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It is Sunday once again and we are about to start a new week again? How are you feeling and how was your week? You know it is totally ok to have a good, bad or an ok week, a mixture even! Everybody just has to take one step at a time these days, everything is weird a little even if you are back at school or work. Take each day as it comes and learn from this time. Self care is all for you and is so important! Mentally it is and so many people are suffering with mental health problems right now, even those without mental health problems and/or chronic illnesses can practice self care daily. That is why every Sunday I give you a weekly update of my life. I am an endometriosis suffer but I still live my life to its full. 

I am pretty use to self care now, having practiced daily for over 4 years. So things I do daily maybe self care for you, but to me its just a normal day to day thing. Honestly I have learnt a lot from self care and wouldn’t be who I am today without it.

self care

It took a good 12 weeks of learning to begin with for me, and at the time when every Sunday my mum and I sat down to do a chapter of “managing chronic pain”, I was frustrated and thought it was stupid, didn’t want to learn it and at first I would cry or make an excuse to do it. Silly things like do you breathe right? Well my answer would have been yes I do because I am alive, but really both my mum and I weren’t. Put one hand on your stomach and one on your chest and breathe. Which moved first, your chest or your stomach? The correct answer should be your stomach. 

Anyway my weekly update, and by the above I mean that I have really learnt a lot and appreciate self care. I want to take the time to help others and encourage them. Things will be fine. Remember that. 


Having a chronic illness can suck sometimes and sometimes it really is a pain in the backside. I wouldn’t wish endometriosis on anyone, but if you have it hang in there you are not alone and there are a lot of people that can help or feel the same as you. You are not alone in this journey, even if sometimes it really does feel lonely. And you are having to fight to prove everyone. 

This week I haven’t been feeling my best. Just the usual endo I think. Playing around and making me feel sick. I hate feeling nauseas. Its beyond bad when I don’t feel like eating much. Food is amazing to me, there isn’t a day I wouldn’t go for an ice cream or a bit of cake. 90 % of the time I do eat healthy and clean ish. People tell me I eat really healthy and my honest answer to why I do, would purely be endometriosis. 

self care

With nausea hanging around 24/7 and heartburn on top, my diet this week has been to cut back on food. I am not overly eating carbs and if I do its because a bag of microwave rice for lunch is the best option of me cooking when I feel rough. Even filmed a “what I ate Wednesday” video this week and I reckon when it’s out on Wednesday people will be thinking blimey is that all she ate. 

I just want to say I am ok, there is nothing to worry about just time to time endometriosis likes to play havoc with my body and brings it back to reality. Makes me eat clean and balanced and actually I feel better for it. It is the staying at the clean and balanced that is the problem. Things are looking a little better now, so things are ok. 

self care

Being a little sorry for myself this week, it was hard at times to stay positive but I did try my best. I still worked all week, and I am still busy. That must help me actually a lot, because I would be going stir crazy if not. Are you still working? Or how is the furlough life? Personally I do the best off of being busy, structure and routine so I am loving being busy and working from home still. 

The weather has been glum and rainy this week, which I don’t think helps when you are staying in day in, day out. But one good thing about the cooler weather this week, is that I finally dried and straightened my hair after a shower. Something I haven’t done in months, literally. When it is hot, my flat gets too hot for me to even plug the dryer in, so I was plaiting or putting it up in a top knot and letting it dry over night. My mum trimmed it today to get the dead ends off and its so long and beautiful. Had to pluck out a grey hair though, that was sticking straight out of my hair. Will dye it as soon as. 

self care

Days tend to be busy in the day and chilled at night. I sort of like it that way. Really tried this week to sort out my writing, and right now I am writing this and it should be uploaded and scheduled. Never mind but this week I have been on schedule. Like I just mentioned routine and structure really help me. Finishing the day job at 5 and rolling straight from pc to laptop is helping. Making myself sit or lay and write a blog straight from work is so much more productive than me chilling then writing. No need to go write in the car yet, but I am sure we will get to that stage at some point. 

Reading was another thing I wanted to get back into and this week I am now in the middle of reading an actual book rather than my kindle. Not that that matters as such, I guess it’s because I am reading a self care book than a novel. About half way through then I will be back on to the kindle. 

self care

Taking the hour before bed to have me time, gives me such a betters nights sleep but also a time where I unwind, don’t have the outside world round me and its purely for me, to be creative, chill out whatever. My hour these days are purely reading. Though I am not a good reader, its good to practice and read. Give me a book 3 years ago, I would of said no thank you, unless I was on holiday. But now I am all for reading.

It is all about making something a routine! A routine of self care daily. We could all practice self care daily and have completely different days. What works for me, may not work for you. But everything an anything is worth a try. Trust me it is. Pick 21 days (3 weeks) and start to make a new routine. Don’t give up and don’t make it too easy. There are things that I found a struggle that are now just something I do. Most probably there are some things that I don’t do but should and I could try add these in. 

self care

If you don’t have time or say you don’t have time, use a routine and split out the hour. Or do 1 hour a day covering different self care things. Say Monday meditation, Tuesday creativity, Wednesday read, and so on. But your priority should be yourself because you are fit and well others can’t be around you and life gets ugly and hard. 

Self care things help me all the time and it is just the normal now. These are some of them that have helped me this week. Hot bubble baths. Cutting back and eating just enough to be ok. Coke for my heartburn. Taking time to stop and meditate. Focusing on interior design and finding ideas for my new home rather than feeling rubbish. Reading for an hour to help me in myself and my sleep. Sleep itself, though dreaming its so much better than it has been in a while. Writing down everything in my journal to realise it from my mind. Housework to give me the happy healthy home I need. I could carry on but then I would be here all night.

self care

For the week ahead I want to get back on track, writing and filming is my love and that is why I do it. I need to rack my brains around being better on writing when its not an effort to. They flow better then. Yes I started that this week but I should of pushed myself to write this Friday night, then everything would be perfect. Finish reading “making space” and get back into my kindle. Eat clean still and go see my new house.

What do you need to focus on, for this coming week?

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  1. It is a beautiful life, and I am glad that you are doing all the right things to stay healthy. Self-care is not easy, especially for women. It takes a lot of effort, and I am sure it has paid well for you. I am in the path of self-care, and I am quite inspired by you.

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