness and the struggles in life. How friends can be anyone it doesn’t matter what they look like, or how popular they are. It’s the person they are and nothing else. The film brought all emotions to us and several times too. From crying to laughing and smiling. Go watch that film!

Wilde Women

Of course, I am a bookworm and I have actually read 3 and a half books in September. My favourite from them has to be Wilde Women by Louise Pentland. If you haven’t then please read them all. This is the last in the book series. I sat there on my sun lounger for two days reading, laughing, crying and smiling at this book. It’s all about the Wilde Women and single mum life. Lyla the daughter of Robin is a typical 8 year old girl. One that was making me laugh out loud with what she comes out with.  Louise has written all of these books really well, she has kept me wanting to pick the book up and read continuously. Life as a single mum and work life in general.

interior masters

Since reading Fearne Cotton’s Happy book and going to her festival. I have found the love for and she really does inspire me. Like she did back in the 90s on Diggit. Interior Design Masters is presented by Fearne and has been on BBC2 on Wednesday’s at 8pm. Love decorating programmes and decorating itself. The series has been really good actually and I have loved seeing what the designers go for and design. Seeing whether their designs are a hit or miss with the clients. Also gives me ideas of how I would like to decorate.


Autumn must have to be related to this favourite. I am loving candles at the minute. A hot bubble bath and a relax whilst a good candle is burning. The scent has to be good though or it will be one to stay in the cupboard. Favourites right now are clean linen, sticky toffee pudding and lavender. Love to make them as well and explore scents. Candles are a good way of relaxing and destressing after a long day. Even having them open in the room but not lit are good to let the scents run free.

floor cleaner

A very grownup favourite this one. Being my new Method Rhubarb floor cleaner. Method cleaning products are so good, and I have and use several of them. You don’t need a lot of the cleaner and water doesn’t need to be added. It cleans the floor really well and the rhubarb scent makes the flat smell fresh and clean.  Even if you just wiz the mop over quickly the rhubarb smells good.

pip and nut

Then onto food. Food is always a favourite. Whether I am being healthy or naughty. I am really trying to stick to eating good and clean, but I get hungrier sometimes and need a little more. My fault I know but when I brought the weekly shop, I brought Pip and Nut Almond Butter but in Bakewell tart flavour. Just one spoon into my yogurt for breakfast is making a difference in me, not getting hungry during the day but adding a little extra wow to my breakfast.

There is something going around that a square of dark chocolate is healthy for you. If that is the case, go get that chocolate if you can stick to the square a day. Dark chocolate isn’t amazing to me, but I will eat it and it would be the occasion bar not a square a day. I went down to work’s canteen the other week because I really needed chocolate. Girls you know them days. Well they had Cadbury’s Darkmilk chocolate. Have to say this is now my favourite go to chocolate bar. If you think dark chocolate is too bitter this bar is for you. The milk part takes the bitter taste away and makes it taste nicer than both dark and milk chocolate. You have the taste of both, but they mix together to cause the amazing taste. Worth a try or just buy a pack of them.

facial oil

Finally, something I got a while ago but hadn’t got around to trying it. That is Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil. Superfoods are meant to be really good for you and though I have only been wearing this a couple of weeks I can see the difference already. I just apply a bit to my face before my normal day cream and rub it in. It’s an oil so a few drops work well, and it smells nice. Somehow, I seem to get it on my lips, lick them and its tastes of flowers. Obviously, I am not seeing the full potential of this, but I can’t wait to see them. Such a good product to use. Skincare is so important, and its goodness is really allowing my face to benefit. Dr Botanicals is expensive but one I believe is worth the money. Their products also appear in a lot of beauty boxes for you to try.

These are all of my favourites for September. I hope I have given you something you would like to try or revisit to love again. What is one of your favourites at the minute? Would you recommend any to me?

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