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How do we only have 3 weeks left of 2019? Wow, definitely gone fast and its the first of hopefully many that I will stick to my new years goals and work on gaining the best life for me. Full of happiness and self care. Self care really came into my life about 2 years into my endometriosis diagnosis process. So that’s what 3 years ago and really it allows me to learn to love new things, or reconnect with old. Make good choices and think twice before I force myself into something that may not always be the best choice! Well sometimes anyway, others I have no choice but to do it. 

Not only has self care helped me to not have the best life but for the first time in 5 years (fingers crossed) I am going to have achieved 2019 with no operations! That’s definitely an achievement and one that last night made me realise how self care is helping me. 

self care

This week was a normal week to be fair, work, floristry, tv, showers, hot bubble baths and me time. I say this week, then we get to Thursday and Friday and it all changes. If you didn’t know this I am write these on Friday evenings. How rock and roll is that? Anyway I will get on to the adventures later in this post. 

Sunday evenings are always the dreaded drag of the weekend ending and Monday morning work approaching. Because I am just trying to keep organised and put the pressure off me on Sunday evenings, I swapped editing videos to Saturday night. Well I am not fully sure its a good idea but it also seems that Sunday’s are longer days spent at my parents or out doing whatever. My memory is completely blank at to what I actually did on Sunday and can show how this week has gone. 

Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week, this was my last week of term and I am sad to be having the break away for a month maybe more. Creativity is my love, my passion and something I am naturally good at. You have to see and you probably can but I started floristry in April 2019, done 20 weeks of learning basically but you can see I have a natural flare. Floristry is something completely new to me as of April and somehow I love it. 


It is the longest day of the week and is tiring for me but at the same time its something I love, and it puts my mind elsewhere for 3 hours. That is why creativity is so important, whether that is colouring, sewing, knitting, baking anything, it really helps. Having a chronic disease is hard some, well most of the time and so having a distraction massively helps me. Putting my time and love into a flower arrangement is the best thing not only for me, but if I gift them to friends and family as well. The love goes from me and to them with such a meaning. 

Breaking up the working day everyday is actually, though drinking my petrol more, helping my mindset, pushing my abilities and I feel better for it. The real downside is that when I get home for lunch, I struggle to get back in time and I am spending more pennies on that little journey back and forth. 

Focusing on a positive is still my number one and being positive. Sometimes the thoughts are all singing and dances and same with situations but doing things to help that positive shine stronger massively helps. A good positive days makes the smiles last longer. 

self care

A friend let me know their sad news before it was spread across to everyone and that is really negative and sad. I am devastated for him and really felt wrong for my adventures of Thursday and Friday. You try to put the sad behind and enjoy the moment but it is hard sometimes and conversations that mean nothing but stupidity, forces you to be more devastated than before. 

Really I should have put more thought into what I wore, how I packed, and what I did. But when you are feeling good, the mindset is amazing and you are doing well. Why not just go with a backpack, and of on a couple trains to Manchester for work? 

Ok I didn’t have a choice in going or not. Well that is a lie I could of said no but really I am trying to make an effort. Show that I am amazing at the account and celebrate Christmas with my customer. 

self care

Really this is the real self care when you need to put your body first and do what it needs. Thursday morning my train was just before midday and so I took the morning to sleep in a little longer, wake at the time I would start work in the office and work from my bed, packing and sorting myself out so I didn’t have to carry straighteners and other things that really I could do without if I did it in the morning. 

The first best step of the day was definitely the lay in and the extra onesie time. Less tight clothing on the tummy. 2nd to that was the fact I left really early for the station so I could stroll, get a costa and be on the platform waiting for my first train. I did treat myself to a cheese, pesto and tomato panini, penguin cookie, some crisps and a bottle of water. Did you know if you pay by card in costa, you save a £1? Don’t ask me how or why but I did. 

