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Wow! It’s September already, how? I can’t even believe I am still following my 2019 goals, the first goals that I may complete the full year of in my life. Self care is hugely important to me and for many reasons. This year I really wanted to push my self care and gain a more positive life. So far we have had ups and downs but I can say that self care has massively helped me through the last few because of my disease which is endometriosis. 

Having self care as part of my daily life has helped me to live the life I want especially with endometriosis. Endometriosis to me makes my body hate me. Not everyday, sometimes it can be nice but others its really against me and I am flat out in agony. It sucks really it does but when you have a disease that hasn’t a cure what are you meant to do? 

self care

How has your week been? Good, bad or ugly? A combination maybe? Mine well it has been good I guess but I am running crazy high on emotions right now. Who knows what or when I can cry, when I am happy or when I am ready to shut off from the world for a bit. The crazy thing is I am in a really good place at the minute, I can’t really say why but there is always something that can knock your confidence, make you afraid and make you feel the worse in the world. You just have to find away around it all. 

For the first time ever this week, I told my Alexa alarm to stop and went back to sleep. Luckily for only 10 minutes otherwise I really don’t think I would have made work on Tuesday! As many of you know I am someone that depends on sleep. Sleep is good for me, it’s the only time when I can shut off from pain and give myself the best I can for the day ahead. Recently I am ending most days in pain so I just end up having an early night. That’s just me listening to my body and doing what it needs. 

Comfort Zone

The rest of the week I have been making sure I got up when my alarm went off and ready for work. Living for my lay Ins this weekend. To be fair Wednesday I was up early because I awoke in pain, I was begging for the extra hours sleep but in the end gave up. 

Pain can be brought on by anything really and that’s why I have to be super careful. I seem to naturally carry everything on my left side which is strange being right handed. My left side is my war zone. If something happens or appears it’s on my left side. So if I stand incorrectly or correctly, if I lay on it, or move just an inch something could happen. I don’t overly live by watching my every move but I sure do know about it when hits me! 

self care

This week has been a 4 day week at work. Happy days! I love a short week though it seemed to be a long week. Don’t you hate that when you are happy its a short week and its shorter than the normal 5 day working week but the days drag so it feels like you have been working for 7 days at least? 

I have tried hard this week to concentrate on the happy, positive things in life. Living for the future and by that I mean that I am looking forward to something in the near future that I am about to, well actually I have already started the journey on. Adding extra things to my schedule to make a better life for me. Simple things like wipe the sides down before bed, text or talk to someone when I am feeling emotional. These all help as crazy as it sounds they all help and its ways to help yourself in the long run and bring a smile to your face when I may not want to appear. 

self care

Noticing the positives is such a life changer. Scrap the negatives I can tell you that most people feel negative about something every day. So leave them behind. You know in your head what you want in life and how you are going to get it. Set goals to achieve them dreams and ambitions. Show the strength to others. Because deep down you have to fit yourself and your mind to get through each day and you are the boss. You can do it! Turn every negative into a positive and you will be flying. 

There was a conversation at work, I believe that it was early this week but it was about being normal. I just smiled as the guy walked off and he said to me don’t say anything. I said “no body is normal, because if we all were life would be boring.” It’s true you need to be unique, have different tastes and likes. Enjoy your quirkiness. 

self care

In life the only one important to care for is you. Because if you aren’t well or not there than who looks after the ones around you? Your child or your family and friends. They all rely on you in some way and especially children they need you in their life. Ok we all die at some point but in day to day life we need to put ourselves and our bodies first to be the best for others. That goes for happiness too, if you aren’t happy then that reflects on others. Soon the whole room will be miserable. Don’t put yourself on others when you are having a bad day or whatever may ruin theirs. 

bubble bath

Back to self care and we all know I am a huge lover of hot bubble baths. Something that happens at least 4 times a week, with showers in between. But I have been loving colouring in again this week. Even if its for 10 minutes adding it into my me time brings a little more creativity into each day. Creativity is something I am naturally talented at. Ok everyone can colour in but it just adds that little something in to life that brings colour and relaxation into each day. 

self care

My well being books are something important in my life. I write in them daily and I rely on them to get me through each day. Ok I can could go without them but my sleep is important as I mentioned earlier so by writing all my feelings and thoughts down help for the better nights sleep. 

The self care 365 days journal was one I got in a buddy box last year. Which was a reason I set my goal of self care to improve my life and day 240 in, I can tell you I believe this is helping me? Everyday I fill in the same questions, of hydration, sleep, grateful, bravery and self care. But the book also has one off pages to talk about things we may forget in life, monthly check Ins to see if we have improved over the months. It also makes you think, have I drunk enough today? Should I have pushed myself to do something braver today? Them thoughts are helping you to improve and go a little further to get you out your comfort zone. 

Daily planning is something I brought to this year, something new and different. My planner is more on my daily go bys, what I need to achieve in the day and my feelings, whether they are good or bad. To shut them away to have a good nights sleep and start the next day new. I find writing my feelings and thoughts down help me release the negativity and puts the best into me for a fresh start the next. 

bullet journal

Bullet journalling is something I can love or leave and sometimes its good to have a break from things to realise you need them. I started my bullet journal again in July and it’s all for positivity, goals and tracking my moods. Writing my memories in there too so I can look back at the memories and fun. Daily journalling is my positives of the day, positive feelings and love, excitement and joy. Tracking my mood in flower form too makes me stay on track to the best life. Add colour and doodles to your journal to bring the fun and love into it. 

cosy pyjamas

Finally I am loving reading again. I am getting back into the book I started and its interesting me a little more than it was last week. As I am typing this out I am looking at me suitcase full of skirts and books and thinking is 3 enough for a week? Anyway I have been starting the me time hour a little early most days, because as I mentioned my pain and emotions rise around 8pm. It’s cry or busy myself in things I like. So reading and journalling it is. That or the book I am attempting to write on this secret journey I have just started. 

self care

What is your favourite daily self care to practice? Hard one for me because I love all my self care. I love a clean happy home to walk into and feel good in. Sleep is a high one on the list of love and so is bubble baths. Food again yes please! What is one you would recommend to me?

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