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Hello it is Sunday and as I am writing this out, I am feeling good, How are you doing? You know if you are new or thinking of exploring the world of self care. Then look no further than the girl who’s life has changed because of it. Self care is for everyone, honestly it is! No need for a mental health problem or chronic illness. It is purely to help you love your life and love yourself. I personally have self care to thank because if it wasn’t for that, I really don’t know where I would be. The lengthy process of being diagnosed with endometriosis took most of my 20s away. Every week now I update you on my life because I like to but also to try show you some more about self care. 

self care

Now I have to say this I am an introvert. There is no changing me there and this whole stay at home thing is suiting me to a tea. To be honest it gives me anxiety thinking about going back to ‘real life’. For now I am loving life, working from home. Rocking the crazy bed hair buns and pyjama bottoms. Endometriosis for me, left me with the most uncomfortable tummy in tight clothes and trousers especially. So living in shorts and t-shirts and nothing around my tummy is amazing. Even the maternity jeans I wear (not pregnant) may get a little on the unsure if I am ok side. 

Last week you read that I decided my diet needed to change. I can only say this now at the end of 12 days of healthy food. But I feel really good in myself. It took till this afternoon mind you but its amazing. Healthy food is the way forward and I can’t believe I have been eating oat bakes for breakfast for 12 days and I liking it. Porridge is disgusting to me and milk to be fair. YUCK! No matter what I love food and will eat most things but I have learnt, especially recently that my endometriosis and my body behaves better on a clean healthy diet. Every month I share a what I ate Wednesday type of video with you all and I can’t wait to share my updated version in August. 

self care

On Monday I woke at 6am. A time I haven’t seen a long time. I am meaning a 8 months maybe. 6am is too early for me, but I was wide awake and ready to go. Normally I am awake at 8am and on the computer working by 8:30. So it was so weird, I had nothing to do, I tried to pass the time but there wasn’t a lot to do. By half 7 I was on the computer working, I was that bored. But it seemed to be a productive day anyway and I had to leave early to go visit my grandma for her birthday. 

Anyway as the week has gone on, my sleep has been longer again. When my alarm goes off I am like really is it that time already? I am a huge lover of sleep. People think I am lazy or lucky that I sleep a lot. But really its because sleep is one of the only things that helps me. Whether I am in pain, moody, sick, drained you name it, just let me take a nap for a while. By a while I mean like 2/3 hours. That’s a good nap for me. They make me wake up a changed person! Not that I have napped in a long while because this girl sleeps a good 10 hours on a weekday night and 12 hours a night on the weekends! 

I am really into my bullet journal at the minute. I’ve spent a lot of time pinteresting bullet journal ideas this week actually. Because I want to make sure my bullet journal is a bullet journal but also to add creativity to it more. Everyday I write feelings and things about the day and my mood. Its really important for me to track my mood, I am also tracking my food daily now as well just to see if certain foods trigger flare ups. 


Sometimes I am in a rush or can’t be bothered to tidy. When I do a 1 item of clothing 5 ways video, I take a bag for life full of clothes to change etc. By the time I get home, I just leave the bag next to the wardrobe. Really lazy I know but this week I have cleaned the flat and its tidy. No bags of clothes or the clothes horse up with washing on. It is so nice to live, work and come home to a clean, happy, welcoming environment. A happy home is a healthy one, even with preparing to move. Spending the time to get tidied and organised this week has massively helped me. When I move from living room to bedroom and its all tidy and organised, it just makes me smile. 

About a year ago, a lump formed on my inner left elbow. It’s nothing I had it tasted but I am at the point now, where I don’t know what to do. I am 80% sure its where I sit and read for an hour and hold a kindle or book. But then some days it makes me think it’s not because working at the computer can make it hurt and ache. This week I haven’t picked a book or my kindle up. Now its Friday and my inner elbow doesn’t ache at all. Maybe its hormonal and nothing to do with books at all, or its a lipoma because I’ve been watching too many doctor pimple popper videos! 

It’s a real shame though that this week, there is nothing in me to pick up a book come 9pm and read. I’ve never been a good reader, so setting myself 24 books to read this year was a huge challenge. Being way over half the year now I think I am going to fail that goal. But let’s be positive and hope I can find something in me to pick up a book to read again. Pretty sure I am not even at the half way mark! 

self care

Evenings are really chilled for me, I am finding the beginning of the week evenings to be more productive. So I am trying to stick with my weekly routine. This week I was at my grandmas till 7pm though, so no chance of writing a blog. That sort of messed me for the week. But it’s Friday night now and I am about to wrap this blog post up, so I am back on track. 

This week I have learnt that eating healthy is good for me, well for my endometriosis. I should explore more on the healthy eating ban wagon, though I am happy now with how it’s going and what I am eating. That I am in a really good place again finally and my mindset is amazing. Sometimes things don’t go to plan or are messed up but as long as I get back on track that is ok. 

I really want to focus on the social and the physical sides of self care, for this coming week. Maybe a little personal time as well because I need to get in my creative zone. Even if you take 3 things to focus on this coming week, make them achievable. Make sure the week is positive and a top tip for you this week is to wear a hair band round your wrist, every time something/someone is negative, annoys you or upsets you, ping that elastic. Everything has a positive to it. Remember that. 

self care

Tell me something you want to focus on this coming week?

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