To be honest the whole costa goodie bag I brought, tasted amazing, yummy, naughty and delicious at the same time. It was good to have the choice and when I was flagging about to get on the second train, it was nice to have a sugary penguin cookie. 

self care

Having fun for me could be completely different to you. But I am all in for a night in, dinner and chill with friends. Not that I don’t like to go out and I will and have fun as well. I just prefer the night in kind of night. When you don’t drink and everyone else are super drunk, you sometimes feel like its not as fun or you are the one who needs to look after everyone. 

Saying that though Thursday night in Manchester was to go out with customers. I did have fun and actually a night out not just drinking but doing an activity is good to break it up and allows the sober singles join in the fun more. We went to flight club and though you may think darts really? It is programmed for a variety of games and teams you up randomly with others in the group. Very enjoyable, darts, food and fun. Something to do rather than purely drinking. 

Was super grateful that one of my customers wanting to go bed at 10:30 pm. So it was my opportunity to go bed as well. Others stayed up till midnight and early in to Friday morning. When you have to do an account meeting at 9am, you need a clear head and a good nights sleep. 

self care

Friday was long, all that traveling hurt me. Lugging a backpack of books, my kindle, laptop and my overnight clothes and toiletries. My back, tummy and legs hurt. When you travel for 3 hours and you have had less sleep its hard. For me and endometriosis anyway. This is one thing I couldn’t get out of, that’s the problem. 

I was so grateful that my bestie and her super smart 1 year old collected me from the station and we chilled at mine for a few hours. Don’t you just love your bestie? Every time we go to each others we eat dinner and pudding, but pudding goes crazy because we love it! Friday we have fruit strudel and we have one each which would serve four. Initially her 1 year old had a 1/4 of each strudel but only ate the ice cream so we ate hers too. We just chill, chat, eat and I play with my best 1 year old friend. Colouring this time but whatever she wants to do. 

Whether it was my bestie, her 1 year old, the strudel or a combination. I am super happy from them or whichever made me happy. Simple things as a friend coming to get you when you’re struggling, coming and eating cake with you when you need it and colouring in and chatting all afternoon. 

cosy pyjamas

Now on to me time. Me time is all about reading at the minute and I don’t know why but all I want to do is read. Even took my kindle on the train to read because why not. Having never enjoyed reading before, I can’t overly tell you what has changed my mind in 2019. But my want to read is getting longer and longer and tends to be 45 minutes to 1 hour a night. 

Due to I am a celebrity being on my me time is 8pm-9pm when I read. Then whilst watching the show I fill in my journals. Not going to lie, I am struggling with my journals at the minute. I don’t want to give up on them and I do love them. But it’s the whole not switching off for an hour before bed. 

self care

Every night I fill in the same questions from the 365 Days Of Self Care, A Journal. Though they are now just constant and I guess has become part of my daily life. They remind you to drink more, watch you get enough sleep and push your bravery. I always think ok I can have 3 bottles of water today at work and work on having the best quantity every day. 

My bullet journal is all about positivity and tracking my mood. It’s good to think of the positives only and thinking that way helps you in life anyway. Tracking my mood daily, is a way that I can really see the days of struggle and try work on what I can do to have less bad days. 

Then my daily planner, its all my phrase I live by and what keep me going each day. I document all my feelings daily so I can gain a betters night sleep and leave all the negative feelings behind. Setting goals and objectives daily to keep me going and encourages me to stay focused and committed to my self care. 

self care

That’s my week really. Starting off ok, taking a little dip whilst travelling home Friday followed by my bestie just being her and eating tonnes of cake to help me push through and gain that strength again. 

For this coming week, I want to focus on moving my me time back and pushing my journalling back into full swing. Journals then read every night 9-10pm. Got a 4 day week again so I can have an extra lay in later on in the week. Also need to focus on what I want to eat and what I am eating because I need to keep them 5 a day flowing and goodness to keep my endometriosis under control. What do you want to do/practice?

Melanie Kate

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  1. I am just beginning my journey into self care, it’s something that I have neglected for a long time. I really want to start and stick in with my journals, I have to many half filled ones and I tend to lose focus and not do it every night/day, one of my goals for next year is journalling.

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