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Lets start with the fact I have had a really good week. You know you can always pick out negatives in anyones week but for me I have achieved lots. I am proud of things I have done and I am enjoying driving home in the light, warmer weather and I even had days with zero heartburn. How has your week been? Don’t get me wrong I have had a few difficulties along the way but this week I really tried to be and focus on the positives. 

The week started with the busyness of work and sometimes I felt like I was running on air. But the busier I am the better for me. Sunday nights for me are the time where I have to get organised for the week. I edit and schedule all my videos and at least one of or more blog posts. Everyone always asks me to how to you fit all this into your life and still have a life with working full time? And the answer to that is just by purely being organised. Something about me is that when I get into a routine and stay on top of everything, being organised it’s the key to my success. If I am in the mood to write I will write but I love to take my time over writing especially if its something I am passionate about. 

So I haven’t really had many plans this week other than work. I have been really tired so its been a week of early nights when I could. I am a worrier as always I get nervous at things like everyone else does. Imagine a world where no one got nervous or anxious and everyone just were the same. It wouldn’t be right and you wouldn’t find love or friends etc. 

I was meant to have my 12 week injection on Tuesday but the receptionist called to say the nurse was sick so made it for Wednesday morning instead. Of course Wednesday was a big day for me and I will tell a little more later on in this post. 

self care

As my injection was cancelled for Tuesday it meant I had a free night on Monday. It was a chilled one of course, I was super organised because I was meant to be out and was out on Sunday too so I was like a night off and that really does sound amazing. Doesn’t it? Monday was a hot bubble bath kind of night, long soak, meditate, chill out, watch youtube, read and an early night. It also meant I had to make sure I was ready for work Tuesday and my stuff for Wednesday. I say this because if I have an early appointment I stay with my parents the night before. 

Tuesday was a day of chilled vibes and organising myself for Wednesday. Making sure all points were covered and how to present everything. It was also a day of quiet and peacefulness. A day when everyone was happily getting on, talking, laughing and joking. I drove straight to my parents from work ate gluten-free tempura chicken and pasta. Plain and simple but something that helps the heartburn. I then took a shower. I love a hot shower not burning hot but very warm. I think I like it more as I’m use to this but the heating at home isn’t the greatest so it warms me up for pyjamas and the night. The shower at my parents though you turn it on, its warm, but the pole just won’t keep the shower high so it ends up hitting your head. I also felt it didn’t warm me up as mine does at home. Which is a big surprise because it normally does. But least I was clean, hair washed and I was cosy ready to watch the new series of The Sewing Bee. Did you know I could sew? 

self care

I have still had the red blotchy face this week. It seems to be growing in size but I have been researching what to use etc because not just the blotchy face I have begun to be itchy everywhere. Especially my back and my tummy. My scars mostly. We haven’t really worked out the cause yet but we are on the case. For now I am just applying cream and trying not to itch 24/7. 

Wednesday was the big day. I hate the doctors, I hate injections and I normally have to lie down and hold someones hand. You must be thinking but Mel you have had 5 trips to the operating theatre. I know it just doesn’t get any easier. In fact the more I have the worst I am even with the brave face I put on. But one Wednesday a huge achievement for me, not only did I go in alone I stood up and had my injection done rather than laying down. I had a dress and tights on as well which is worse to sort out when your then rushing onto work. Wednesday felt like the longest day going. I got up at the usual time of 7am. I left later to go the doctors than I would work so really I shouldn’t be thinking it but its a good thing to be a long day. It was my first ever account meeting. Another huge achievement for me. Got to say Wednesday was an achievement day for me. When it came to lunchtime the nerves were fully kicked in and I was scared. I now know I am a foolish person to have been that scared because they are both lovely and easy to get on with and the meeting went well. After work I then met my manager and my customers and we went for dinner. I am a right fussy eater and so its hard for me to pick food and not look silly. I just went for a chicken sheesh something plain and easy to eat. Another thing I hate people watching me eat. 

Thursday and Friday flew by I was really tired and I had two days without heartburn. Something that seems rare these days. They were chilled days, sorting out emails and loading orders. I just couldn’t wait to get home Friday and start the weekend. 

You should be able to tell by this weeks update that I am feeling more positive. I have some amazing people around me and I really am appreciating the good people in my life. I also know its been a good week or I am feeling better because I have been singing, singing in the shower, at work and in the car. Badly I must admit but I hardly sing, 1 because I am the worse but 2 because I find it hard to join in singing along with or without people. 

Saturday is the day I write this post and I am still feeling good. I am feeling like I need to do something but in the same way I am nervous too. It was Alfie’s birthday and of course the best Auntie award goes to me. He asked me for a guitar from Smyth’s Toys. That is all he wanted but mummy said no. So of course I got him one. I was also the one who looked after his sister whilst they went to a football match and Abigail was off to a pantomime with the Rainbows. My sister told my mum to pick her up at 4:30pm. Needless to say it finished at 5:15pm and even though the weather was hotter than Barcelona I was starting to get cold shortly after waiting. I just had a chilled evening on Saturday though the internet is down throughout my block of flats so it was me and my book. 

How has your week been? Have you achieved any goals? What do you plan for next week? Something new or trying to finish something incomplete from this? For me I hope to feel good still, hope I have more days heartburn free, and stick to a full week of gluten-free. I must meditate more and make sure I read for a good 30 minutes a night. I also have to make a birthday cake and I am no professional. 

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