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Hey! How is everyone doing? Is life good, bad or ugly? No matter what, stand up, dress up and be proud. Show your strength, even if you are about to break. Self care is about the bad times, the good times and the times that are really ugly. Remember that always. Put yourself first and your health is the most important thing.

This week for me has been ok. I have had a few dips into bad. But most of the time I have been poodling along at an I am ok, I am not bad or good, I am just simply ok. It has been my first full week at work in ages. I would say since Easter maybe. It has felt like a long week. 

If you know me, or follow me on youtube especially you will notice that I wear a hair tie on one wrist and a crystal bracelet on the other. My crystal bracelet is meant to bring happiness and mindfulness. I put this on charge for a couple of days this week. This maybe on be in my believes that this works but the two days I didn’t wear it this week, the days just felt worst for me. Friday when I had this back on, the day just was more positive and happy for me. As I mentioned this could be in my head, or my believes but it does. 


I had pilates this week, I am hating driving at the minute. Well hate might be too extreme but I just don’t like that the majority of my hobbies are back to my old home town 20 minute drive away from my home. As you know my home is one of my favourite places at the minute. I spend my weekends in my old hometown the majority of the time anyway. Tuesday nights are also here because of floristry. I am ok at going to all my hobbies. I just don’t like that I have to drive over 4 days/nights some times. It just tires me more. The two in the week as we’ll take longer because of traffic. 

I did well at pilates though. I really tried to give it a go. We worked hard the whole session. I do enjoy the hour session. Pilates is something that is suggested to help endometriosis and I started personal training pilates back 3 years ago maybe less. When I am waiting an operation and I am in agony I have to stop, but 95% of the time I am good and really try my hardest. There are some moves that I can’t do so we work around what I can do rather than even attempt to do something I can’t. 

self care

My endometriosis is and has been mainly on the left side of my body. Or should I say that is where I get the most problems and pain. Its really weird but only when I am on the reformer bed is when I get cramp in my left foot. So we just try and I then jump off when it cramps to try get rid of it. We think this could be related to my endometriosis but that’s us guessing.


Tuesday is my favourite night of the week. Floristry, my new love. My new creativity zone. I really want to be creating bunches and arrangements all the time. I love the class because we learn a different technique or style every week. Some times I even look at the flowers picked for the week and think I don’t really like the style. But when they come together in the tutorial I then fall in love with them. 

This week hasn’t been my best because I seem to be a little run down. I have some sort of what we think as a virus. I keep going lightheaded, feel sick and headache. When I go out I have to hold onto someone just incase. I am very tired too. So its been a week of added chocolate from the trolley at work and ice cream when I was offered it. I had warm baguettes for dinner twice because warm dough and bread is so nice. I shouldn’t eat it all the time because clean eating helps me. But like I said I am not 100%. 

self care

The book this week, really has helped me. It’s been talking about the troll in your head. We all have one, that tries to pull you down. The main thing is avoiding them, the situation, or making sure that you don’t allow them to pull you down. Sometimes you really need to just be the bigger, better person and that is what the book talks to you about. Thursday was a really bad day for me, why I don’t really know. But it doesn’t help that I was letting the negative and ugliness pull me with them. It was really weird and funny when I opened the book to fill in that night and it was titled ‘off’. Like how did a book that was pre printed but the company, knew I was going to have a bad day. 

The best part was probably that my best friend and her baby came to see me at work yesterday and I just instantly get a smile on my face when I see them both. I love babies so much. She was grumpy which was hilarious and it was pouring down with rain. I climbed through to the back seat for a kiss. She shook her finger at me and shook her head no. She literally had her finger on my lips shaking it. Then what makes it even more funny is because she then put her hand up to my mouth to say leave me alone. It was the cutest and funniest thing. She did let me play peek a boo with her and eventually after 6 attempts, waved at me goodbye. 

I managed to listen to my first podcast on Alexa Friday night. I was sending photos and emails to family so I took the time to play the first and it was really good. I can’t wait to go listen to more of Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast. 

self care

This week I have learnt to just get up, dress up and go with it. Be the better person. Aim high and do my best. If I cry when I get home or eat some chocolate it is ok. I am allowed to treat myself sometimes. As long as its balanced. Bad weeks are ok, good weeks are ok, ugly weeks are ok and combined weeks are ok too. It doesn’t matter as long as you put you and your body’s needs first. I knew I need some treats this week so I had them. I knew I wanted a positive week so I tried to as much as I could control. 

Next week I am going to try to listen to more podcasts, maybe I will split my housework up a bit so I can do some each night to make less at the weekend. I mean I clean up daily but I then do a mass clean at the weekend. I want to meditate more, though saying that I have meditated on the toilet a bit this week. I want to clean eat and try new dinner ideas. I want more hot bubble baths and try to feel better. Maybe I will even try some healthy baking. 

What do you have planned for this week? What is one self care you practiced this week, you would suggest to me? 

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