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Well what a week it has been!! How are you feeling? This has definitely been a week for self care for me. Self care became part of my life a good 4 years ago when I was going through the lengthly process of being diagnosed with endometriosis. A condition I unfortunately have for life. Living with a chronic illness definitely takes its toll on life, both physically and mentally. That is why I turned to the help of self care to give me the best life. I took on the challenge to make myself happier in 2019 by using self care and that is why I still do these weekly updates now. 

So on to this week. It’s been the worst of worst I have had in ages. Well not all of it was bad! But I am or was a hormonal emotional wreck. I can say that feeling this way, whilst living on your own, in lockdown really is hard going! Honestly I don’t think I can remember the last time I cried like I have this week, it was that long ago. 

The key for me this week was to talk about it to loved ones, close friends and family. Words of encouragement and self love, to push me on and basically be here for me. Support is something you really need in life. I cannot thank mine enough this week. Apart from being able to hug me properly or sit here eating half the tub of ice cream, they have been amazing. Talking about it all helps me a tone more than sitting on my own, thinking things over and over. 

self care

Though living alone and working from home Monday to Thursday, I did have a lot of time on my own. I have been talking to a friend about this, but I cope or can get through things better because I know how to meditate and properly do so. For a day and a half pretty much I choose who I spoke to and just tried to get my head around a few things and what I wanted etc. The quiet time did help me a lot and I am grateful for that, along with the loved ones who reached in and helped me through all. 

I was feeling very tired as well, which could be as I am a Celebrity is on later than my bed time. But it took the crying to realise that I needed sleep. So I switched off from I am a Celebrity this week. Went back to my book and read for a while, then hit the pillow for the night. One night my friend texted me at 9:45pm and I was already asleep. The good thing about me is that you could probably knock on the door and I wouldn’t wake up. My phone is on my bedside but face down. 

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Reading has never been a strong point for me and aged 30 I have just turned a corner to being at the reading ability of a 12 year old, I would say. A slow reader more than anything. Before I wouldn’t even think to read a book other than on holiday. But now I read and can read 2 books a month. That is if they get me hooked. If the book bores me within the first 50-100 pages, no thank you. I’ve just finished a romantic book actually and it was good from page 1. 

Creativity is something I am naturally talented at. Not to big myself up but a lot of people tell so as well. My flat is like an Aladdin’s cave of creativity right now or a creative mess. Whichever you would like to call it. But having the mess out and an ongoing project is one of the things that has massively helped me this week. If I was feeling weird or emotional of an evening, I would make myself craft for a while. Putting all my focus and effort into the project really helps me calm and happier. 

creativity There was many things that have made me feel like this, this week. So It could be that one thing has pushed me over a little. But it’s Friday now and I have had the day off. I spent the day with my Grandma creating again. Back in 2018 I brought a Mandy Shaw advent calendar and hadn’t even started it, until today. We spent a good 5 hours and we are about half way done I would say. It was good to spend time with my grandma doing something we both love and me not doing the house work. Though I have made myself a lot more work for tomorrow! 

A bad spell is totally fine and honestly if it wasn’t for my loved ones, friends and family lifting my spirits and making me laugh with honest yet funny things, I wouldn’t be sitting here laughing as I type this. It is just time to put it behind me and get ready for a fresh start this coming week. The other thing that I have really been pleased with, is getting my diary booked up for December and doing things I want to do, meeting friends and I also have a lot of holiday to take, so short working weeks. 

self care

This week I really want to focus on my creativity and getting back on with normal life. What is something you need to focus on? I have to finish this with thanking all my loved ones who have reached out to me this week, in person, message, call, whatever. You are all amazing and I have to say that I love my loved ones a lot. 

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