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Self care is or should be important to everyone. How do you practice self care? Are you new to self care or have you been following my year weekly and joining in on the self care fun! I write these weekly updates because I love to share a bit of my life with you. My daily struggles and the combination of life in general. Having endometriosis can be a huge battle for me and that is why I learnt self care about 3 years ago. 

Firstly how is week 30 just about to finish! Isn’t that crazy! How has week 30 been treating you? Good, bad or ugly? Or is it a random combination of them all? To be fair my week was going ok until about Thursday and then it has been getting worse by the minute. I am ready for a new week and line of happiness to begin. 

self care

Positivity is huge to me. I literally can’t deal with negativity anymore. If I have to then it really gets to me and I don’t know why. Don’t you just hate things that want to suck you into their bad ugly negative. Constant negatives are a trouble too. The ones where you just can’t get away from them and no matter what you do it continues to pull you in. Negativity is a really sad thing and it’s totally true when you change them negatives and look at the positives in every day instead your happiness and life around you changes. 

This week I started on a huge high. I had a new, let’s call it ‘project’ to be excited for and look forward to. To me fair if I hadn’t told others the excitement might still be pushing me through. Positivity shined brightly and really made me happy. The negatives didn’t really even touch the sides for days. Really pushing myself but for the excitement of the future. It’s like having a holiday to look forward to or something exciting like moving house. 


I was really motivated, excited and living a somewhat normal life. There wasn’t much I really couldn’t face or was a chore. Pinterest has been my boredom helper. Making new boards and adding pins I loved. Ideas for various projects and life. To be fair Pinterest can always amuse me. 

Being on a diet, I think is really helping me. I am really trying to be good and healthy is really the best for my body. Experimenting with my foods or having more of a variety over the same thing daily. Its really like I have a different dinner every night now rather than the same with a different vegetable. 

self care

As the weather here in the UK has been around 37 degrees all week, it has been pretty hot. Of course my evil body is against me and I seem to be allergic from the outside from spring to autumn pretty much. I have probably mentioned this before but this year has been the worst, boiling hot weather, no windows open because I can’t contain the sneezing and now I seem to constantly feel itchy and have found a lump in the crease of my left elbow. Thanks to my mum today I am now styling a bandage support round it. The itchiness and lump grows stronger when I am outside, with flowers or the window is open. 

The good news is I already have a doctors appointment next week so I can get it checked out. It is really strange because it aches, even if I am walking round with my arm hanging down in the normal place. 

self care

Meditation has been my think this week. I have really tried to concentrate on the positives and push the meditation. Every morning before I get dressed for work, I lay across my bed and stretch out. Lay there for about 5 minutes and try meditate, I think about clearing my head for a positive mindset and good attitude. It has been helping actually and life has run smoother. 

Baths are always my go to and this week especially I just waited to get home after work and get in the bath. Being the weather was so hot and my flat really does join in on its own heatwave that its sweltering. Luckily my Dyson fan helps. Warm baths are amazing. That time to yourself, reflect on the day and chill. This is a good time for me to clear my mind and push the positives back into my brain. 

Me time is another I look forward to daily. Its a time for me, no social media, no text messages just me, my well being books and my reading book for that week. If you know me you will know I am no huge reader. I am or was more of a read on holiday kind of girl but since I start 2019 I have read so much. The book has to grab my attention mind you because if it doesn’t by page 10 it drags out for a good month or two. Genre wise I read anything all it has to do its get me hooked and I am away. Read a lot of romance, horror, drama sort of books but autobiographies and girly books take my fancy too. 

self care

Journal wise this week, we made it past day 200 of 2019! Wow how have we stuck it out this long? I am surprised because I normally give up on goals and resolutions after a week or less. Bravery still takes time to fill in or find an answer on how I was brave that day. How were you brave today? 

It must be from the heat but I have had a headache all week. My spectacles have been worn everyday and I even took to wearing them to walk around. They do help especially with working on the computer a lot of the time. 

self care

Thursday was the day the negative Nancy’s took me in. The hottest day of the week, a time when I could break away from the negative situations all day. By 9pm I was crying, I was so upset and felt let down. Disappointed and confused. Where everything negative happened in one day it just took its toll on me. I was so determined and positive for this ‘project’ and pushing myself along with that determination that getting the confusion and disappointment from my ‘project’ just was the end of it. Crying is a rare occasion at the minute, I really feel except Thursday I haven’t cried in a good two months. 

self care

Feels like I have crashed down to reality and can’t climb the ladder to get out of it. How can such a high become such a low? Even now 2 days later I am not in that full positive lull pushing me through. To be fair as I type this I could burst into tears at any minute. 

Negativity is something I would love to destroy. Karate chop into pieces or make them leave my life. I physically can’t stay in a situation that’s boring, or the same old continuously. Things that wind you up just by pulling your strings. Genuinely don’t know how to stop this hate for and the only way is to leave them or walk away. Not be there and do things that make me happy. 


Next week needs more creativity, my positivity and excitement needs to come back and I need to do more by myself and for myself. Push the happiness and screw the negative. Read to my hearts content, doodle in my bullet journal and eat super healthy. Try sort this lump out on my elbow and figure a way to go through the rest of the summer without rubbing my eyes, itching my arms and fight my body, forcing it to love me too. What are your plans for self care this week?

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