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Another week in lockdown and one things for sure. Lockdown in winter (number 3) is way worse than when it was lovely and warm and no layers were required. Not going to lie its a struggle to me but to many others as well. Not complaining though because I love the work from home, stay at home sort of thing. Well maybe not in this flat but that is a whole another story and probably why my emotions are running high, with the help of a few other things. 

You don’t have to stereotype someone for using self care. As someone with a chronic illness and pain, I struggle sometimes. I mean who doesn’t when you are feeling rough? Or something plays on my mind that really broke my strength when I was sick. That now croup up and knock me down. Self care really is for anyone and everyone. There a lot of people in the world these days struggling and we are all bound to have days when we just want to stay in bed, cry, laugh and scream. 

self care

This week I really fill has had my strength, excitement and a running emotion where I am on the verge of tears. Things in life never run to play. Nothing is like a piece of cake and plan sailing. I have a lot on my mind at the minute and really I have decided only on Friday that I am just going to take the time and prioritise on what I want and who shows me they are there when I need them. Others will still be there but I can have my focus on what I need right now. Hence why it is Sunday morning right now and I am writing this, because mentally and physically I just needed time and took it. 

I am really trying my best to work efficiently and put all my effort in with work to try succeed to the best of my abilities. Not sure I am fully on the right track but we are getting there now and I feel I am getting on top of all the new things and pushing through. Which is good because my content for Youtube and this blog, may be back to normal or a better few a week than we are now! 

Evenings for me now start around 5:30ish because I tend to do some overtime each day. I boost the hot water at 4:30 ish and that hot bubble bath is running as soon as the computer is turned off. I love a good hot bubble bath and they really help me to relax. But if I was to have pain or anything of that kind, then it would help that a lot as well. Just that time to relax for a good 20 minutes really helps me to chill ready for an evening of peace and me time. Of course what else is there to do in lockdown? 

self care

Dinner seems to be something I can chuck in the oven these days or something quick and easy. Though I did have stir fry twice this week and that was super yummy. I got another deal this week, to have it again. Stir fry has to be on one of my favourite meals. Kinda healthy as well. 

Then I am off to my bedroom, the warmest room in this flat and I chill. I have just found Emma Willis delivering babies on YouTube and I think I watched 2 episodes this week. But will try watch them as they go live on Youtube this week coming and every until the series is over. Emma filmed this at one of our local hospitals, so it’s weird to see clips of familiar scenes and that. I love babies and watching births etc. so this is really handy to watch and enjoy in an evening. 

I have 100% become a bookworm. Finished my 5th book of 2021 the beginning of this week. Which is amazing considering I only read 16 books last year. Straight away from one book finished I am trying to upload book reviews on Saturdays on instagram and I am straight on to the next book. Reading a JoJo Moyes book at the minute and its slow but I am persevering with it because I do like her books. This is the hour before bed time when I read, it really helps me leave all that is on my mind and helps me sleep well. And of course I am enjoying that time reading as well. 

self care

One thing that I put into play this year was one sentence a day. Where I basically have one line in my journal and I write a sentence about the day. Positive or negative, whatever I may want that line to read. But it helps and now that I looking back at a nearly complete February and a complete January. It really shows what I need, what I am loving and what I need to sort out. Which is something I want to take away as a goal and try help myself better in March. You should try this if you haven’t already because its really crazy how one sentence a day can show you how many days were good, bad and ugly and help you try solve the worst days. 

And that is really life at the minute. Not a lot I can say more than I am grateful that the weather is warming up finally and I even managed to go M&S food shop without a coat on yesterday. Well I had a Shacket on. I went cleaning for my Grandma yesterday morning. Then spent the rest of the day with my parents and it has really helped me feel better today. Maybe because I slept for 12 hours last night as well. 

self care

This week I want to just go back to focus on one thing. That is to eat healthy and look after myself. If things want to mess with me then I need to somehow let them and blow them over. Remind myself that I am strong. What I am doing is for me and my happiness and smile to be alive and well during this pandemic. What do you need to focus on? 

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