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Self care is something that same can think of as your regular shower, healthy eating and exercise. But self care has so much more to it than that. Yes they are apart of it but daily I practice several more self care things than a shower. For me self care has allowed me to live a better life than I thought I would, especially going through the lengthily process of being diagnosed with endometriosis. Now for me self care is natural and certain things you would say are hard for you, some even are things I wouldn’t overly class as self care. 

This week I have had another week of emotions. I am now working shorter weeks until after Christmas. Just to use up my holiday. Which is amazing and I do love time off but at the same time a few things have messed with me. In a way I have to say that it’s made me realise a little bit that I really need to focus on me right now. It is always important to put you first and focus on that because you have to be happy and healthy for everything else to go smooth. 

self care

I know we should wish time away and really we shouldn’t. But this week I was so looking forward to my days off because I feel that we all need to take days off during the year. With the pandemic I have only took 3 days off since January to December. So I can tell you I need a day off. Normally I’d go on holiday or done some courses. 

All I really wanted from my days off was sleep. But Alexa had other ideas. Well that and an early morning appointment!! I officially have fallen out with Alexa this week and I can really tell that I have slept less this week. Not that that is a problem, I just feel tired and I cannot wait for a lay in tomorrow! Sleep is really important to me and my health. If my sleep is messed with or I just don’t get enough, then parts of my body both physically and mentally. 


Another of my musts to feel good is heat. Whether that is a hot bubble bath or just layers and heating. A beach would be nice as well. But right now I am all for layers and layers to keep me warm. My flat is a converted office block and its so cold during the autumn/winter. When I went to my Grandmas last weekend, she gave me a duvet to try because I was going to buy one and have two duvets and a blanket on for warm. Well its now mine!! She kindly let me have it. So here I am with two 10.5 tog duvets, a fleece blanket, two onesies and some fluffy socks each night. Thankfully black Friday deals were good on duvets and I got two lots of king size for less than the price of one! 

Though it does have some weight to it, with all the layers of duvets. It’s just so warm and lovely to lay in. Because I have my work computers in the living area, I am mostly in my bedroom, when I am not working that is! I love to get in bed and chill out. As sad as it is, I am really happy I thought of adding an extra duvet because its helped massively, even when I am editing and writing these blog posts. 

self care

Wednesday was my first day off this week and as you may have noticed we took some new pictures. I’ve not overly posted on instagram because I didn’t have any photos of my new and improved brunette hair. My natural hair colour actually! I had an appointment bright and early at 8am so I woke up at 6:30am. That killed me with the tiredness but it allowed us to take the day to have photos taken and chill out. 

self care

I love having my photos taken but its really cold and difficult to change outfits whilst out in a hotel garden. Being I am one to naturally feel the cold, this was cold. My coat was going on and off just whilst we moved areas or whatever. Thankfully I packed some hats and I could have my coat on for some photos. After that we went down the town just to get a few things. The best part was coming home, running a bath and chilling in bed. 

Junk food is my problem at the minute, well food is. I want to eat cakes and sweets, chocolate and ice cream. Most of the time I tend to be good and healthy but where I am going shopping again, I see a cake or something yummy and want it. Really with Christmas literally a few weeks away I need to switch to healthier eating or just go full out until after Christmas then be really good. Just reminded me I haven’t eaten my advent chocolate yet today. Saying that I brought some treats for this week as well, so maybe let’s stick with new year full on healthy eating. 


One thing I am finding really helpful at the minute, is if I get dressed up. Or even if its just straighten and wear my hair down. Keeping my nails painted and tidy. They all sound really simple but all take an effort. I do have a lion’s mane for a head of hair and takes more than a hair dryer and nights sleep to dry!! But that effort just makes me feel good. Looking down at my nails all painted and pretty makes me smile. Wearing jeans, Dr Martens and a wooly jumper makes me happy. As odd as it sounds, staying home and wearing leggings and a sweatshirt does make me feel dull. Putting that effort into myself really helps me. 


This week I want to continue the focus on me. It really is all that matters. If I am not at my best then really everything else won’t be good either. I have my first Christmas celebration with some friends and I am looking forward to that. Another day off and I think I am going to do some floristry, if not my advent. With the focus on me, I really need to look for the good things. Bring back the things like reading that help me and I enjoy. Tidy the flat and make my environment a happier one. 

What do you need to focus on this week?

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