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Well its Sunday already and a new week is about to begin. How are you feeling? You know self care is for everyone and if you are here today reading this, thinking about self care. Please do take the time to learn it and take it on board to create the best life possible for you. Self care came to me back 5 years ago when I was going through the long process of being diagnosed with Endometriosis. Without I really wouldn’t be the person I am today. Some of what I have achieved in the last 5 years is really down to self care. People may say self care are for those with mental health problems and or chronic illnesses, but self care is for everyone. 

Every week I basically update you on my life. I actually have to say that the first time in what seems forever, I am in a really good place. Not everything is how it should be or I want it to be. But we are hopefully in the direction of it all falling into place. We all just need to keep our fingers crossed. 

self care

There are things still are on the border line of being excited, not being excited. But sometimes like today I just can’t not get excited. I really don’t know why but I feel really grownup and for the first time in my 30 years of living. It’s really odd because I just thought every year was going to be the same how old I am. It just seems I’ve hit 30 and with trying to move, working from home and this pandemic, has aged me. 

Though I get the odd pain in my abdomen or pelvic area, I just feel really good. Of course with endometriosis the good probably won’t last long and something will come along. To be fair my pain is mostly evenings now if at all. It is amazing what a surgeon can do when they know what to do. Two years on and to feel amazing really does surprise me being that I had 3 operations and 2 theatre trips for nerve blocks in the space of 3 years. I can sit here though writing this with a smile on my face and think wow, how have I come this far. 

self care

Of course with the pandemic still live and kicking, I am still working from home, day in day out. The inner introvert is loving live right now. Even the words of ‘when we go back to the office’ scare me. 100% working from home is for me. Lots of people are saying they miss the people, the interaction, the buzz. Me I am like no I am loving it, waking up half hour before work starts, rolling out of bed to work for 7.5 hours a day. Then back to chilling or writing or whatever I want to do. We do teams calls daily practically and that is good for me. Maybe if I wasn’t busy I would be thinking otherwise but for now life is good. 

My hay fever is awful, that and the fact it was 33c in the UK this week. The only thing that we all could say was good about the office air con! If I am not sneezing I am boiling hot. Even today after a lot of rain, oh my even to look at a farmers field I am off sneezing. I am still taking a spoon of local honey each morning, which is disgusting but helps. Do you remember as a child, taking a frozen drink to school and feeling cool? Well I did that on Thursday for Friday. A whole bottle of blackcurrant and it was amazing. 

self care

Maybe it is the navy blue ballpoint pen I am writing with, but I am back in love with my bullet journal. I have sort of changed the weekly layout a bit and its sitting on my dining room table most the time. So I am filling it in before or after work depending on time. Still tracking my mood because that is really important. But I am also tracking my food and just taking note on how I feel and what’s good and/or bothering me in the world. 

As many of you know sleep is really good for me and without it things can be tough. But it is taking me a long time each night to get comfortable and into a deep sleep. I know I am having an extra hour in the morning and now we are 100 + days in, maybe why I am feeling so good. It is just odd. Last night I recon I went off about 11pm and I woke to noise at 12 ish. Not too sure but I think it was two lads robbing bikes. They weren’t overly quiet or covered up to be robbers but there we go. Maybe it was just their bikes. Which could be the case. 

self care

It has been a busy week for me, purely from work. There isn’t a day where I can say I am going to just sit around and do nothing. 9-5 I am working and its so good for me. And the company of course! Being busy all day though is really making me lack motivation to write blogs. Work and maybe the solicitors tree of paperwork I have had to fill in! Whether it’s because I haven’t moved, I am just going from computer to my laptop or because like many others its just all up in the air and we all just do what we can do to get through. I really do need to try writing blog posts in the car or on the green out front. Just to change it up a bit. Any ideas, would be really appreciated. 

Me and my book, that isn’t going well either still, even with me switching books out. I would rather sit and watch pimple popping videos than read. Which is weird in its self but I take that hour before bed to wind down and have no technology with me. Other than my kindle of course. Thinking about it maybe that is why I am not sleeping as good. Must try read tonight especially with Casualty not being on. 

self care

Self care really this week has been hydration, tidying and organising ready for (fingers crossed) moving and keeping myself busy. Cold showers for the hot stickiness after work and healthy eating and hardly anything dinners because its too hot and I can’t be bothered to cook lunches. Plates of rice and stir fry veg. Followed by ice creams. The heat has made me get headaches more as well so I have made sure to wear my glasses whilst working on the computer. 

I guess my little bubble of self care and what I have learnt over the five years has helped me and now my life feels ‘normal’ with everyday things. Meditating and breathing, knowing how to concur something and put all the happiness into my body. It may have took some time, but maybe I have cracked it. 

self care

This week I am going to try be more organised, whether that mean tomorrow I edit three videos and write two blogs or work out where I can go to write in the evenings. I am going to crack down and read a book, whether that’s the one on my kindle or the making space one on my sofa. Something and try work out my sleep. Actually as weird as this sounds changing the bed really helps me sleep better especially if sleep is making my neck hurt. 

You know everyone is unique but with everything working the same inside. Our minds are all working away and we all need the self care in us to make the best life. I really do have self care to thank for where I am today. Though I maybe super creative and you are more academic, we all can use and practice self care. Its not all health and hygiene, it is about loving yourself and what your body wants and needs. Is there one part of self care you want to learn this week? 

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