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It has been a strange old week, let’s put it that way. Self care has definitely taken a huge part in my week this week and I will forever be grateful for self care. A lot think self care is just for people with chronic illness/pain like myself or those with mental health problems. When really its for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to follow everything going but you can if you want. Everything you do self care wise, allows you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Well it has me. Yes I still get bad days but that is natural and something everyone gets! 

For me, self care makes or allows my life to be a happier, healthier one. 6 years ago, I feel unwell and went under the lengthily process in the UK to be diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2018. Honestly it took only until last year for me to feel good again and I have to say self care has really helped me throughout and day to day now. I like to share my weekly updates about my life because I want to hopefully share and inspire others to adapt their lives and live the best they can. Personally, I love my life right now even with its bad days and things around me bringing me down. But I guess, it’s because I now know how to ignore and focus on me and what I love and want to do in life. 

Simply this week has been another week in which I have worked and not a lot else. I mean, what can we really do in lockdown? But that is ok. There are things going on or things I am trying to forget about and move on but that is all a little too personal to share right now. Hence why I have cut back on posting for now. If I get to 5pm and I am tired, then I will be in bed reading a book or watching something on YouTube. 

self care

I don’t think it helps that the UK dropped down to minus 4 this week and its been freezing! Cold weather isn’t good for me because I am naturally a cold person. But my endometriosis thrives off heat. Working from home had me in a t-shirt, jumper, leggings, socks, slippers, a dressing gown, a blanket and the Dyson heater on on Friday. Even for a teams call I stayed dressed like that. My flat doesn’t hold the heat well either so walking around, I definitely need slippers on. Otherwise its a little chilly on the toes! 

The best part of the days has been lunchtime, when I fill my belly with hot soup and then head back into bed for an hour. Extra layers do me wonders! Or it has to be 5pm when I finish work and it’s time to run a hot bubble bath. My favourite all time things must have to be a hot bubble bath and my bed! Though I have to say when I am in bed of an evening chilling out, its getting a little too hot with the heating and 2 duvets on. But sleep time is when I need all the layers and can sleep all night long. 

Self care isn’t all about hygiene and health though. It is about taking care of you and putting you first. Though of course you do need a wash and that is good. But you can do so many things that are self care and help you in life. And try things because you would be surprised what you will enjoy. I am not a very good reader and it only took till 2019 really for me to even want to try read a book. From reading purely on a sun lounger on holiday to now be reading 3 books a month at least. Just goes to show that things are enjoyable and good for you even if you aren’t that into it. 

self care

I am an introvert and I actually love my own space and time. 6 out of 7 days a week I don’t leave the house. Purely because we are in the middle of a pandemic but I feel the best I have in a long time. Yes I am in a little struggle right now but mentally I am still in that good place. The last time I cried would of been Sunday. But that was only because the book I was reading make me ball my eyes out. So I would say I am good though thinks are bugging me. Creating my happy, healthy environment to call my own has allowed me to have the space I need and break away from the world if needed. 

Naturally I am creative but these days I seem to rarely create. Which is sad but this week I decided I would crack on a little more with my dolls house. Though it’s fiddly and I am now stuck until I can get my mums help. I really enjoyed that time and took the time on Friday to make the miniature tools and sets for the craft table. For me, being creative is a way of me being in my element but also closing off on the world and what is going on around me. You could leave me and something creative alone for hours and I wouldn’t even check my phone. 

Me time is the one thing I like to do daily. About 8:45pm I am turning everything off, getting food out for the next day and brushing my teeth. I then take the time to update my journals before I read for about 50 minutes. My mum likes to FaceTime me everyday and it’s nice because its someone to talk to daily. Well there is a lot going on as I said, but my sisters and others ring a lot. So one night she rang me after 9pm. When my phone is away and I am focused into a book. Naturally I turn my phone over on my bedside, so it doesn’t wake me. But my dad nearly came over here to check on me. Though they do know I am in my zone come 9pm at least! 

self care

This week coming I want to focus on forgetting what I can’t change and moving on. Focus on the good things and maybe something better is just round the corner. Basically I just want to be happy and healthy and ok with it. Otherwise I just want to keep warm and read more books. Sad as that may sound it really does help me. Though I will still not posting 6 times a week, I just want to continue to take care of myself and take the pressure off for a while. It is hard when you are in lockdown. 

I hope you are safe and well and I am always here for self care tips and tricks. Or just a chat that is totally ok to. 

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