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It is self care Sunday and it’s that time to check in on loved ones, make sure everyone is ok and make sure you are ok. Self care is or should be important to everyone. As the weather is getting colder and the nights are darker longer, a lot of people suffer with health problems and mental health issues especially. For me self care came into my life because of the long process of being diagnosed with endometriosis. You don’t have to have a health problem to practice self care, its good and healthy to have it in your daily life. 

As I just mentioned the nights are colder and darker for longer. It’s a time really that the disorder S.A.D.S is in full swing for many people and I think I am one of them. To be fair my life moves and up and down on a daily basis. I never know when my endometriosis is going to attack me. The colder weather is definitely not my friend. When it’s cold my pain gets stronger and consistant, which is sad and uncomfortable. Being I naturally feel the cold more than most others, I have to add layers and crank the heating up. 

self care

I wish I was coming on here and telling you I had an amazing week, but really I am struggling. As many of you know I am “trying something new” and have been since august, I think I am just emotional with everything and fed up of waiting for things to happen. Every week I see new signs of things trying to happen but it just doesn’t happen and I am really at the point where I want to give up but know deep down I can’t. That is a glimpse into my something new and I know that you can’t work the puzzle out from that but I will share one day. 

Lets talk last weekend. If you didn’t know though these are posted on Sunday’s, I write them on a Friday evening. Anyway it was Christmas shopping, time with friends and family. A chilled one and one I could get lots done in. Saturday was so good. Crazy as this sounds, it’s the first year in a good 6 years that I have achieved, enjoyed and continued without a nap. People that don’t have endometriosis, don’t understand endometriosis, sorry to say that. But it’s true. Endometriosis can hit you with a click of your fingers and wreck plans in a matter of minutes. It does make me happy that I went shopping. Finished my Christmas shopping other than my sister who can’t decide, did a flower arrangement and went to my friends. 

self care

Its the first time in ages I went out at 8am and home after 8pm and felt good. I must of got home from Cambridge Christmas shopping around 3:30pm and went to my friend’s at 5. Socialising is like marmite for me, I can love it but also hate it. Saturday was a love. Delivered the most gorgeous flower hat box for my friend’s birthday and played with her 6 and 4 year olds for a good few hours. Simple things as well that make me feel special and loved. We were in the kitchen making hot chocolate and her 6 year old girl just came up and hugged me randomly but it was just lovely. She also asked me if I was her auntie, which I am not but I said they can call me auntie Mel if they wanted. They did! 

Sunday’s are strange for me at a minute. I have done this for what I think is the better but maybe not. The evenings were always ram backed with editing and busy busy busy. Switching that to a Saturday night whilst watching strictly seemed better for me. Not sure if it is or not now because I have more time to think and worry about work the next day! 

self care

Last Sunday we went out for Sunday lunch for my Grandma’s birthday. It is a pub that I like but don’t go too often. The majority of us had roast dinner and I have to say they’re roasts are the nicest. Big portions and plenty of yumminess! I ended up taking a roast chicken and roast lamb dinner home with me as well as eating a roast chicken lunch and jam sponge and custard. Nice to spend time with family and I even let Alfie do my hair. 

Sitting here on Friday night, it has felt like a long working week. A busy one, a super busy one. I made the decision to use my remaining holiday, 5 days differently than I was going to. Fingers crossed it’s going to make my life a little more easier these upcoming weeks. 4 day weeks and that extra lay in. More chilled time and less manic. Creativity and times with loved ones. Really hope this helps and having a good 12 days off for Christmas is going to be amazing. 

Due to one of the only programmes I watch on tv, I am a Celebrity, being on every night, my nights are a little different. That is ok but I do keep thinking, what if this is why I am not feeling my best, being I am calming down then waking up again for an hour. Where I am so tired I am shutting off at 10pm still and getting some shut eye. 


