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Self care is hugely important to me and without it I really wouldn’t be where I am and who I am today. I have learnt a lot from it and continue to daily. There is a lot to self care and its something everyone can practice and gain a positive, happy life from. From the bad times to the best times, self care has your back. That is why I update you with how the week went weekly. Being that self care has been in my life for a good 5 years, throughout the lengthly process of being diagnosed with endometriosis and now keep me happy and healthy for the most part. 

self care

How are you feeling? Have you had a good week, an up and down week or just a bad week. All three are equally ok. Everyone has emotions and sometimes things are just negative. The main thing I have learnt in self care, is actually to see the positives in every situation. For I wanted a happier and healthier life and to the most extent I do have that now. Yes I have the good and the bad and they are just naturally going to happen in my life. 

self care

This week has been a bitter sweet week. Starting totally chilled and loving life, to overwhelming emotions and nerves and now to the raw emotions and the freshness of what has happened and why this week is ending with me feeling like the only bright cloud in the sky. The fact that I can’t say anymore than that is going to annoy most I know, but I actually can’t right now because we are in the middle of something personally and its too fresh and raw for me to give out to the world. 

self care

Staying home is the most powerful thing for me at the minute. Something I thrive off and love. Though it is getting colder and I am still reluctant to put the costly heating on. I honestly feel so relaxed, calm and amazing. From no pain to getting an hours lay in, and for 5pm hot bubble baths. Life feels good in general at the minute. Though I should be in a house and have a garden and many other things happening, I am happy to be here and how I am coping and loving life. 

bubble bath

Due to the autumn weather arriving and the cold air creeping in, boosting the hot water and having a nice hot bubble bath, straight from work has been amazing. Heat is one of the main things to help me with pain. Naturally I feel the cold more than most others, so my kinda hot is probably boiling to you. But its just nice, to lay back in a hot bubble bath after working from the dining area for 9hours straight. The feeling of unwinding and letting go of everything is amazing. Come 4:30pm I am boosting the hot water, turning the computers off dead on 5pm to run that bath. 

self care

I am staying organised and that is really helping me. Saying that the lovely royal mail has messed my schedule up for this weekend, giving me a little bit of stress but I am sure we can work something out. Evenings are so chilled now they are amazing. Come 8pm now has become tv time. Which was a rare thing for me, now its bake off an extra slice and catching up on BBC dramas. The only day I must not watch something is a Sunday. 

self care

Other than the emotions and honestly I want to cry, be proud of myself and scram at the same time, life does seem good. I am an introvert and do love my own time, but I am making the effort to talk to people, making new friends and catching up with the usual besties. A social butterfly has appeared this week, from where, I don’t really know. But it seems good at the minute. Whether I am talking more than playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, I am not quite sure but that is a whole other story. 


As the weather has got colder and of course it is now October, I decided that it was time to stop the allergy medicine. Normally I would in October but I have felt like I have something stuck up my nose all week. So maybe I just need to start a new pack of medicine. When it comes to allergies, I get them really bad from March to October but maybe the end of October. I am really allergic to most things and it would make sense actually because I am itchy still. It could be the flower arrangement I made as well, sitting right behind me everyday, whilst I work! Must get that packet out the cupboard tonight. 

self care

With the move delayed yet again a little bit of frustration hits me and I am ready and raring to go now. I just have to keep saying the wait will be worth it. It might not feel that way now but it was obviously meant to be this way for a reason. And while I wait a little longer, I guess I can have time to clean for some money, for things like a greenhouse, that I want for the house. 

cosy pyjamas

Me time is still going strong, I am loving the book I am reading. Even if I feel like I have been reading it for weeks. It must be a thick book! I am 50% through reading 2 or 3 chapters a night. The storyline got me hooked from the beginning, now I am half way through I just want to read and read. As I have swapped the getting ready for bed and the day after and the reading, it really has helped. Not too sure If its the right thing to read in the dark because I get sleepy quicker but my nights sleep is so much better! 

Comfort Zone

Talking of sleep, though its solid, deep and beautiful. I am dreaming a lot and they are a little weird. The first was relatable a little from what I was talking about the day before. But the fact my friend was a mermaid in the second of the week, that I can remember. Who knows what and where that came from. For the fact Ele is a mermaid not only in this dream but many others before, must mean something. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been to see her in Greece or in a hot country for a few years! 

self care

Honestly this week coming, I just want to have an ok week. I have a day off in the week, for my Grandad’s interment of ashes. But I want the week to be ok and to try sort out taking some much needed time off before the end of the year. Self care is completely natural to me now and always part of my day. What do you want to focus on this week? 

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