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It feels so weird to be sitting here, Friday at 5pm, in my soft office and writing for the first time this week. Self care is really important to me and it took everything in me to get organised again last week and being organised helps me massively mentally. The pressure isn’t there but also I get more me time and that is essential right now. Doing things I love and need makes me a happy Mel. If you have been following a while you will know that I chose self care as a way of lifestyle, living with endometriosis. These are my weekly updates, first how is it September? Due to the amount I have already and continue to learn, I want to share weekly, bits and clips of my life to inspire and help others. 

self care

With everything else going on, slipping off track really had effected me. It is the weirdest thing sitting here typing this. I’ve not opened my MacBook since the weekend. No checking of analytics or anything. But I feel amazing from being organised and chilled evenings relaxing. 

This week really has been a fresh start for me and starting to do more of what I want and love. Not that I don’t love filming, editing and writing. Because I really do. But in the working week, evenings are about chilling out, relaxing and me time. Which are all really good for self care. I stopped, replanned and put a new routine in. Just for a happier and healthier Mel. 


So this week, we welcomed September! Isn’t that mad? Where has this year gone really? Though I am still loving life at home, I want to stay this way. But where did 6 months go? It’s now getting colder and duller and autumn is about to appear. Heat and sun is super good for me, but at the same time I am excited for layers and jumpers. Really I am most looking forward to onesie weather. How sad?! 

self care

Even though it’s getting colder, my hay fever is bad. A lot laugh at me about the weather. Because outside my window, the world looks dusty. What I mean is, there is a layer of really light foggy dust covering the sky. I honestly feel like I have a bunch of flowers stuffed up my nose. But I am sure its where the weather is changing, the wind has been crazy and spreading the pollen around more. That and of course I treated myself to a bunch of flowers. 

I have my regulars I watch daily on youtube. Or every time they post that is. But by 8pm these days, I am finished and I don’t have a clue what to do. Read and go bed early or what. Something I have been doing and honestly its better than pimple popping! For ages I can sit and laugh to the point I am crying at LadBaby videos. Honestly they are so funny and their videos are so good. Such a lovely loving family. Laughing is the best medicine as well, maybe that is why I am in such a happy mood. 

self care

Honestly I have had a really good weekend. Mentally and physically. Though I have had shoulder pain and that, I have joked and laughed. I am really trying to stay positive, even with negatives around. Really I can’t tell you how or what, I’d only be guessing but a bad time is always followed by a good one. 

For weeks now, I have wanted to get back into reading and finally, this week I have been able to. Every night I take the hour before bed and I read for the solid hour. I’ve never been a great reader and I am really slow. But it helps me sleep better and I am more relax. To be fair, if the story is good, I will happily read for hours. Already at half 5 I am looking forward to reading my kindle. Purely because I am finally into the story, it’s got me wanting to read more and more. 

self care

My bullet journal has been written in and properly as well. Again another thing that is probably helping the happiness and positivity. It is so good to track your mood and because its on another page, I forget to. As I was welcoming September, it was time to commit and so far I have coloured a mushroom everyday. Looking back over a month of mood colours, its good to help so patterns etc. 

The only thing wrong really is my shoulder. Its just annoying, the pain is all around my left shoulder blade. I’ve been bio freezing it daily and twice a week my dad will massage it and try release the tension. It has been about 7 weeks of it now and I have had enough. So I spent all of Thursday with a bath towel and heat pack on. Obviously the towel was to protect me from the heat. In the evening I changed the bed as well and today my shoulder is a little niggly but so much better. 

self care

Other than that really I have just been loving life. Eating a little healthier, doing what I want and when I want it. Working hard during the day and weekends and evenings and weekends are social as well. It was a short working week as well, so it really doesn’t feel like Friday. But I am glad it is, time to chill out and stay organised. 

There you have my weekly update. Half if not more doesn’t feel like self care to me anymore. It is just part of my life. Which is amazing and I am happy for it. This week coming I want to focus on staying on track, planning future content and some more laughter. What are your plans?

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