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Isn’t it crazy that we have 22 weeks left of 2020? Wow! Anyway its Sunday, a day for self care, a day for yourself and a day to reflect on the week. What was good about the week for you? How are you feeling? Is there something you can learn and reflect upon, ready for a fresh start this week. If you are new around here, welcome, I am Melanie Kate (Mel), living just outside of London, UK and live with Endometriosis. Something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, let alone myself. Self care came into my life during the lengthly process of being diagnosed and everyday now I practice it. Without it, I really wouldn’t be where I am today. Every week I update you on my life really and how self care and other things help me. 

A positive and happy mindset makes the world a better place. Honestly positivity is the best thing. Everyone and anyone can pick at life negativity. Where does it get you? No where and miserable. Every situation has a positive to it, even if it’s a negative thing. You know I had a pretty rough 4 years (2015-2019). My body went through a lot and became very unhealthy. But now I am in the best place mentally and I guess physically. Not had an operation in 2 years so that’s a good thing. Some days I get stabbing sharp pain, but maybe that’s just my body telling me sometimes I need to take extra care of myself. 

self care

I 100% can say this week has been amazing. From mindset to how I feel. Yes I have had some pain but that doesn’t stop me. There seems to be a crazy high or a rock bottom for me and right now I am loving life. My mindset is so good and I am really trying to keep my health healthy. The inner introvert in me says yes lets stay home and work. Yes lets help each other, smile and laugh even if the worlds still a crazy place. This new normal is making me love life even more!

The other week as you regulars may know, I slipped a little with my diet. I mean it is pretty hard working with the fridge right behind you. My body doesn’t like unhealthy food as I do. Hence why I started to eat clean and healthy again. With the little treat in the evening. Healthy clean eating hasn’t stopped this week. In fact I think it may have gotten a little better.  As much as I would love a pizza or a McDonalds right now, my mood and body is telling me thank you and I really do feel like my smile is smiling from my insides. Lol! 

self care

Exercise and me aren’t really friends. I use to do personal training style pilates with my mum, biweekly. That stopped a while ago due to me and my pain. But this week for the first time in ages I have exercised every weekday night. Only for 15 minutes mind but hello. It is pilates based as pilates is meant to be good for endometriosis, but this is barre formed (ballet). Pretty tense 15 minutes daily but I feel really good from it. That is after 5 straight days of barre. 

My heartburn is loving me right now and I’ve had to drink coke every day just to settle it, more than the medication anyway! Some nights I have laid in bed trying to go sleep, with the worst ache. To the point I get back up and take a gaviscon. Then shortly doze off. All that know me, know I love to sleep. Sleep is so good for me and I will and can sleep any time and anywhere! A good nights sleep really helps me and makes naps less frequent. In fact I haven’t took a nap in a good 6 months + maybe. Weekdays are now 10 hours kip and weekends usually 12. Not the normal amount a 30 year old should have I know, but it is for me and endometriosis. 

self care

Reasons for the heartburn playing up could be a few things. Not many are selling and buying a property in this pandemic like me! Or maybe just a little fear for going back to normality. I am not sure. But really there isn’t many single 30 year olds selling their first property and buying their second. So I must be doing something right and I can’t wait to get in there now and decorate. 

When that tighten comes and I do know things are ok. It’s heartburn. I lay down with my head raised a little and focus on my breathing. Think of positive things and things I am looking forward to and after a good 5-10 minute meditation session and a gaviscon I am good. To begin with my breathing seems shallow hence why I focus on it and force to correct it moving my tummy first in every breath. 

self care

I am still loving my bullet journal and everyday I write in it. My ice lolly mood tracker for July is nearly full of sprinkles and I can already tell this months mood has mostly been good and happy. Which is really good. We are about to wrap July up, over this week coming but I have achieved most of my goals already which again is amazing. Setting weekly and monthly goals is really good to do. For the mind and health, they should always be achievable but with an element of a challenge in them as well. Have to say I think I achieved one of mine for the month on the 1st. Writing down my food and ticking off my exercise, mood and feelings is really helping. To be able to shut the book off each night and start a fresh each day is just an amazing feeling. 

9pm is back and reading is going strong. I have read a book already this week. Yes I know I need to update my book worm posts on instagram but I just forget when the hour before is ‘me time’ and my phone isn’t near me. Switching off the kindle then the lights I am gone for the night. But it’s so good to be back into reading. Jojo Moyes has done it again and got me back into reading. Her books are just good reads to me and they make me want to read more and more daily.

By taking the hour before bed for ‘me time’ really helps me. Honestly before that my sleep was ok. But now like I mentioned earlier, by sleep is amazing and I wake up fresh and ready everyday. Sort of like everyday is a new chapter. Me time doesn’t have to be purely reading either, its just away from the world, just you and what you love. 

self care

Creativity is something I love and I really need more of it. Without going to a supermarket weekly, or anywhere weekly. I really am missing floristry. Tomorrow I may have to treat myself to some flowers and spend an hour or two in creative heaven. That or interior design. Being creative is really natural to me and I spent time making candles and my hello August bullet journal pages this week. 

There are only good things to take from this week. Honestly there is, I am in such a good place right now and I can’t fault much. Endometriosis likes to say hello from time to time but there is no cure. So whatever happens I’m stuck with it. My goals for this week are to keep this good mindset, 5 barre sessions and clean eat still, by the end of next week, I’d really like to be a little further along in my moving process as well. But other than that it’s going to be another week of loving life, working from home. What are your goals for this week?

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