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Hey! How’s your week been? Did you succeed, fail or float in between? Self care is really a combination of the goods, bads and uglies. You need that balance in life to succeed. Self care really does help me and will continue to as I learn more in my lifetime. 

This week has been a combination of bad, uglies and then a random few good things have appeared along the way. 

There just seems to be a lot of negativity around me, trapping me from the positive way of life, I want to live. You know, some people don’t even realise they are being negative all the time and thats simply just how they are. I really need to learn to block them out or block the negativity out somehow. 

I seem to be stuck in a muddy puddle at the minute, I think it’s mostly because I am grieving from the loss of my Grandad, but also having the negativity around me and stress on me, my pain is bad. This is really a good example of why I try to live the positive life. Being positive purely helps my health. I wish I could teach more people that. 


I hope that the funeral will help me overcome some of this emotion. I even asked my mum for advice today on how I can tell the negativities to stop or leave me alone. I actually hate negativity. It’s not really come home to yet that I won’t see my grandad again so thats why the funeral I think will help me. 

I have massively wanted my mum this week. She was away and I just needed a big hug. In fact I told her that and today I have even come home without the hug. I will make sure to get one tomorrow. 

Self care this week has been a right mixture. We have had tears, we have had early nights, bubble baths, colouring in, creativity, reading and of course my journals. I have eaten pretty healthy too this week. Only slipped on Wednesday because we ate at a service station. Thursday ok I gave in and had a doughnut but realistically when negative is around you and your low in yourself anyway that person or situation pulls you further down. 

self care

I have worn my tens machine for a bit this week. I went to work on Friday with it on ready to go when I needed it. Well, the wires hang so long, before I even stepped into the office I took it off. I don’t like to have it visible and people ask questions. 

I really need to make that 5-20 minutes daily maybe even before work to meditate. It’s so good for me and really clears my mind. I am so tired at the minute and I am dreaming a lot of random things, that I need to clear my head more in meditation. 

self care

*In the book this week, which I actually highly recommend you get. Start your 365 days of self care when you feel ready to. It doesn’t have to be the beginning of a year it can be anytime you want and need to. The book mentions and talks about high 5s. You know when you don’t overly praise yourself or spread it to the world to hear but just keep it quiet. According to the book this is the time to write them down. As well as the usual daily questions. To be fair I can’t overly think of any high 5 moments so far. But again I am a little run down and thats not helping. To be fair the high 5 page is tonights fill in. 

For my daily planner I am still writing my phases I live by or should live by. I write my feelings and my day. I dot the top of the page red, this is an experiment so I can look to in the future to see if there is a pattern and if the bad times would be a period. I just counted the dots for this and though I am not going to mention the number I would say this isn’t for what would be a period. But then with endometriosis who knows. 


My journals really are a way of me releasing my feelings, thoughts and working on a better life. You begin to learn how brave you were. I mean I was brave because I went to floristry alone this week. Thats a huge thing for someone who is scared to go food shopping on her own. I was also brave this week, by opening up and asking for advice on how to help shift the negativity from me. 

I have walked away from the negativity this week or tried to. If it appears whilst I am not where I should be, I will talk to someone or stand and wait away from where I should be until it has calmed or gone. 

This week coming, I am really going to work on that meditation. I really need to. I feel I need to break away from bath meditation or colouring meditation and purely just meditate. The toilet meditation really helps me when I don’t have another space to meditate so we will keep that one. 

I only brought healthy food this week, so I know I am going to have a good healthy week this one. Unless I get treats appear in front of my face then who knows what will happen. But I want to try keep that will power and the healthy eating and living going. 


My 2 hours and a half of floristry a week, is something I am hugely loving and learning something new is definitely helping my self care. I am finding something I enjoy, I am good at and I can create what I want, who knows I may even sell them in the future. 

I want to work more on my tiredness this week, maybe a few more early nights or I am even thinking of booking sometime off to sort my little world out. That or try more vitamins or nap time will be back before we know it! 

I hugely can say that the hour of me time before bed is a must. I sleep so much better for it and my brain isn’t still ticking and thinking of things that really who cares when you need to go to sleep. 

self care

I hope for more positives next week. Please pray for me. Even now writing this I haven’t told you this weeks ones. I am booking a girls holiday and I can’t wait for a week of sunshine. Sun is so good for me. Well, heat anyway. And I have booked to go to a day festival. I love to have things to look forward to. Its like I can keep moving and achieving to do those things. 

Of course I am sure there will be plenty of bubble baths, possibly tears and creativity along the way. 

What’s your favourite self care to practice? What is one thing you would recommend for me to try?

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