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It’s self care Sunday. A time for you to check in with friends, family and yourself really. Are you doing ok? Is January full of doom and gloom or are you a bright and cheery soul? Most importantly, Sunday’s are the days where you do what you want to and what your body needs. It is also my chance to ask you all if you are really ok? And a chance for you to catch up on how my week has been.

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about self care. Self care came into my life properly a good 4, nearly 5 years ago. That was when I was in the long process of being diagnosed with endometriosis. One thing I unfortunately have but wouldn’t wish on anyone. If you have it, hang on in there, self care will help you because it does me. I don’t just mean a daily bubble bath or healthy eating because even though they are self care and some of my favourites. But I mean real self care, learning to love myself and wanting to spend that time with myself for a better, positive life. At first even I laughed and thought really how does meditating work, breathing properly and reading a book. How does that work? Somehow it works though. 

self care

This week has been a mix of emotions. Typical dull, cold January. But random and hard things have happened this week and I am still here plodding on. Monday was blue Monday. Something I have never heard of before but happens on the third Monday every January. However for me Monday was probably the best day of the week. Calm, peaceful, successful, busy and productive. Filmed a video in the evening as well. It went fast and that was purely because I was busy all day. Just flowed well. 

Tuesday though, well that should of been blue Tuesday! Oh my it was the longest day ever. Dragged on, weird vibes around me and a feeling of uncertainty. I think it didn’t help that floristry was cancelled this week, due to the teacher being sick. We are ending week 4 now of 2020 and I am in a routine now. It was just odd and weird to have nothing to do in the evening. Felt a little lost and sad because I didn’t know what to do and I was bored. After what felt like the longest day of work a bit of creativity would of been the best treat. In the end I went to bed early because I didn’t know what to do. Sleep is one of my top things to make me happy. 

self care

To be fair most days these days I have stomach ache or feel off colour. But Wednesday I was really feeling that pain. This is where I know self care works to help you have the best life you want and need. Some days everything thing is impossible, but some days we just have to push through. I’m super grateful tonight that I have a sparkling clean house and that is because I have a hot shower after a healthy balanced meal, washed my hair and chilled until 8pm. Ok 8pm housework in a block of flats is a little inconsiderate and wrong but from all the noises I hear at god knows what time. Too right I am going to do my house work at 8pm! The hoovering and everything. My home isn’t ever dirty or unclean so I can do my housework properly in 45mins to an hour. Less if I have cleaned something as I cook the dinner or washed the shower door whilst having a shower. 

Splitting up activities and spreading them over the week, really helps when you are struggling with endometriosis pain. What I would of done to stay in bed for a few days, with a heat pack on. But no determination and force got me up at 8pm to clean. Where I had cleaned the sides a bit when cooking and the shower door. It felt easier and as I just mentioned tonight (Friday) as I type this up it feels so good to have that clean house ready for the weekend. Always challenge yourself and push yourself to do more than you feel because its so worth it. To think I don’t have to do housework this weekend puts the biggest smile on my face.

self care

Thursday was strange. By that I mean there was a weird, foggy feeling all day and no one was really sure what we were entering. Probably didn’t help that I fell back to sleep after my alarm. Have to say that really we don’t still but we are about to go on an exciting, uncertain adventure with a lot of opportunities I think anyway. The whole day though was a right off and I don’t think anyone did a little let alone a full day of work. You can always take situations negatively but every situation even the negative ones have a positive. Look at the positives and take them forward, leave the negatives behind. 

Somehow have been asked to do my nephew’s birthday cake. Of course Lion King but they always want the crazy hard to make cakes. You know with a lion looking just like Simba made in fondant and you name it what else. Thursday evening I tasked myself to find options and finally decided on buying the cake toppers of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Easy and a chocolate log cake. Know that scene from The Lion King? That being something I think I can do, won’t even attempt to film the decorating of it because of the horrible comments. Though I always claim to not be a professional cake maker and all that matters is that Alfie likes it. 

self care

Then Friday, still in that uncertainty, not sure what to feel stages. Things up in the air and work on or with to make these opportunities work. That and my own “something new” project is still coming along slowly, which I really want to achieve this year. Come on Mel!! Everyone needs to say that to me because I thought about giving it up this week as well. Super grateful for the weekend. A lay in is definitely on the cards this weekend because I am so tired. Kind of had to bash my head together and get on with work. Do what I needed to do and focus on 5pm. Payday as well so makes the Friday feeling even better. 

It has been really cold this week. The first week of colder weather in the UK with a high of 7 degrees. But as you may know I really feel the cold more than anyone else. An extra blanket in bed and heat packs to snuggle with. 

self care

Me time is my favourite time of the day, every single day. 9pm everything is switched off or away and its me, my 2 onesies on, my bed, journals and kindle. A pure hour of self care. I love to journal. Adding colour and creativity to a daily journal, makes you feel so much better. How? Through colour I guess but a pretty journal is cute and makes you want to journal more. The little gratitude journal is the cutest. Everyday I am grateful for anything and everything, big or small. Making note of it and smiling for the positive thankful things of the day. All the positives, feelings and thoughts all in 3 journals. Written down with a splash of colour and washi tape. Shutting the journals up so the negatives leave you and give you the ability to take the positives forward only. Worth it trust me. 

And reading something I am actually not good at. Last year I read more books than my lifetime and this year I challenge myself to read two books a month at least. I have to be fair I can’t wait to finish writing this so I can go read. Just started a new book this week and its so good and random but intriguing, making me want to read on and on. Challenge yourself and you’ll be surprised. 

self care

Next week I want to stay focused, positive and hopefully in less pain. Eating more fish like I have this week and yummy exciting healthy foods. More hot bubble baths and podcast listening. Maybe a little meditation as well. But I know that Sunday I can just hang out at home, in my pyjamas if I want all day and have a duvet day. A day I really feel I need. 

What is something you want to practice more this week?

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