self careJust want to put it out there we are now 11 weeks away from ending 2020! Say what? Insane. How has your week been? There is so many uncertainties in the world right now, that the wrong thing could be the right and visa versa. I have to say 2020 is getting worse as the weeks go on. But at the same time it’s still good for me, being an introvert. Self care has helped me a lot this year and over the last 5 years when I was being diagnosed with endometriosis. 

Anyway this week has been a miss match of emotions. I started the week feeling poorly and in fact took to my bed Saturday afternoon. Which is super rare for me these days. But I am feeling better kinda now. Well I am in myself, but the world is still causing me struggles, anxiety and nerves. Basically it’s been a week of rolling up my sleeves, push myself through the grime and hopefully come out the other side ok. Because somethings, you just can’t get out of!

self care

Not that I can actually write about some of the things going on in my life at the minute. Because some is a little up in the air and I actually don’t know the exact answer. But it’s stressful and definitely causes anxiety. It is going to be like this for a few more weeks as well, so I maybe tense and totally not on top form. 

The weather is completely changing as autumn unfolds. It is raining, it is cold and dull. Going from a heat wave basically to freezing. So just the weather alone, can change the mood. Waking up in the night because it’s cold and when I wake and its darker still. Just makes me want the warmer weather back. But at the same time, I really want autumn colours, nights cozy on the sofa and winter pyjamas. 

self care

As much as I am loving working from home, I have spent this week in joggers and extra layers. On the colder days I have even had my dressing gown around my legs. Honestly I could put the heating on, but heating costs a lot of pennies in this place. Hence my urgency to move. It is time for my new adventure in my house. If only it was as straight forward as that. 

Boosting the hot water around 4:30pm has been my go to this week. A hot bubble bath is definitely my thing and its better when its colder. Warms me up and gets me ready for the evening and pyjama time. Though honestly I have spent my whole week, in my pjs. If I had to go out or whatever, I just chucked my tracksuit on over the top. For work I worked with a onesie and a sweatshirt on. So no body knows I was actually in my pyjamas. I wore underwear so what is wrong with that. Pyjamas all day and night have helped me feel better this week as well. 

With early bath time and staying organised, means week nights are a breeze. To be honest with you all, by 8pm I am done, there is nothing to watch on YouTube and I am twiddling my thumbs. This week I have actually spent an hour at least, every evening watching actual tv. What is wrong with me? I haven’t watched actual tv in the 5 years of living here. But now its autumn, I really feel like spending time out here in the living room and watching tv. Having the spare hour helps as well, I guess. From competitions, to drama, to a reality show. 

Self care really this week has been stopping (kinda), take the week to chill and try feel better. Right now though I have a lot of stress and anxiety within, I am feeling better. It is 8pm on Friday night and it has only took me until this afternoon to get rid of my headache. Definitely has to be from the changes in temperature and pressure, maybe allergies as well. If you haven’t seen me in my glasses this week then you haven’t even seen me. 

self care

Though it’s been a chilled week, I have been working hard again, because that is why I go to work. Who wouldn’t work when they are working? I’d much rather be busy than hanging around watching the clock go round. That is the good thing though about working from home. I can sit in my pyjamas with a sweatshirt on and people would see me as I got dressed. 

The best medicine is laughter, honestly I have had a laugh this week. Nothing is just negative. Something negative and daunting is happening right now, but I have laughed a lot too. We have took to a came of pick a card and see why you matter. A while ago in a self care box I got these cards and now I shuffle the cards up daily and give my friend the option of 6 cards. Completely random I know but some days are good ones and some the worst! In fact some are really real with what was going on that day. That and joking about, hey Claire! 😉

self care

Food is really important to me, as much as I have to and need to eat healthy, I love to indulge. I had even planned a week of really healthy options, an Ocado shop was delivered and I was good with them healthy options. Just my mind and maybe my body wanted junk food and throw in the oven kind of food instead. Thanks to Claire, making me need this, I got a McDonald’s on Thursday lunch. Then an ice cream as well. Naughty I know but we are just blaming Claire! No actually I need that junk food day to get back on track. Next week I am back on the healthy eating. 

I challenged myself to be more social this week. Though that is hard with Covid19. But I have been texting a friend, trying to cheer people up and having a lovely chat with my long lost friend and colleague Laurie. It is just a bit of normal that we aren’t getting right now. Again it’s that laughter and kind, caring friends that we need. Of course laughing and playing our new game of why you matter helps as well. 

self care

Getting ready for bed before reading is 100% working. I still read for about 50 minutes before nun night. But within minutes now I am sparko. Though sleeping hasn’t been straight forward this week. There is just so much on my mind, that it wakes me up and I am running through things for a good hour. Not a good thing but again it’s all to do with the stressful, anxiety driven things, I cannot talk about. Have to say waking up an hour after going sleep is easier to get back quicker than 2am! 

This week I really need to just get on with life at home. Keep that laughter going and smile. If things happen, they happen and if they don’t then 2020 is definitely the worst! We will see. I must get dressed more next week and push myself to eat healthy. And keep optimistic. Self care doesn’t just mean a bubble bath and healthy eating, right now my little structure and routine is based off me, what I love and what I need. 

What do you need to focus on this week?

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