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It is Sunday, the last day of the week. Or the first of the next as some may see it. Sunday’s are all about wrapping the week up and getting things sorted for the next. Can you believe we are about to walk into week 19 of 2020? Who thought we would be where we are today at the beginning of this year? 19 weeks and so much has happened and changed. Though we are all in self isolation or quarantine have you asked yourself are you ok? Are there friends and family that live alone or with a house full, are they ok? Really Sunday’s are a time to make sure all is ok as it can be, focus on self care and learn from your mistakes to improve as the new week begins. 

self care

Self care came into my life 5 years ago and that is from the lengthily process of being diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis is the pain in my life that will never go away unfortunately. But I really have learnt a lot in the last 6 years of being diagnosed. Especially from self care. Right now we all need to take care of ourselves and self care should be high on your list. 

self care

Everyday is completely different. People who never have experienced mental health care problems are experiencing them! I am luckily in a really good place right now and I guess I could say I know how to balance everything and feel good. Don’t get me wrong some days are a struggle but I just have to stop and thing a little, then work out my plan of action. 

self care

This week has been a strange one and yes I have ended the week on a high. The beginning was the worst struggle going. But see how quickly it is to turn things around. From no go in me at all. I could lay on the sofa and just stare at the sky for a long while, to being the most productive I’ve been in a couple weeks. With the world we are living in right now, everything and anything is ok to feel. 

self care

The weather this week has been awful and I really think that is not helping the depressed feeling of quarantine life. Staring out the window at hail, rain and wind storms day in, day out. It’s just awful and anyone can see how depressing that is. It is all about the ways you cope with it! For me I have had days where I am like no chance and sad. No motivation so I put the tv on or draw something. Then others I wake up and somehow in a good mood and off I go full of motivation. Don’t get me wrong I am working day in, day out still but somedays just seem to flow better than others. 

homemade bread

I’ve wanted to bake everyday this week. In fact I made some bread on Tuesday using my Grandma’s bread machine. But I’ve wanted cake, or cookies. Basically junk food. Nothing healthy. Everyday I have opened the fridge to get the eggs out but I am too lazy to actually make something so I just put them back in the fridge. Positive out of that is that I don’t sit there feeling sorry for myself and eat the whole batch! 

self care

Does anyone else seem to be getting more and more dodgy and scary dreams? I seem to have them most nights. They are the weirdest and bizarre dreams I have ever had. From being on the run. To going back to college to do window display. Being killed and all sorts. The worst was the one that my alarm woke me up from and that was the day where I just couldn’t function properly. Really knocked me for ages. 

self care

Days when I wake naturally before my 8am alarm seem to go better for me. So maybe that is trying to tell me something. But today I was woken by a knock at the door 9:30am and that woke me. Today has been slow but equally as ok as others when I woke naturally. Think it really must depend on myself and how I feel. 


Doodling has been my thing this week. If I am not there or struggling then I doodle. I can doodle for ages and it calms me, soothes me and helps me defeat the struggle. Even if the doodle turns out wrong or weird, it’s still therapeutic and calming. When I am into it, there is no stopping me and I want to doodle for ages and ages. Think Friday I doodled 3 pieces of paper. They are really intense as well and not just a splodge on the page and done. The whole piece of paper is covered in doodles. 


A productive day gives me so much motivation and inspiration to do more and more. How and why I don’t know but If I can sit and do a lot productively my mood instantly lifts. These days happened naturally for me. Not that they do every day but we are getting them increase in days now. The better my mood is the better, I naturally feel but also do. I am more likely to not want the chocolate or cake but healthy things. Like my love for pears right now. 


Yes there are non productive days as well. Even to write blog posts. I just sit and look at the screen. Write something and I am like no it doest feel right. In the end I just close my Mac down and do something else. If I give myself enough time, I am ok to do this. These days are totally fine and have to be acceptable. If you think about it I have been trapped in my flat pretty much the whole week. Because stuff going for a walk in the hail and rain. So naturally it’s all just a little cabin fever. 


cosy pyjamas

As well as doodling my other love has been my book. I actually read this book in a week. Like I use to do. Yes reading has always been my weak point. If I hadn’t learnt that reading really helped my self care and health last year then I would still hate it as much as I did growing up. My goal is 24 books in 2020. Still a little behind but I just read a book in a week. So it’s good and time for me to catch up to achieve my goal. Seven months left and 17 books left to read. Better get reading my 8th book soon. It will be tonight but quarantine has given me so many more opportunities to read and the books I am reading are calling me to read more, meaning reading isn’t just an hour a day its more like 1 hour 30 minutes. 

prayer plant

We said hello to May this week and I am becoming a proper grown up with what I am about to write. I am loving plants and looking after them. Have to laugh but I posted a post to welcome May on my insta and my prayer plant gives me so much joy everyday. The colours of the leaves and how much it’s grown since I brought it earlier this year. Maybe even the end of last year. Must remember I need the jars off my mum so I can take cuttings to grow more. How plants can bring positivity is beyond me but they really do. 

prayer plant

Me time is pretty much me, myself and my kindle. The whole hour. My inner bookworm has escaped and is making want to just read all the time. A good distraction actually is a book. Make sure you pick a good one! This week actually I took back my bullet journal and I am writing in it daily. Just doodles, colouring in and tracking everything. Its really resourceful to use and note the good days and the bad but also food and pretty much anything and everything else. Around 8:50 I go into the living room, if I am not in there already and I go fill it in. 


That’s been my week. The eggs are still in the fridge and I am running out of printer paper to doodle. Good days are more present than bad which is a success. If I eat the whole chocolate bar in one go. Who cares really? Because we are all just trying to cope through this pandemic. Just counter balance it out with fruit or vegetables. And that is pretty much about it. 

self care

How has your week been? Are you coping ok with quarantine? Think positively and thinks will get better. Trust me I know. 

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