Tuesdays are one of my favourites and a time when I create or try to anyway. It all started to turn Christmasy and we made swags. Being short and living in a tall roomed building doesn’t help me though! Learning some new creative techniques and skills, making something beautiful. Rarely do I hate the make and or don’t succeed in making it good. Walking in to my living room to the smell of blue pine is the nicest christmasy feel. One day it will hopefully hang around my doorframe when I get the help I need to reach but for now lays across my tv stand. 

Boosting my water and having a toasty hot bubble bath, has been so good for me. When my left hip pain appears its a struggle to remove it, eventually I do with heat pads and hot baths. If not I go to sleep to ignore it. But its so nice to come into a cold house ( that’s cold for a cold person) having a hot bubble bath and chill in the steamy hot bath, just so amazing. 

bubble bath

Double onesies and fuzzy socks are good as well. I am also swapping the Dyson heater for another plug in heater with a timer so my living room can gain some more heat. Blankets and layers is how I am going to roll this winter! 

Emotions are running high and one thing, even small can put me in a bad mood or tears. Just a thought on Thursday, I can’t even remember the thought, made me shed a few tears. Super glad for a chilled weekend and I feel I need a holiday! So much is going on right now and I have so many things, good and bad running through my mind right now that you can never determine which emotion will follow. 

self care

To be fair my evenings are chilled but busy. Due to being manic at work, the evenings are focused on me and blog posts. Writing them whilst listening to a podcast seems to make me work better. Podcasts are fairly new to me and its weird to be, I listen to the radio at work and in the car but really only music. Someone talking for 30, 40 minutes and chatting about self care, happiness and general chit chat. You know its not music but I love to listen to them and some make me laugh. 

Me time has been super all over the place this week, because I am watching I am a celebrity get me out of here every night. So me time has been an hour early. I am still reading daily and though the book is slow to get to the point and by that I am over half way and still waiting for the sisters to reunite. Continuing to read it anyway to tick another off my list. Also my 3 journals are coming into play and I am really focused on reading more and the quick journal entries every day. 

self care

The 365 self care journal is something that I brought in to 2019 and I can’t believe I’m getting to the end of the book. It’s crazy how the same 5 simple questions asked daily, can change the way you life, think and do. How it makes me push myself to stay healthy, track and try new things to complete this book. Ok I am getting a little bored of these questions but I am continuing this book daily and next year trying a new book. 

Bullet journaling is right up my street. I am super creative and I am loving putting my creativity and fun into my journal. It’s all about positivity and pushing for more positives. The goal was to gain a happier life this year and thinking and writing positives are really helping. A positive can be found in any situation even the most negative ones! Start writing 5 positives down a day and review a week later. Trust me positives help hugely! 

bullet journal

Daily planning is all about everything really. Setting goals and projectiles to push myself daily and focused to succeed. Writing all my feelings down, good and bad allows me to have a betters night sleep. Trapping them in the book to start a fresh the next day. I have several phrases that I go by to stay motivated, going and strong. Simple things like stay warm. If I am cold then I will go add a layer. Also write things down that I need to get done that day. 

I really want a better week this week. A good week, a happy week and a smile on my face all day everyday. Focus on the goods and change or adapt things to improve my days. This week I really need to force myself to go home each lunch and take some time away from my desk. The hour home I think I will benefit from actually because I can write or film something ahead of 25 days of posting on social media. Even could read a little maybe. 

self care

What are your plans for this week? All I want is to be focused, do what I love, plug in to positives and push the sad and sorry feelings and thoughts away. Stay warm and make changes to gain the goals I want to take. Self care isn’t all about being happy and feel amazing, I know that and I really do appreciate the hard times, the tough times and the times like this week when I haven’t felt good. Cried and created. You have to think though, I haven’t given up, I’ve gone to work each day, been out, and everything when some days my bed is the best thing for me. Pushing yourself makes the best out of you. Making good decisions such as staying home and doing the housework or watching a movie rather than go to something that has potential negativity in it. Fingers crossed for this week to come. 

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