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Everybody needs a little bit of self care in their life. Especially now in 2020 and everything going on in the world. Honestly if you haven’t realised yet its time to put you first and what you and your body needs. You know life can be hard and that is totally ok. If some days are bad and some are good, that is totally ok as well. We are all human and we do the best we can. This is why every week I share my weekly updates with you all because my life isn’t perfect. But I make the best of it by practicing self care each and every single day. 

The weather 100% changes your mood. I have to say that because we have gone from boiling, sticky, too hot, to thunder and lightening and cooler rain. Even with the heat being too hot and sticky, it just makes me so much more chilled and happy. Now it is raining and has been for 2 days, I am feeling it and my upbeat self is a little glum. 

self care

You know I normally write these on Friday nights. Thats how rock n roll my life is. But last night for the love of me, nothing could get me to do so. In fact nothing was entertaining me. I felt off but I still can’t pin point what is wrong. Even trying to do something, anything I just couldn’t focus. So I ended up asleep by 9pm. Honestly the only thing that helps me whenever I am not feeling right is sleep! Send me to bed and I am a better person. A good 3 hour nap helps always. Obviously this time I just went to bed for the night, waking to my 9am alarm this morning, ready to go cleaning. 

I did start the week with good intentions. Focused, motivated and organised. The only thing that has sent it down hill is the weather. That or something is about to happen. Maybe we all had a strange week because the weather was too hot, I had a headache. Now we would just like it to be 20c and dry. 

self care

In fact thinking about it, I can tell what else has made me feel worse. I haven’t eaten that healthy this week. With the weather being boiling, no way was I going to turn the oven on and then sit in a boiling hot room all afternoon. So I ate noodles and pasta for lunch. That is something that has definitely not helped. But even now I don’t want to cook a proper healthy meal. 

Anyway I have tried to keep positive still this week. Work has been busy once again. It seems to be going good, this working from home. Actually I am loving it. I had a call with the director this week as well and I think that was a good chat as well. My food has been worse but its took away that craving for junk food, I just have to choice wisely tomorrow at the supermarket for this week coming. And things on my moving process seem to be in a good place and heading in the right direct. Fingers crossed! 

self care

Really this week needs to be written off as a meh week. I am ok and that is the main thing but with the weather being too hot, my sleep was off. One night I slept down the feet end! Worked wonders though and my nights sleep improved. That would be my top tip for you if you have tried everything to get to sleep but can’t, swap ends. Maybe a little random but works a treat. 

This week coming, I really need to get back on track. Positive, happy, motivated Melanie. I am sitting here typing this out and several times, I have stopped and gone on my phone or look around at the nice pile of clothes I just took out the airing cupboard. You are lucky you have this to read. It just shows you though that my week has been naff and I survived it. That is the main thing. Next week will be better and life will be good. 

self care

The thing is for self care this week, I really just did as myself told me to. In reality my mind and my body are two separate things and even though I am massively tempted to get chocolate biscuits with my shopping tomorrow. I actually can’t and my body and I feel better on healthy and balanced foods. Actually the good thing that self care did for me this week, was last night when I was just not in the mood for anything and tearful because I was frustrated. So I told myself to go bed early and it was the best thing for me. 

I have had this for weeks, but it actually felt like I’d broken my left shoulder blade this week. Ok I haven’t, well we don’t know. But it hurts so bad and in a lot of places across that blade. Of course it’s my left side because that is the faulty side of my body anyway. It just has stress knots or muscular, but it kills. After I cleaned today, my mum put some deep heat kind of stuff on it and I can’t wait for the same tomorrow. Honestly if I hurt to think it’s broken, it has to hurt. I’m the girl who worked for four months in agony before my last operation, without telling anyone (expect my family) I was in pain! 

self care

For this coming week I am going to be healthy again. Somehow! If it means eating broccoli and ketchup as a snack and no pasta based substance, it will have to be. I started a JoJo Moyes book this week and its not overly catching me like her others. So I may start a different or make myself read more to get into it. With the weather being colder I am going to do my hair, straighten it and make an effort for a change. Making an effort is a big thing actually and really does brighten your day. Sort the plants out that need repotting and buy a new desk chair. 

Other than that I am going to have a good week. Be thankful you have this post and its more than the 500 words, I expected to write. Casualty is on soon and I am about to sign off for the night. What is one thing you need to focus on this coming week?

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