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Self care really has changed my life. This year 2020 may have been the worst year going for some people. But for me its been one of the best and it seems to just be getting better. Not that I want to jinx myself with the move to come or anything. I am an introvert though and staying home and practicing self care has really made me love my life a little more. Back in 2015 I started the lengthly process of being diagnosed with endometriosis. Being able to learn and use self care within my day to day life has really helped me and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. That is why I write these posts on Sundays for you to learn and see how self care helps me. 

I really am loving life right now. Most thing the pandemic has ruined the year and in a way it has. But I am always looking on the positive side and even if I have been working from home since the end of March, I have achieved a lot of things. If anything, maybe a little too late but its a time to change your life around. Think of the things to take from this and move forward with a happy, healthy smile. 

self care

My first tip for you is that in every situation there is a positive and to only think and carry forward them positives. I am in the middle of the moving house stages. With owning and selling the flat I am in now and will be hopefully moving to a house. Nothing sounds bad there right and its not really. But selling property and moving is one of the most stressful times of anyones lives. When I first decided I was going to move, I went all for a new flat but closer to my home town. Let’s just say things went a little wrong on that side and now I am buying a house. Hopefully! 

Not going to lie to you and say it doesn’t have its bad sides as the fail of the first property I wanted. But look at me now and I will (hopefully) have a better and bigger property than the original I went for. Amazing right, 30, single and buying a house. It is all about setting and achieving goals. Putting on the positive good mindset and challenging yourself. 

Maybe it’s because I am over the stress and excited for the future. I guess I am in hiding for any problems that may crop up in the next few weeks. But I really do feel good about it. My positive attitude though is amazing and I am really thriving off this positivity. Negativity is the worst and really even if it isn’t my negative mind, others being negative seem to drag me down as well. Really trying to keep the smile up. 

self care

This week really has flown by, really it has. I write these on Friday’s if you didn’t know and really it could be Tuesday for all I know. The week has gone from ok to amazing. Even if somethings haven’t gone to plan. Literally I have pulled the dining room table to my chair and I am typing this out with a huge smile. Life is good. 

At the beginning of the week I was really lacking motivation and I just couldn’t switch my brain on to full ‘getting things done’ mode. I don’t know why but I couldn’t. But as the week went on, I have improved massively. To the fact I have worked a full 5 days, filmed 3 videos and literally tonight I have written 2 blog posts. With one being face mask Friday and barely making its appearance on time. We got there in the end and that is all that matters. 

It has been a couple of weeks of this healthy balanced diet and I can’t overly fault it. I mean I really could do with some chicken nuggets and an ice cream right now. Or one of my mum’s homemade  pizzas. But I honestly feel so much better from eating clean and balanced. The thoughts and cravings of bad food is still there and I do treat myself as part of the balance, but they are less often. 

self care

On Wednesday night my sleep was so disturbed that it through me out of balance. Anyway from the loud noisy people outside at 12 and 3. To waking at 5 for the sudden omg I am going to wet myself if I don’t go loo now. Then to get to the loo, half asleep and I just couldn’t go! When my alarm went off at 8 I really did think it was the weekend and not Thursday morning! 

Needless to say I have slept amazingly the rest of the week. Sleep is so good for me and I am ranging around 10 hours a night in the week and 12 hours a night, at the weekend. Yes I know that is too much for a 30 year old. But sleep is pretty much the only thing that helps me when I am feeling rough especially.  Send me to bed whatever the time is for a few hours at least and I will be a changed person. 

The only creative thing I have done this week, is create content for you all. One of them being some home decor but that will be coming on my YouTube channel this week coming. I managed to get to the market last weekend, but unfortunately the flower stall wasn’t there. And Sainsbury’s flowers weren’t overly good. So my floristry has to wait another week or so. I’ve had fun though this week creating content and that is all it should be for now. Fun, if it wasn’t fun I don’t think you’d see me much. 

self care

I am back into reading every night which is amazing and really good for me. Dr Pimple Popper has rarely been viewed this week. In fact maybe it was only today that I watched a video. They do fascinate me though, I mean how can you live with a huge lump sticking out of your body? It is properly the book I am reading, which is really helping me get back into reading. The kindle is calling me all the time to read some more and tonight I can’t wait to read a few chapters more. 

My huge love for navy blue ink is still going strong as well. I am loving journalling daily. When it’s time to fill it in, I look and it’s all neat and beautifully written in navy blue ink. Sort of changed my layout a little and went across the page rather than down. It seems I am getting more writing space which is really helpful for my thoughts and feelings. Frustrations are always good to write in bullet journals because they stay there, so you can start the next day a fresh. 

Honestly there isn’t anything that doesn’t seem good right now in life. I feel amazing and life does too. Of course moving is and will be stressful but in the long run its going to be good. Not a day goes by where I am not there looking up puppies and kittens. But of course it’s too early if anything anyway, I can dream though! 

Melanie Kate

Self care for me is really natural and things I have just mentioned doesn’t even feel different to me, than normal life these days. I guess I live life by self care. If anything I should learn something new to try focus on. But for now my focus is on a happy, healthy and successful move. Whenever that may be. 

What is one thing you need to focus on for this week coming? I guess for me, I really want to move a little further with the move. But try find something new in the self care world to try. What would you suggest?

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