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Hello everyone. How has your week been? How is it week 28 already? Is this year going by fast or what. If you are new and this is the first blog post you are reading of mine. I welcome you and hello, I hope you are working towards the best life you can live! As part of my 2019 goals and resolutions I set myself to follow self care all year to gain a better life and more love for myself and health. Again if you’re new then you may not know I have a condition or a disease whatever you would like to call it, called endometriosis. One I unfortunately seem to have for life, unless they come up with a cure. 

Everyone can have good, bad and ugly days. Days can be all three to be honest depending on the day and what happens. Self care is all about working with yourself, your surroundings and the things you love to fill your life with happiness and joy for the best positive life you can live. Positivity is so key for me and my health. The more my life is filled with the positives the better I feel. Self care is really about you and you really are the only one important to look after. Ok if you have children etc they need your help but that’s why you are so important. 

self care

Self care isn’t just about going to the doctors, dentist, exercise and a daily bath or shower. It’s about what you and your body needs to survive. It’s about the life you need to live the best life you can as you. What my self care daily rituals are, maybe completely different to yours but I have learnt a lot of self care and I am still learning about self care each day. 

This week has been ok actually. I have felt good, excited, sad and annoyed. So it’s a mashed up week of all the feelings. It was a four day week and really in life who doesn’t love a long weekend or wish for shorter working weeks and longer breaks! I have really tried this week to stay focused on positive and not let the negatives draw me to them. Though by the end of the week and I am super tired and my hay fever is sky high, my focus is near enough gone. 

self care

Sitting here now my eyes are so sore and my flat is so hot that I have had to put the Dyson heater on super cold and sat in on my side so it reaches me. I am really bad at the minute. As soon as I step outside or the window is open I am itchy, sneezing a lot and eyes sting. I take daily prescribed medicine every morning as well. I just don’t mix well with England is warmer weather. 

I have found a few things in self care that really help me. Most of them I do practice daily and as I try new things, if I find them super useful, I will then add to my routine. If not I will practice them randomly. I have tried a few recently and I have added some to my weekday daily routine. 

self care

Self care for me is things that help my body and myself. To be fair the majority of the time I would say my body hates me and wants to attack its owner. I would say that others with endometriosis would say the same thing or similar to. 

My body loves heat, it loves warmth, it loves good healthy foods, it loves a treat but it an also reject that too. It loves being comfortable and in my pyjamas most of the time I am home. Hot bubble baths has to be its favourite. 

For myself I love being creative, I love to hang out with my friends or alone. I love to read, film and write. My body and I love sleep. I really feel good after the best sleep and you can definitely tell when I am not feeling myself or super tired because my mood changes, or should I say my patience changes. If I don’t feel well the best thing for me to do is go lay down and take a nap. 

self care

This week was my first weigh in for weight watchers, something I only joined online because of my holiday and I personally just want to feel body confident in my bikini. I am a size UK 10/12 so I am hardly of oversized but I just want to do this for me. My body loves good clean healthy food. I love chocolate and ice cream. I don’t really have much to loose but I was really pleased to achieve 2lb off this week. I don’t know how I did that but I did. Monday is weigh in day so let’s see what I have achieved by next week. 

As I mentioned I am and love to be creative. I have a natural talent for it and I enjoy it. It makes me happy. If you aren’t creative like me, then your self care creativity maybe colouring in or something simple like that. Which I have to say I colour not as much as I should be but it really does relax your mind. Creativity is a time when the rug is covered in fabric or beads sprawled everywhere. It’s about going to craft courses and training to be a florist. Because I make things that mostly I share out, also allows me to earn some extra money from what I love to do. 

fish bowl flowers

I am finished my first term of floristry two weeks ago maybe. I do miss it but that’s why I took the day off and went to the wholesalers to practice some more. I can simply shut myself away in a room for a couple of hours and create. I really love picking flowers, colours, ideas and actually creating them. It was my Grandma’s birthday yesterday and I brought a fish bowl to make an arrangement for her. It’s beautiful. One of the best I have created so far. I went to the wholesalers with a colour theme in mind. I did go slightly off because I wanted the purple to be the big bold colour but I do love the yellow and purple together. 


For me the week has been a calmer one, for most of it anyway. When I felt negativity was drawing me in a little too much. I try to switch off, whether that’s plugging into Fearne Cotton’s happy place podcast for 45 minutes or if I go shut myself away from the negativity. A good meditation on the toilet is a good breather. I make sure I stretch every morning when I get up and ready because its a time where I can lay or stand and its just me and the peacefulness of my safe place, my home. I think of the day and what I want to achieve out of it. I guess I sort of meditate whilst I stretch but it puts me in a good mindset for the day ahead. 

I really tried to clean up this week, I need to sort the allergies out. I hoovered everywhere, changed my bed you name it just to try sort the irritation out. A clean home is definitely the best because it makes you feel good. It makes you smile and it makes you appreciate more what you have achieved and what you have got. 

cosy pyjamas

I have loved reading this week. Me time is the best part of my day. The majority of the time anyway. I am so relaxed and chilled that I have the best chance for a good nights sleep. Me time is all about self care. Its a time where I write about my day, I track my mood, my positive actions and my feelings of that day. Then the thing that I am now wanting to read more and more of is the book I am reading now. Last night in fact it wasn’t a good 20 minute read. No it was an hour and 40 minutes. I am not the best reader and if I don’t get into a book like this one, then it would be left at page 20. Its a big book for this one as well but I am about half way through and it’s really got me hooked. 

self care

My self care journal this week has had its daily questions, like how much have you drunk, slept and what I am grateful for. The one question that I struggle to answer still is bravery. How was I brave today? If you think of that what do you think of, how were you brave today? The book talks about bravery a bit more in depth this week. It is talking about how we carry on, how we have the courage to do something out of our comfort zone, how we didn’t let in and determination. To be fair bravery can be anything if you think about it. You have to make brave choices in life to make it exciting and interesting. Challenge you and make you use your best to achieve things you thought you couldn’t. 

Bubble Bath - Endometriosis

Right now as I finish up this update for you, I am looking forward to laying in my hot bubble bath, light the candles and chill. I am looking forward to taking my bra off and laying in bed in my new clean pyjamas. Its only an hour and half till me time, well for me it is anyway as I write this. But the book is close to me now. I am also thinking I need to meditate a little. Reflect on things, I had mixed feelings on today. Majority are good but I meditate to smooth my mind. Get me back to my happy zen. 

What self care do you practice daily? What is one thing you would like to concentrate on more?

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