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First of all I want to say well done to everyone who has been following me and joining in on this year’s 2019 goals and resolution. We have completed week 15 and I have to say for myself personally I am proud that I have been able to stick to and continue my goals and resolution for 2019. It’s not been plain saying but we all have them bad days but reward yourself with the good days and what you body needs. I can definitely tell you I listened to my body this week. How did your week go?

Lets start the weekly update with Sunday my birthday. I really did have a chilled out birthday, didn’t overly celebrate, one because I don’t like my birthday, or all the attention on me, two things normally go wrong like my friend’s car went up in smoke on my parents drive and three because I listened to myself, everyone who knows me knows I love to shop so why not spend the weekend shopping. Sunday was mega chilled, went out for roast dinner with my parents and chilled out like a normal Sunday. Went shopping for underwear and food.

roast dinner

Doesn’t that roast look amazing? Because it was. I even had a cheeky pudding which reminded me of Laurie of course and her crumble song she sings at work each day. It was the best crumble I have ever had, really it is. Which made my sweet tooth stay all week long.


Monday was Monday. Everyone gets that Monday feeling where its a struggle to get out of bed, it’s too early and do you really want to get stuck into the pile of work on your desk?

I didn’t really have any plans this week, work and chill. But really I needed that. I need to spring clean and organise my spring summer stuff out. The weather or shall I say day light being longer really is helping me. Going to and from work in the light is just an instant thing to improve your day. You know not coming home to the cold, dark house and electricity bills crazy high. Ok autumn and winter are ok for a bit but not for ages. It all gets a bit too much doesn’t it? Being able to go in a spring rain coat or no coat, trainers or pumps instead of boots. It’s just beautiful. Though it’s not warm enough for the roof down yet and sometimes the windows at work should be shut not open because I am a naturally cold person but it really helps you, the blue skies, the birds singing in the morning, the sun shining through the window. Your mood instantly rises at least 20% if not more.

adult colouring

As well as my journals and bedtime read this week, I have added in some colouring. I colour a sheet a week and its purely 20 minutes of colouring in and unwinding. I split that hour up 20 minutes of journals (now have 3 as documenting things for hospital), 20 minutes colouring in and 20 minutes read. Ok you can see this isn’t finished yet but I have tonight and tomorrow night to finish. I really put effort in and make the time to do so each night and I have definitely seen results this week.

self care

The books really help me. I write down the same 8 words every day to remind me how to be and what to do. I write my feelings down and what I need to get done. In the *Self-Care A Journal I follow how much I drink, sleep, how I was brave and what I am grateful for.

This week I have been grateful for junk food and home time mainly. Its like I am due a period yet I know I am not getting one but I have the crave for chocolate and cake. I really wanted donuts this week too but I can’t find any gluten free ones.

I really follow a healthy diet because of my endometriosis, ok I binge sometimes and I do have the bad foods too but I have to be healthy eating to help me. You know when you have eaten so good for ages then you just need that junk food. That’s exactly what I needed. I brought 2 cherry crumbles and 2 chocolate melt in the middle microwave puddings to chuck in the freezer for when my friend comes over, well they didn’t make the freezer! That was dinner or dessert most nights. Which is so bad. Well I guess a small pudding is the equivalent to a dinner but yes it’s not my usual diet. I have even had chocolate off the work trolley twice this week! See what I mean about its like I’m due a period? God help please tell me I’m not about to get one!

self care

Wednesday was the first day in forever where the alarm went off at 6:55am and I got up and felt good. It was like hello are you really Melanie? But I did. I got up had breakfast, dressed and off to work. I didn’t even have the morning struggle of what to wear I just chucked it on and off I went. Is that the junk food, the weather, the colouring? Who knows but it just shows you that this does work. Don’t get me wrong by Friday though it still isn’t as bad I wasn’t amazing as Wednesdays was. Having that energy and confident, the positive vibes in you to walk, smile and do what you want really does help.

I also haven’t had heartburn as much this week. New tablets maybe working or that spring in my step is helping. On Friday my plans got messed up, as I like to be organised and know what I am doing to the point, I struggle massively with last minute changes. It is just frustrating.


Negative situations are ones I physically can’t deal with at the minute. They make my pain worse, they make me have chronic heartburn and they mess with my head.

So as you can tell I guess by this that I wasn’t feeling too great on Friday and today really too. I have had pain to the left hand under the rib incision all week. It’s sometimes like someone is tugging on it from inside my body and yanking down on it. Sometimes a sharp pain and sometimes just a niggles. It’s so annoying though when its sharp or a big tug.

On Friday I got an email from my tutor for floristry and that’s now made me really look forward to starting that course. It’s always good to have something to look forward to especially when you have a chronic illness.

All in all the week has been good. Its been full of energy and self love, junk food and creativity. I think even just being able to wear what I want to work helps me. Fashion is what I live for. No matter if your sick, skint or rich you can shop. It’s away of sharing you as a person but not saying anything. Them added pops of colour and the messy buns just puts you in the room and someone always compliments me on what I am wearing. So it helps me on how I feel you know. You should try it.

How did you week go? Did you try something new? Or was it all bubble baths and cups of tea? Day 100 is round the corner for me, what is one thing you would like to try or get to help you?

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