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How is it May already? This year is going way too quickly. How has your week been? What have you achieved? What self care did you practice? For me its been a strange week but I will explain a little more in this post.

Self care is such a big thing for me. It is a priority. You know if it wasn’t for self care, I wouldn’t be where and who I am today. You know having suffered with health problems for 4 and a half years now, you really do learn a lot in life. You learn who is truly there for you, what is something you really need in life and you learn to leave stuff behind because really they or it aren’t good for you. For me personally as well, I have become stronger and gained knowledge of how to help me especially through the hard times.


Monday was the simplest day for to be honest with you. Stuck to my routine, went to work, ate super healthy and foods that my body needs, collect all my stuff for floristry and Pilates, make sure they are packed ready for the week and chilled out for the evening. Simple as really. Self care wise I made sure the hour before bed was full of reading, meditating, colouring and journals.

self care

My journals are my life saver. Both of them are a way of keeping track, writing down what I need to get out of my head, setting simple ways of getting through the day and working on how I am brave and what I do in that day to be brave. It’s a way of me pushing myself, not only to learn more of what I can do, but to improve my health and lifestyle. Something as simple as writing a journal or two daily can massively impact your life. But for the better. *My Self-Care A Journal checks in with you daily, asking 6 questions, but it also I would say fortnightly and monthly checks in or gives you way to learn or push yourself to do something. It’s also a way of improving your confidence.

My other one is more of a daily planner. This I have more freedom with and I can work out my life really.  It’s a way of looking back over the last few weeks or months, seeing improvements, weaknesses that you need to work on. It also allows you to keep track on life in a way you want to. For me I like to use the notes section for my feelings, I work out what I need to do in the day down the side, the to do sections are my daily reminders of what I have to do as a person, for example be brave, stay warm, eat healthy. You get it from that. For objectives I write down 3 things I need to do that are really important to do on that day.

self care

I get a lot of people ask me how I manage to keep up and have a life. Purely because I work a full time job, I post 3 YouTube videos, 3 blog posts and 6 Instagram posts a week. The answer to that is simple. I have a routine, I stick to my schedule and I simply have all 3 YouTube videos, filmed, edited and uploaded ready for the week by Sunday night around 8pm. To me I love all 3 of these things and to me these are all part of my self care. You know when I was told that I have pain but that pain is unknown, I went to a pain specialist. This is when I learnt about self care. I had to set goals to achieve and one was based on a distraction. That distraction was then to be a YouTube channel. Now its all of them. I would also say from that I wasn’t a very confident girl, I was shy, I liked my own space and now I have gained so much from this. Not only have I found something I love, I have massively grown in confidence.

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On Tuesday I had a day’s holiday. I had an appointment in Harley Street London, my dad and I have wanted for ages to go back to a Japanese restaurant in the Holborn/Hatton Garden area. Where we went when my dad worked near there. It was pointless taking half day because I had to be back in college that night for floristry. My appointment went well and I was literally in there 15 minutes maximum, I don’t fully know the outcome yet, but it does sound promising. The Japanese food was amazing. The tempura and the chicken teriyaki were amazing. So good. Simple rewards such as good food, for hospital appointments are good trades in my books. I am looking after myself and wellness but the same time I am treating myself for doing something I fear. (Hospitals). I also was very tired on the train home and trying very hard to keep my eyes open. So I took my self care to practice and had a nap.


Tuesday was also floristry. Something I now massively love. Creativity is such good self care for me. To be fair, I believe it would do the world of good for everyone. I am now set and ready to make flowers for everyone and If I had the money I would set up and sell flowers, all day every day. We will wait till I have won the lottery! For now we do this 10 week course and we have booked on to next term which will be Christmas flowers. I am so excited.


On Wednesday we said Hello to May. How is it May already I really don’t know but there we go. Again Wednesday was just a simple Wednesday. Same routine, different day.

Thursday was Pilates. I get up, go to work, straight to my mum and dad’s house, eat, get changed and in the space of 10 minutes I am out the door again. I really don’t know how I do it, but I do. Pilates is meant to be good for Endometriosis and I believe it helps me. We definitely worked hard, blimey I ached on Friday. I hurt just squatting for a wee at work. Even today I still hurt a bit. Probably didn’t help that we did an extra 15 minutes ever. That’s for the pain I mean. Pilates is so good for me and when I manage to do all the moves in my hours session I am pleased of my accomplishment. It’s not something I manage every week. My body tries to defeat me. Exercise is really good for self care. That hour, distracts you, pushes you, gives you a work out and allows your body to benefit the goodness out of it.

Friday was the saddest and hardest day of my life. I lost my Grandad. I was at work and my mum said you need to come now, so I just ran to the car, got in it and drove. I am so happy I got to say goodbye. I love you forever and always Grandad. The way to calm the tears was to look in the old photo albums and look at the memories we had together. I had ice cream for lunch, 4 variety pack sized chocolates in the afternoon and a packet of crisps for dinner. Really unhealthy day. But I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t feel like eating so I just grabbed what I could. I guess this is comfort eating. Least I don’t do this every day.

zen garden

Self care to me this week, has been a right mixture, I have exercised, I have spent time outdoors walking round London, I have meditated daily, I have been creative, I have had a good long bubble bath a good 4 times this week, showered the other days and I have eaten healthy. I have given my body the time it needs. Oh I had a nap as well and I have had a big cry. Self care isn’t always positive things but mainly it is. Crying, struggling to get out of bed, eating ice cream on the sofa because turning the oven on is too much, that is also self care. It’s not the best to practice daily but its ok if you have a varied balance of the good, ok and the bad self cares.

Next week what should I do differently? What should I try that I haven’t before. One thing I would suggest you to do this week, is something creative! Whether that’s colouring in, or drawing, or sewing, you could even be creative but creating a poem or a cartoon.

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