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What a week it has been?! How are you doing? Is life a struggle right now or are you just ok? Good even? Honestly my life seems to go from amazing, to a struggle and back to ok again. Right now I feel I am struggling a little. There are so many decisions and things playing on my mind causing this and that is why self care is so important to me. I have to use self care to find the ok balance and stay there. Self care is for anyone and everyone, if you didn’t know that. It’s ok to use self care to help you in everyday life. 

To be honest with you all, I started the week really strong. It was time to get back in shape and be healthy. Thats healthy eating and exercising twice a day. If you know me that is huge, I hardly ever exercise but there we go. Every morning I have done a yoga session before work and after work a hit session or a walk. Though it’s rained an awful lot this week, so hit sessions are what I have done mostly. 

self care

I began to hurt on Wednesday actually which is a good sign but I still didn’t want to break the new routine and have a rest day. My plans are Monday – Friday, yoga am and hit/walk pm, Saturday’s I do 2 hours cleaning for my Grandma and Sunday is my rest day. Honestly though Friday’s yoga especially was hard on my body but I did do it. The hit workout failed though and I spent an hour on FaceTime to my friend instead. Thanks Tash you saved me!! 

Food wise, I do eat fairly healthy anyway but its more of me not snacking when I am stressed out or bored. I started to use my fitness pal app again, just to track my food and exercise. Even if I just stay the same, I hope it is helping me to feel healthier. Right now I may not but for the future. If it was today that I was starting the week again then I would throw in the towel and quit. Let’s just hope tomorrow will be a better day!

self care

Other than healthy eating and exercising, I am super busy at work and that is stressful along with some other things and decisions I need to make. I am so busy during the day, I don’t know where I am getting the energy to do a hit workout let alone anything else. Hot bubble baths and chilled evenings have been my thing. Nothing beats a hot bubble bath to relax and unwind after a long day at work. They just allow me to relax and with the weather being cold and rainy, they really help me to warm up and get ready for chilled evenings. 

I am frustrated and have been a lot this week. There has even been times when I just want to scream and have done. Which is really rare for me, something I never do. I need to dig out my new hair elastics and put one on my wrist to ping instead. Actually I am full of a lot of emotions right now which doesn’t help. If you want to annoy me this week then don’t, it may not end well. Though if you want to be nice and have a laugh then you are more than welcome to. 

self care

Because I have a lot rolling round and on my mind, I have a lot to think about and do. It’s all a little hard to decide what is right and wrong. Should I do this or that? Emotions are high and all over the place. If I could just go down the list and say yes or no to everything, it would be so much easier but I can’t. I hope within the next few weeks though, things will become clearer and I will be feeling a little brighter again. 

One thing that has really helped me this week is reading. I have been glued to my kindle because the book was so good and I have already downloaded the next from this author, Jo Lovett because I was hooked. Lunchtimes I just laid on my bed and read for a solid hour and again at night. It’s helped me because I could step away from the busy workload and be in a book that I enjoyed. Reading really has helped me a lot and it also makes me sleep better, though If I read at lunch I then feel like I need a nap. But of course I crack back on with my work. 

bubble bath

The weather has been cold and rainy all week. In fact when I got home last night, I was so cold I cooked noodles just to warm up. Put on my winter pjs and both duvets. It’s the middle of May now and surely it should warm up? That is the reason as well there will be no videos this week coming because mine were meant to be filmed outside. Though my mum thought it would be good to film in the rain, my camera and I didn’t and opted not to. Maybe this is kicking me in the teeth as well but what can I do. Also couldn’t swap weeks because its end of month kinda videos that will post the week after. 

self care

This week coming, I want to get some advise and make some decisions that need to be made. Of course I want to continue to eat healthy and exercise but we will see how I feel tomorrow. If I am in this weird anxious mood, there may be no point. Somehow I want to be less stressed and feel happier. I am even thinking I need to do a brain dump into my bullet journal to release a lot of this clogging my mind up. When I have finished this, I may just have to. And maybe my period needs to arrive to let go of these hormonal emotions, I am not sure if I am due this week or next though, must work that out. 

What do you need to focus on this week coming? Really mind is to destress and sort my worries out. 

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