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Hey everybody! How are you? Happy Easter. How did your week go? Good, bad, or just ok? For me it was a good week, a strange week and a week of learning more about me and what I need to do to help myself.

Lets start the week off by being happy, it was a short week and a long weekend. Can’t really complain about that! I was really excited for the long weekend and for the chance to finally get my hair cut and coloured. My mum dyed my hair a good few months ago and its only recently that I had my photos taken that the back looked so dodgey. I mean I can’t complain because I made my mum cut and colour my hair. You know when you just youtube how to do something and off you go. Well maybe that didn’t work this time. It’s nice to have that little pamper time, chill and treat yourself to something you don’t have done often. I love a good spa day. It really helps me and makes me happy. It also means I am good to wear my hair down again.

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The week was fine, was a little slow and messed about in the middle but why not for a mid week adventure to London. I started the week by getting myself, my own private health care cover. Something that I need obviously but it’s also an essential, it’s not like I’ve had an operation each year for the past 4, so its well worth it. 10 day wait last year’s was rather than the 8 month wait for NHS. Needless to say it’s now Saturday and my new membership isn’t sorted out due to the fact they tell you a different membership each time and try sell you that, but all you want is to be covered for what you have wrong with you. I am waiting for the complaints team to come back to me now. Happy Days.

I moved desks on Tuesday, this is something I asked for. Maybe not the best idea but we will see. I am all for a chilled, yet busy life at the minute. l am all for my zen and improving my life and self. If I really could I would drop all the negativity in my life and just keep the upbeat positive life. Some you just can’t change, some are because life just isn’t fair and some because of balancing on a wobbly line with my health. The desk is my first desk at the building we are in now and I have had 2 others since. I wanted to move back for more space, the natural light from the window and to be closer to others working a similar role to me.

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Wednesday was a day I was waiting for. I can drink so much in a month, normally about 16 bottles, I was going to leave it at that. But maybe you’ll be thinking alcohol, I am meaning Robinson’s Apple and Blackcurrant. My Ocado shop was due that evening. At lunch time I got a call from my doctor’s secretary asking me to go to London that night to see the doctor. It was just moved forward from May. I was all over going to it. Meaning I now only have half a bottle left. Though its exciting, it’s also daunting. You may all being reading this thinking hello Mel your going to hospital how is that exciting? Well the answer is it’s not. But just to be that little bit further, knowing something or what is going to happen excites me. Its like I said earlier I live my life balancing on a wobbly line not knowing which way I am going to wobble off.

The weather is getting warmer as I type this. Its been warm since Thursday. Nice for a while I suppose but not as hot as today 24c. But that comes my hay fever. Oh my god, its like I have the flu, my throat is so sore and dry even, my nose is streaming non stop and my eyes I could itch them out of the sockets. I take medication for this but got the nose spray to try help today too.

Talking about the weather, the warmer, longer days are so good for your mental health and your self care. It’s good for anyone. Going to and from work in the day light is amazing. Somehow the weather being like this just puts a smile on my face. You can easily get a spring in your step just from the weather and not helping yourself in any other way. I mean I didn’t even wear my glasses everyday this week because I felt so good.

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Every night this week as soon as I am home, I turn my Himalayan salt lamp because its meant to be and I can see just in the small space of a week an improvement. I am saying that even with me sitting here now all snotty and bunged up. The hour before bed is still my quiet time, my unwind time, my time for me. I split it into thirds basically. Journals, colouring and reading. It’s really helping me. Though that hour I sit quietly and in that hour I light the candle in my zen garden. It has essential oils in it that I believe will help me. I spend the hour in silent and whilst I colour in and I am writing my journals I am sort of meditating. I write all my feelings down on paper, negative or positive and leave the negatives in the book, when Its time to move on to colouring. I really take my time over the colouring. 1 page takes me a week to colour. I put all my effort into that colouring book. It takes me that 20 minutes of colouring really to calm, relax and set me ready for a good nights sleep, that and the 20 minutes read afterwards.

Coming home from work with the urge to do something rather than sit around watching tv is beautiful. I need to start using my weekly planner some more. Though saying that Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to busy for the next 10 weeks anyway.

Friday was a day just at home. To be honest I am loving home right now. I love how light it is, I love it more when its clean and I love to keep it clean. I did a big spring clean on Friday morning before my hair cut.

Setting your environment to a feel good place really does help you. Taking only the positives with you into your home is such a good thing. Do try stay positive especially in your living environment.

This week has really felt good for me. Self care this week would have to be, opening the curtains each day to allow the natural light in to heat the room. It is really welcoming when you come home to the natural light beaming through. Not only making my bed, I am adding the cushions and throw, again its just inviting when you get home. I have meditated daily and made sure to turn the Himalayan salt lamp on. I went to the hospital. I admitted something that I will talk about in an upcoming blog. I ate kinder bueno ice cream for dinner twice lol, I sorted out my whole flat so I can love my home so more. Oh and I had my hair cut and coloured. I guess today you could say was good for me too. Having a lazy morning filming and chilling out. That no setting your alarm is such an amazing feeling. Of course I have loved many a bubble baths this week and also I am loving showers.

self care

If you are following the *365 Days of Self Care A journal with me, then congratulations on passing day 100. If you aren’t following the book but really would like to improve your self care or health in general, I would highly recommend this book. Push through the hard days and now I am at day 106 as I type this, I am feeling good. The title of today is laugh and I can laugh. I smile just reading it. The book has asked us to think of 12 things we are looking forward to. This is something I found hard and sad really the only thing I could think of is my floristry course. But I can add to that this month and maybe now I am thinking about it, I can add another. We also checked in with ourselves this week. I rated my month a 7/10 and that is the same as last month’s as I look now, so maybe I should have rated it higher like an 8 out of 10. The lows being my health and taking on private health care, overcoming or helping that, is that I have to think of it as investing in my health. Highs are shopping of course and the weather and anything I want to tweak to improve this month, would be to utilise the space I have and to meditate more. The bravery question is still a hard one for me to answer each day.


The highs of this week has to be, the weather, the long weekend, my new hair, the opportunity for better results, investing in my health and I reckon my lazy mornings as well.

The lows of this week has to be, hay fever being so bad, not getting my online food shop and I guess you could say and I will too, that I haven’t had the chance to have healthy options for dinner some nights.

I have to sum this week up as really good. It is strange to feel so good. I would and will pick the positive life over the negative. I love the fact, I got the recipe book out to pick some healthy options, I love the fact that my home is something I have concentrated on this week. I can definitely say that a clean, happy and friendly environment is such a good place to call home. Yes there are negative people and things in the world you really can’t change but if you take yourself and improve yours, it doesn’t really matter if the negative runs in to your life now and again. I will also say that kindness costs nothing and that you don’t know everyone’s situation, so be nice even if it’s a simple hello and goodbye, or opening the door for someone. Do something this week to make someone happy? They don’t even need to know you’re doing it for them.

Let’s hope next week’s as good as this one!

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