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Isn’t it crazy that we are 1 week of half way through 2020? And for most of it we have been stuck at home. Self care is hugely important for everyone worldwide, especially now. I was lucky enough to have self care enter my life 5 years ago on the long journey to my diagnosis of endometriosis. But that being a chronic illness, self care really is for everyone. You don’t need to be chronically ill or have mental health issues to practice self care. 100% try it and it will change your life forever. Every week I share a little update on the week just gone and some of the self care  I practice. 

I didn’t think life could get any more stressful than last week. Well maybe it just continued this week. But my god the whole buying, selling, moving process is really stressful. Maybe even more when you are like me, trying to move during a pandemic! It has been a very stressful and emotional week. Even now I am not overly relieved to being through one stage and onto the next. Everything really does feel up in the air and about to be slammed in my face. 

self care

Everyone’s lives have changed and we are all living a surreal life at the minute. Even with parts of the UK lessening to a new normal, it is all a little strange still and I personally am still anxious to do things, others may find easy to do. It is crazy to think the last time I stepped in a supermarket was the middle of March and a clothes store the begin of March. Because Abigail and I went shopping the beginning of march for her birthday. 

When I had my last operation 2 years ago, my anxiety performed more in supermarkets than anywhere. Well to begin with it was anywhere but only this year I managed to be able to walk around a supermarket properly and alone. There were times when I would just drop the basket and run home because an attack was starting. Now in weeks or months to come, when I venture out and do an actual food shop, will these thoughts come back? Of course there is nothing I can do about it and I would rather be safe than go to the shops. But physically and mentally problems may arise again. Who knows, only time will tell. 

On Thursday I had to wake up early, 7am because I had my mortgage appointment before work. Oh my 7am is really early when you are use to an extra hours sleep everyday. I was really tired all that day if I am honest. And Thursday night was my best nights sleep in ages. Maybe now thinking about it that extra hour awake may give me the best sleep. It could be that or that I started to read again. 

self care

To be honest with you all my weeks are pretty much the same. Week days I work and I chill. Weekends I form a bubble with my mum and dad. Not that I stay there on anything, purely so I am allowed in the house and they can view properties with me. Something more than just me and the four walls I live in. It is helpful as well for photos for instagram and blogs because doing them alone of yourself is really hard. Especially without a garden, where most of my photos are taken. 

Evenings can be a bit of a struggle to be motivated. I really need to sort my routine out. Though going straight from my work pc to my MacBook seems to be working a little better. 3-4 out of 7 evenings I work on editing and writing blogs, so I do move from living room to bedroom. But still it is really hard in the evening to keep that flow of creativity going. Though I am not overly good at English, as in the subject, I love to write, especially when the flow is there. A lot of social influencers are and have taken a break but I really want to provide you all with content. Hence why I just need to sort my life out and work more productively on the evenings I am meant to. 

Wednesday I did cry. Things just weren’t going right. You know when you are bottling things up, then one things just takes you over? Yes that was me. Mostly because of the whole buying, selling process. But a few other things that made me sad. Sometimes I think we all need a cry and that cry definitely makes us feel better. Because I definitely felt better for that cry. I think that is why I am still a little unsure about this whole moving thing! 

self care

Hard times for me always make realise the good in things and the bad in things. I really have learnt that being kind should always be the case. But your kindness may not be the best. Because I have a lot on my plate at the minute, it is definitely a time for me. Self care needs to be here and is present. Having the things I enjoy to do, have to do and use what I have learnt from it. Things become easier or a little less hurtful and stressful than before. 

My bullet journal is back and written in daily. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t write in my journal. Emotional days like Wednesday are the best ones to write on. Because I am writing away my sadness to lock it in a book. Meaning everyday can become a new chapter essentially. If needed anyway, or a fresh page in my book. A clear mind means a good sleep for me and that is the key for me. 

Like I mentioned earlier I started to read again on Thursday. Only 2 weeks and a bit later. I was talking to my mum and the book I was reading had too much of a story for me. Kind of realistic I guess. So I decided to leave that book for now and buy some new ones for my kindle. Cheap and cheerful ones are the best. Being that I am literally 2 chapters in I can’t tell you much about this book. But I have read that much and hope to read more tonight.

self care

Other than that my life is full of food, though I really am trying to be good. A treat a day and any snacks I do have are fairly healthy. Bubble baths and hair washes. Pyjamas and comfort. I do have time to think a lot as well. Which is a good thing but also a bad thing. If thinking is a form of meditation then great, but sometimes thinking can be the worst thing ever. Thinking too much about something causing anxiety and worry. Of course then they won’t help the tears. 

We all hope to be back to normal soon, well in most ways anyway. I have to say I am loving working from home. This week coming I really need to focus on the hour before bed being for reading only. Sometimes I feel I need to take my phone away from myself. Push forward hopefully on this home buying malarky and smile more often. 

self care

What is something you need to concentrate on this week?

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