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Self care is really important to me and self care is something a lot of people have had to rely on this year. It has been an extremely hard year for most but to me I have loved the year for some many reasons. Not that I have lived a completely different life to the rest of the world but my inner introvert is lapping up this staying home malarky. For me self care helped me massively over the past couple years and the lengthly process to be diagnosed with endometriosis. So now it is normal everyday things for me. 

As I write this, we have just been told that come midnight we are heading into tier 4. Well that is a small Christmas out the window. But you know what, the best thing to do is to not be bothered by it. In reality its a day and that day can be shared whenever you want and allowed. The only thing will be Santa, which doesn’t matter this year. I think he could still come though and that would be ok. A day playing with new toys right? Sounds good to me. 

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There is a lot of tension and drama over it, but honestly is it really worth it? I am fortunate to be in a bubble but if I had to and I would spend the day on my own. A lay in, some food I actually like and presents. Then I am happy. Yes its sad we can’t spend it all together and even get togethers with friends aren’t allowed. But we can do that all in the future. It will be ok and really what can we do about it? Nothing that follow the rules! 

This week has been weird really because its the first in 2020 that I haven’t just had a 4 day working week, but a 3 day working week. Honestly I don’t know how I have done it. But I needed this extra long weekend. It has been so nice, just chilled but waking up naturally everyday, doing what I want and wrapping my Christmas presents. There is no way I will be leaving my annual leave to the end of the year next. Even if we aren’t allowed to do anything still! 

self care

Sleep is something that I really benefit from. If there is something wrong with me, whether that is pain or I am just grumpy. Send me to bed. You will 90% of the time, see a different Melanie on the other side. But a nap has to be a good 2 hours to work. Just so you know. Even better at the minute, is having 2 duvets and one is king size! I wish I didn’t have to set my alarm 6 out of 7 days a week, but I think I’d get the sack from my day job. Cleaning maybe not so much but it gets so much more done in a day, rather than starting the day at 11am. 

Other than sleep this week and time off, I just am loving feeling stress free and happy. There is a lot in the pipeline that I am looking forward to and that is what I am living happily for. Happiness is everything to me and if I am happy then I am good. Years ago I would of wanted so much more out of my life, but now I am just happy with what I have, who I have and who will stand by me no matter what. That is all I need to feel loved and to be happy. 2020 has definitely been my year to grow up. Now I am there and I am loving life. Anything that causes a worry or problem seems to blow over my head. 


One thing though that I have realised more than ever in the last couple weeks, that hugging is hugely powerful and emotionally make me feel happier immediately. Not that I am a huge hugger so don’t just come up to me and hug me. You have to be close to me and someone that means something to me for a good hug. That is probably the only thing that I have missed this and its only now, 9 months later that I know and feel like I need one. They really are powerful and make things more real. A hug means thank you, I am here, I love you and so much more. 

Creativity is something I live for and I love. I have a natural flare at it, so its bond to me something I love of course. This week I finished off one of my homemade Christmas presents and its so beautiful. There is nothing like a good solid piece of work to be proud of, because the masterpiece is just above and beyond what you expected. Not even just one project this week but I have sewn and I have arranged flowers. The wrapping of Christmas presents though, they need a little more work though! 


Something I need less time of is my phone. Its really addicting just to scroll through Instagram at the minute and it’s got to the point that I can’t finish this post because it’s staring at me. If its not just a flick through, its games and I never use to play games on my phone. I want to get to that point again where I could leave my phone home for the day and it wouldn’t bother me. The addiction is bad. Not even to talk socially but to be nosey or play some time wasting game. 

Other than that this week has been full of bubble baths, bath bombs and chilling. I must have sat on the sofa this week more than I have in months. Though I have to admit my bed is still my favourite place. It has been a treat for me to just chill out but my mum also dyed my hair and blow dried it for me. Which makes my curtain bangs look 10 times better than every other day. There isn’t any green, ash blonde tones peeping through and it looks and makes me feel better. Hence why I can admit that I am happy. 

self care

You know this coming week, we just all have to take it as it comes. We really can’t do nothing about any rules, but be there for each other, all be it by phone or FaceTime. Just think Christmas in April doesn’t seem too bad because we have done all the shopping already! For me I just want to focus on being happy and pushing myself to do what I want and need for the future. If all I want is a hug. Then I, for sure will be staying home and keeping all that I love safe. 

What are you goals for this week? 

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