self care So yes that does say week 53. I had to google to find out what week it was exactly. Anyway happy new year, let’s hope this is going to be a good year filled with lots of happiness and love. Let’s be positive because though 2020 hasn’t been the best, it has actually been really good for me. There is a lot I can thank 2020 for and why I am extremely grateful for the amount I have learnt from self care over the last 6 years. Self care helps me in everyday life and ables me to live a normal life with endometriosis. You don’t have to have a chronic illness/pain and/or mental health problems to practice self care, anyone can. 

Ending a year and starting a new one is a good time to think about yourself and your life. Goals are something I create yearly and monthly and they aren’t necessarily goals that you would think of. But I write them because 90% are achievable and they remind me daily that I am doing ok. I try to force myself to be brave in ways that isn’t jumping off a cliff or whatever you are afraid of but something helpful like saying no more often. Why should I do everything when I am snowed under? Hence why the bravery is the force of me saying no I can’t, I have too much on right now. 

self care

If you are new to self care but wanting to be happier genuinely then set goals that will help. For example I am creative, so one of mine is to be creative weekly. One I thrive off creativity but I also fill a space in the week, where I could of been bored and my mind overthinking. People I know think my life is busy but to me, I am not. You can see me as busy or you can see me as the happiest I have ever been in life. I just know that I can’t sit and be bored because its not good for my mind. 


I am very lucky to work for a factory based company, which means we get from Christmas Eve to the first working day in January off, each year. Its great, time with loved ones etc. But this year we are stuck in tier 4 and nothing overly to do. Though I am with my bubble and at my parents house, I haven’t had time for my mind to go into overdrive because I working on my new bullet journal or making this dolls house kit I got for Christmas. Busy doing things you love is way better than going stir crazy doing nothing. 

self care

Throughout 2020 I have grownup a lot. Not only did I turn 30 years old but I am just in a good place in life. Maybe not where I want to be or doing what I want. But I am getting there. I mean I know where I want to go and how I am going to get there. Mentally my mind and health is good and I know what to do instantly to when I feel a trigger. 

self care

Though my endometriosis is stable and I am 90% + out of pain. When pain comes, it comes and gets me. It sort of feels like my body is telling me hold up, you aren’t allowed to be good. Have some stabbing sharp pain or something. For a few days I have had that this week and my god when it hurts, it hurts a lot. In the end I just ended up going to bed because sleep really helps me. Flare ups are natural and unfortunately there is no cure for endometriosis but as look as its manageable I am ok. Just less stabbing pain please body! 


Sleep and my bed is my happy place and one of the rare places that make me feel better. It is so cold in the UK right now that I may as well be living in an igloo, that is how cold I feel somedays! There is nothing better than being able to run a hot bath, double the pjs and get in bed. Bed also helps me to stretch out and lay comfortably if I am in pain. Snuggled in my duvets and relaxed is the best place for me, half the time! Right now I am in bed writing this, but only because this is where my MacBook was. 


Honestly over than sleep, hot baths and creativity I haven’t done a lot else. Played a few board games and that is about it. Oh and my bullet journal. Bullet journalling is something I love and get a lot out of. It isn’t for everyone but anyone can have and do one. Mine for 2021 is going to be more creative and less daily effort. Purely because I get a lot out of being creative but also because a bullet journal is a place to be creative. You don’t have to be good in the creative zone either because a bullet journal is for your eyes only, unless you are me and share them on instagram. Just feed your journal with love and positivity and trap the rubbish in there as well. Doodle away or scribble your anger out. It will help you because you have let it out and onto paper, ready for a new day every morning. 

bullet journal


That is it really, I haven’t worked, barely been home but looking forward to getting back there. One thing I need to do though is get back into the healthy eating and the reading each night. Reading helps me sleep and and relax my brain enough to think of sleep rather than all the bothersome stuff. 

If this is your first year for self care or finding happiness, start with some goals for 2021 as a whole, then some for January based off the yearly ones. What is one thing you need to focus on? 

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